Disney Quest's 'Ride the Comix' set to close this weekend

Sep 06, 2014 in "Disney Quest"

Posted: Saturday September 6, 2014 12:06pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Fans of Disney Quest's Ride the Comix should head to Downtown Disney this weekend for one last play.

The virtual reality comic book game which pits the player against super villains will be closing at the end of operation on Sunday September 7 2014.

The space will be used to expand the FoodQuest quick service restaurant seating area.

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GhostHost1000Nov 25, 2014

wait... Disney Quest is still open? ;)

Maleficent88Nov 25, 2014

I'd like to see some Star Wars stuff make its way into the Blue Box. I know a lot of people asked me where the SW stuff was when I worked there earlier this year.

chemicalartNov 25, 2014

Disney could maybe make the claim, but going from previous experience DisneyQuest would not be where they would make such a risk.

BairstowNov 24, 2014

I think that's asking for trouble, considering that Disney frequently likes to advertise DisneyQuest as a "theme park."

LuigiNov 24, 2014

You wonder if they can add any Marvel inspired games to Disney Quest? Its not in a park, and they aren't really rides, more motion simulator video games. Hmmmmm.

chemicalartNov 17, 2014

I will hope so, but the "big changes" have been possible to years now. If I hear anything specific I will let you know, but all channels are quiet for now.

wdw71fanNov 17, 2014

no details.. just told big changes...

chemicalartNov 17, 2014

While interesting, I'd be wondering if you have anything more particular. I'm very close to the DQ side of things and the Comix closure took months before finally happening. Haven't heard a single peep from senior leaders at DQ regarding anything else. Don't get me wrong, it will happen in the sense of "It should happen"...but that logic could have been applied to DQ for years ;)

doctornickNov 17, 2014

Well, I'm intrigued, but not particularly optimistic. I love the concept of DQ and if it were updated regularly, it would be an awesome adjunct to the parks as part of a complete vacation. As is, however, it's not worth it unless you have free passes or a PAP. It's too bad that the Chicago one closed and the other planned ones fell through -- if they were sharing the costs among multiple locations for new experiences, WDW's DQ would be much better off.

RSoxNo1Nov 17, 2014

Game Central Station?

wdw71fanNov 17, 2014

big changes coming to DQ next year.. Basically, they can't have It being the fly-in-the-ointment that is a brand-new shiny Disney-springs.. is that enough hyphens in the above sentence ?

chemicalartNov 17, 2014

As terrible as it is, I find that on average, the level of guest enjoyment is about the same with the couches. Sure, a select few have been disappointed that is gone. But that number pales to the number who got on and later got off due to motion sickness (in adults) or fear (for children). It is also nice for guests to have a place to charge their phones while they rest.

Cmdr_CrimsonNov 17, 2014

I just recently went to Disneyquest to see what has been done since the removal of Ride the Comix.......The ships are still there but, completly gutted and they covered the inner part of the ship with black fabric, the entrance to the ships have been blocked off, As for the queue line they have been removed on both floors and replaced with cushy couches just like Horizons1 mentioned. Yet the 5th floor still has the comic book covers on the wall and the flat screens shut off..Not that this anything big...Just thought you'd be curious to know what has happend since it was announced.

chemicalartOct 26, 2014

Game looks like it could be interesting but my first question is: Does it have an English Dub? If the game does not have English it is a no go. It doesn't have to have GOOD English (we have Let's Go Jungle!) But basic English is needed.