DisneyQuest closed to arriving guests due to reaching capacity

Nov 25, 2014 in "Disney Quest"

Posted: Tuesday November 25, 2014 3:05pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Downtown Disney's DisneyQuest has reached capacity, and is not admitting guests, or selling tickets.

The phase 4 closure is due to heavy rain in the area, which has moved many guests away from the main parks to other areas of property.

A capacity closing of DisneyQuest is relatively rare, although there have been occasions in the past with capacity closings during periods of poor weather.

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BrianVNov 29, 2014

Haven't been in about 5 years. However, even at the time I'd say it was only worth it if you purchased the water hopper and more option making it essentially free. I'd never pay $40/pp or whatever the current price is. One advantage of having bought non expiring park tickets with water parks and more is that the water parks and more last forever even after the park tickets are used up. Still have 6 or 7 left as we only visit a water park or quest every few visits.

Kman101Nov 29, 2014

Make it a multi-level themed bars/clubs/lounges/restaurants and call it a day :) I really do wish they'd completely update it. I haven't been in there in years and years. It seems like such valuable property.

BoltNov 28, 2014

Very incorrect.

champdisneyNov 28, 2014

I had the very same experience last year. It was included in our ticket package, so I went to try it. It really wasn't anything out of the ordinary, I was expecting something on a grander scale. It's just outdated and overpriced. If it weren't for those passes, I don't think I would've ever gone. Now more than ever, I'm sure I'll never step foot in there unless they completely revamp the place and keep up with the technology. We are in the next generation of gaming, I would've thought Disney would've been on top of that.

brifrazNov 27, 2014

Have been there when it closed for capacity. No fun at all. Zero. My days of waiting more than 10 minutes for a video game passed about 30 years ago. We enjoy going to DQ, BUT ONLY when we have Premium Annual Passes. If we actually paid per visit, there is very little chance we would go. Our daughter (10) loves Cyber SpaceMountain and the Aladdin Magic Carpet game. Sometimes we do the Pirate ship game. We all enjoy pinball and a few games of Pac Man and Centipede serve to make us feel a little younger. Completing all of that on a less crowded day equals maybe an hour to an hour and a half of diversion, so worth (at most) the cost of a movie - and we only ever go to matinees.

pumpkin7Nov 27, 2014

I wouldn't say it was worth the money. The lifts were cool when they had the Genie in them, but it wasn't Robin Williams voicing him which sucked. We didn't go on a busy day but most of the attractions had massive queues, there were rude, obnoxious little children running around barging infront of people to get to the consoles; I was walking up to one on a few occassions and was pushed aside for some child to have a go. No parents around! The one simulation we did get on was where you had to rescue civilians. We didn't do very well, and it was just an old, tired game. The whole place smelt funny and we just didn't stay long. About 30 minutes. We only went because it was on our tickets and we had never done it before.

chemicalartNov 26, 2014

Place is already very packed today. It predict it will close today but if not it will be miserable regardless. Not worth it.

Nmoody1Nov 26, 2014

Maybe it was the smokera looking for the new smoking areas! ;)

Sped2424Nov 26, 2014

not really. Happens a lot during holidays when there is bad weather present.

mm121Nov 26, 2014

so dumb, they could of of switched and opened the 4th floor and only closing the 5th floor, since they rarely opened both levels at the same time anyways. but if your going to close the space ship definitely should of used the space, put some booths in it or something, would be a fun place to sit in the spaceship, maybe add some star lights

Cmdr_CrimsonNov 26, 2014

Since I was there ..Here it is....In all it's Dissapointment! All ships are still entact They are now completely gutted and covered with black fabric and are blocked by a huge wooden box And the Queue areas were convereted to "Seating Areas" What I find Strange tho is I can understand doing it for the 5th floor... But why the Fourth as it's out of any seating area from Wonderland cafe..

mm121Nov 26, 2014

really wish they'd renovate DQ its pretty bad that the new parking garages practically contain more technology than DQ anyone have any updates on the removal of the virtual reality game and the conversion of that space to eating area, since dining is just what everyone wants to do at DQ after pay 50 bucks to get in.

ChrisFLNov 25, 2014

Its worth it if you like to feel what a state of the art arcade felt like in 1996. Great concept that never lived up to its full potential. Edit: just realized someone else asked the same question I was asking about capacity.

WondersOfLifeNov 25, 2014

I've never been. Is it worth the price at all? Like, even during slow days at WDW? My family has always thought the price for that place was very unreasonable