My Disney Experience update brings location aware promotion of Agent P's World Showcase Adventure

Apr 09, 2018 in "Disney Phineas and Ferb - Agent P's World Showcase Adventure"

Posted: Monday April 9, 2018 8:45am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new update to the My Disney Experience app brings location aware prompting for guests to start playing Agent P's World Showcase Adventure at Epcot.

On a phone, My Disney Experience will prompt guests at the International Gateway, and the Mexico and World Showcase bridges.

The pop-up in My Disney Experience will offer a 'Start Mission' button that takes guests to to begin playing directly on their own phone without visiting an Agent P kiosk.

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bhg469Apr 15, 2018

The pirate adventure I havent tried but I have done sorcerers. If it screens, I am 100% out. It ruins a lot of the ambiance of the land. I really really did not like what they did. I have seen videos of the pirates game, and it looks solid, a lot of thought put into it. The sorcerers of MK is a really cheap xbox kinect game.

21stampsApr 15, 2018

No!!!! Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and The pirate maps are both so much fun!!

bhg469Apr 15, 2018

I am as critical of them as most people on here but I feel like these type of projects seem to move pretty quickly, to me at least. I just hope that any future plans dont get scrapped. This is the sort of thing where they have been really impressing me. Universal has the wand stuff, but this is just really a great way to make people explore the park. Like I said, I wish it was in every one.

Kman101Apr 12, 2018

LOL. Yep they do. 2021 then ;)

MansionButler84Apr 12, 2018

Yes. But you know how they like to drag a project out.

TJJohn12Apr 12, 2018

Just speculation, but with Ducktales moving to the main-line Disney Channel, already greenlit for season 2 with a likely season 3, I'd be surprised if it didn't.

bhg469Apr 12, 2018

I would say do away with it completely and do something with practical effects in each land.

MrPromeyApr 12, 2018

I think it could certainly be done. A lot of those screens are located in areas where a physical effect as the result of a "battle" could be incorporated and it seems like the treasure hunt and Agent P have obviously proven there is value in investing more in the concept.

Kman101Apr 12, 2018

I think these things are actually a great idea. Hopefully they change Agent P's to Ducktales like once rumored. @MansionButler84 is Ducktales still a possibility?

_calebApr 12, 2018

+1 Recommendation for the Pirate hunt in Adventureland. My family LOVED this!

Figment1986Apr 12, 2018

Update and upgrade sorceres of the magic kingdom and that might be what MK needs... it's not even in Tomorrowland and has villains kids don't really remember much.

MrPromeyApr 10, 2018

Well, the hunts involve LOTS of physical effects, most of which are hidden in plain sight, just like the Agent P thing and you don't even need a phone. They give you a weathered-looking paper map to go by - that and your magic band or ticket are all you need. I believe there are 7 different maps and they're all centered around Adventureland. There are even some small rewards for completion. The Kim Possible in world showcase was the first one, Agent P was the next evolution of that. I'd call the pirate one in Adventureland a huge step up from Agent P. Your family has gotta try it on your next visit. The location to get the maps is just past the archway you'll see after you've passed Pirates and have walked by Tortuga Tavern on your way to Splash Mountain. There is a little building to your left just past that archway where you can get the maps and return to claim your prizes. The Magic Kingdom needs something unique along these lines in every land and the two parks that don't seem to have something like this need it. It's not a complete solution but it's part of a solution to the problem Fastpass+ creates of people hanging around the park with nothing to do and those pushing wait times up on attractions that shouldn't have them... Plus with a decent portion of the things happening in gift shops here and there, it helps support their plans to motivate people to spend time/money there, too. It seems like a genuine win-win.

Captain BarbossaApr 09, 2018

I'm surprised that it has taken them this long to finally make the change.

bhg469Apr 09, 2018

I havent!! They look great but this worked so well with the phones and it was just super neat. I did however try sorcerers of the magic kingdom and was really disappointed. The lack of physical effects ruined the experience.