Upgrades to Agent P's World Showcase Adventure coming later this week

Jun 24, 2014 in "Disney Phineas and Ferb - Agent P's World Showcase Adventure"

Posted: Tuesday June 24, 2014 2:24pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Agent P's World Showcase Adventure is about to get a significant technology upgrade.

The interactive game that takes place around Epcot's World Showcase will be updated to make use of smartphones in place of the current flip phones. The phones are the main interface to the game for guests, and there is no question that in a world dominated by iPhones and similar devices, the flip phones in the game feel very dated.

The game debuted in June 2012 as Agent P's World Showcase Adventure after a conversion from the original Kim Possible which opened way back in 2009.

To make the changes, the game will be closed on June 25 and 26, with a reopening on June 27 2014.

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dadddioJun 28, 2014

Except for the fact that Disney doesn't own Carmen Sandiego.

Texas84Jun 28, 2014

Nokia Windows phones? They are indestructible but aren't those illegal at WDW? I have a Nokia Lumia. I love it.

wilkelizaJun 28, 2014

They actually aren't replaced that often. There is a margin of lost known by the company and twice a year (if lucky once every quarter) they replace that margin of loss amount but it isn't a weekly thing. If they are broken the one single tech cast member for the game tries to fix them but most are scrapped for parts and chunked if broken. They try to get all the lost and found phones returned back to Epcot before they will buy any more. It is usually right before Thanksgiving that they will bring the numbers back up.

Joshua HallJun 28, 2014

They get replaced often, I work at a hotel here in Orlando and you would not, or maybe you would, believe how many of these end up in lost and found.

cmanley23Jun 28, 2014

My kids loved it (8, 13) and my 6 nephews (1, 4, 6, 8, 10, 13) were all into it, not to mention myself wandering around Epcot playing the game when we were last there during Christmas 2012/New Year's 2013. New phones would help this game a bunch, we had problems with the old flip phones locking up all the time, but the game attendants were great about resetting the phone and getting us back to where we were at in the game.

wilkelizaJun 28, 2014

People of all ages play. If the 10-15 year old like P&F they will like it. The age range it is actually built for is the 8-11 year old boys just like the show. However, any child that can follow directions and can focus for about 30 minutes (more or less depending on the amount of people playing and the mission assigned) they will like it.

BoltJun 28, 2014

Hip hip hooray for an upgrade!

Matt_BlackJun 28, 2014

Can't speak for the Agent P game, but Sorcerors of the Magic Kingdom is a card-based strategy game, meaning that I've seen all ages from child to adult play.

R2D2 1982Jun 28, 2014

Those "devices" are ipods with an rfid scanner inside a big sturdy case... I hate using them... They don't even scan most of the time.

DABIGCHEEZJun 28, 2014

We have never done any of these at any park... is this something geared to a 5-10 year old or a 10-15 or both? How about the ones at MK? Thanks for info.

wilkelizaJun 27, 2014

Sorry it is big. Not my picture but these seem to be the new phones. I imagine they are going to to walk off more than the old ones ever did. I mean people already steal the batteries and mini-sd cards.

Matt_BlackJun 27, 2014

If this game gets replaced, they should switch over to a Gravity Falls thing, with the premise being that Dipper and Mabel are traveling the world finding paranormal stuff- sasquatch in Canada, Owlman or Spring-Heeled Jack in London, etc.

Magic FeatherJun 27, 2014

Pics Plz

wilkelizaJun 27, 2014

Saw photos of the new phones. As I am pretty familiar with this attraction (home away from home for 2 years as a CP/seasonal CM) I have already placed bets that this will lead to the death of Agent P. We had a hard enough time keeping the little flip phones in rotation and they were those build tough type phones. With each phone upgrade the phones got less and less sturdy. The drop boxes are all metal boxes that get super hot in the summer. Also many of them have zero padding. I haven't been back to work in about a few months but there was no indication that they were beefing up the padding in the drop boxes. I bet many of these phones are going to either be rendered useless for a little bit from overheating or will have cracked screens in no time. On top of all that it was hard enough to get little ones to turn back in an old flip phone, I can't imagine the crying fits that are going to happen trying to get little ones to turn back in a shinny new smart phone.