Disney KiteTails at Disney's Animal Kingdom to permanently close

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Disney KiteTails Lion King show
Posted: Wednesday September 14, 2022 12:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney KiteTails at Disney's Animal Kingdom will have its final showing on September 30 2022 and will then permanently close.

The show originally opened alongside Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary on October 1 2022, and was converted into a walk-by experience in May 2022. The performers inside the theater were removed, leaving just the large jet-ski-powered kites flying over the water.

Watch the video below for a look at the show. (4K YouTube).

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wdrive1 day ago

I hope so but I find it more likely they’ll take it as live entertainment isn’t popular

cjkeating1 day ago

Hopefully this shows a few more people in WDW that IP doesn’t equal popularity.

Magicart872 days ago


gerarar2 days ago

KiteTails had its last performance today and took its final bow, earlier than planned due to the upcoming closures of the parks. Must be bittersweet and sad for the CMs working this show. Since they were 3rd party, their contracted jobs are essentially done now. "This afternoon at 3:10pm, kites filled the skies of the Discovery River Amphitheater for the final time. Disney KiteTails was originally scheduled to end on September 30th but had its final performance this afternoon instead. Cast Members and managers made an announcement to guests in attendance that it would be the final show and the skilled performers took a 'final bow' after the show by taking one final lap around the lake."

JoeCamel11 days ago

I think that was a new offering that was moderately entertaining. 5 years on I doubt you would see many sticking around for it. As they say the show had no legs

mdcpr11 days ago

The Amphitheater was packed during River of Light--a show that some people did like. But this one, no need to be sitting to see the kites from somewhere else.

VJ11 days ago

7 years ago isn't really "a little bit", to be fair

crazy4disney11 days ago

Without a doubt.

erasure fan111 days ago

I think you missed the point. Yes they are making excuses, that's the PR spin. But people think the reason all this stuff happened or didn't happen is because of covid. It's not. Covid was the catalyst to implement everything. But they distract people with fake excuses like covid forced us. When in reality they are perfectly fine with how covid played out.

drizgirl11 days ago

Using the excuse publicly but not internally is the essence of using it as an excuse.

erasure fan111 days ago

In the grand scheme of things I doubt Disney is even using covid as an excuse. Publicly sure, but internally? I don't think it bothered them at all. It was a perfect out for them to cancel and reduce so much all while adding so many upcharges. All things they wanted to do, but with covid it gave them the opportunity to rip the band-aid off.

drew8112 days ago

Another Mark Renfrow spectacular bites the dust.

spectromagic0412 days ago

At least the tree show comes back on October 1st!!

crazy4disney13 days ago

For starters a new night parade which would have imo had to been started well before covid hit… to me that should have been a no brainer.