Dedicated entrance and seating area for Walt Disney World Annual Passholders at Disney KiteTails during December 2021

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Disney KiteTails Lion King show
Posted: Monday November 22, 2021 6:24pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

From December 1 to 15 2021, Walt Disney World Annual Passholders will have access to an exclusive seating section during all available showtimes for Disney KiteTails at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Seating is limited and Annual Passholders should plan to arrive no later than 5 minutes before showtime. To enter, Passholders should head toward the entrance across from Theater in the Wild and show their valid Annual Pass card and government-issued photo ID to a Cast Member. Passholder Entrance signage will also be available to help guide Passholders to the correct entrance.

Watch the video below for a look at an entire performance of Disney KiteTails. (4K YouTube)

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SpectroBro1 day ago

Yeah I mean, Rivers of Light was ended long before KiteTails was created. Don’t act like KiteTails booted Rivers out. Rivers was already gone. Guests had plenty of time to like Rivers, but no one would admit it until it was too late… and I can confirm that all of the set pieces have been crushed and carted away in dumpsters so I think it’s time to let the RoL talk die…

DisneyNorthFan1 day ago

Watched Kite Tails on both days we were at Animal Kingdom this week - from the seating area at Flame Tree BBQ - once w/ lunch from Flame Tree and once with snacks from Eight Spoon and Kamal's. We all enjoyed the show and found it to be a nice surprise. The size of the kites took us by surprise in a good way and there was a level of excitement for watching what could go wrong ... and we did see an unplanned crash landing. It's no replacement for ROL, but it's a nice daytime addition to the park nonetheless.

V_L_Raptor1 day ago

At first, I figured they left unsaid that they would avoid crashing into those stands. It's the little things, I guess. O.o When I saw KT for the first time in October, it was just ugly the way they could get the kites flying from slightly offstage, but pretty much dump them into the water from the air and in full view after each song. (For context, this was just after Baloo went tree-climbing.) I can't imagine that was healthy in any way for the kite materials, especially if the kites were used multiple times a day. Granted, there may have been multiple sets of kites for each show ready and dry for their showtime schedule, but the show impression was soaking wet. It's a means of using the lake space, sure, but not much more than that. It may be better framed as a means of encouraging people to buy their meals over at Flame Tree and sit under the shelters to watch, where they needn't worry about having too close an encounter with falling fabrics. I don't remember seeing KT merch for sale, so I'm at a loss for what monetary value the new regime thought they would gain from this flight of fantasy.

MisterPenguin2 days ago

Kitetails is a Primevel Whirl replacement. Primeval Whirl is off of the brochure, and Kitetails is being advertised. Therefore, Kitetails replaced Primeval Whirl.

mm522003 days ago

The show was being developed to run alongside RoL during the day. It’s a 10 minute show that runs several times a day. It’s not a new nighttime spectacular. But yes a totally brand new entertainment offering running several times a day that is fun and the guests in the park actually enjoy watching and adds another experience for them to do during the day that didn’t replace anything is definitely a downgrade...

ImperfectPixie3 days ago


StarshipDisney3 days ago

Let's see now. ROL is gone an what do we see in the park brochure. Hmmm, nothing less than this new kite show is being advertised. Say what you want. ROL is gone. KiteTails is there. Okay, so Disney does not call it a replacement. But it is in the same location and OMG what a terrible downgrade in available park entertainment...and that is all that matters to me. Disney continues to fall.

JohnD4 days ago

Obviously some do. Others understood it's a kite show. Anyway, nowhere for them to go to do that with this show.

wdwmagic4 days ago

Well typically I think guests expect to see Disney handle the landings out of guest view.

JohnD4 days ago

I "got it" from the beginning. But so many people were "disturbed" by kites, yes, kites crashing. Oh the horror! When I was there, before the crash landings were written in as part of the show, spectators were cheering if the kites struck the landing.

JohnD4 days ago

They never claimed they were replacing Rivers of Light. You can dislike the show all you want but saying that it "replaces" Rivers of Light is false. It's a day show that runs several times a day anyway.

JohnD4 days ago

I'm not one of those blowing a gasket over this show. At the same time, it doesn't need an AP entrance. The amphitheater is never THAT full.

Epcot82Guy4 days ago

This whole AP process is getting a bit comical...

GhostHost10004 days ago

As if Disney guests weren’t getting screwed enough, every announcement now seems to be a joke it’s getting so bad