How To See The New 'Disney Dreams That Soar' Drone Show at Walt Disney World

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Disney Dreams That Soar viewing areas and queue
Posted: Friday May 24, 2024 5:40pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Dreams That Soar is an all-new nighttime spectacular at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World, offering a 9-minute drone show twice daily at 9 pm and 10:45 pm.

This show can be viewed from various locations around Disney Springs, but for the best experience, head to the West Side promenade between Cirque du Soleil and the Aerophile Balloon. Accessing the optimal viewing spots is available with two main entrances: the primary one located between Cirque du Soleil and House of Blues, opening around 7:45 pm, and a secondary entrance near Starbucks and the Aerophile Balloon. For guests requiring wheelchair access, dedicated viewing is available at Food Truck Park.

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Disney Dreams That Soar Showtimes

Showtimes for the 9-minute show are 9 pm and 10:45 pm daily at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World.

Viewing Locations

Although Disney Dreams That Soar can be seen from throughout Disney Springs, the optimal viewing area is on the West Side promenade between Cirque du Soleil and Aerophile Balloon.

Note that the promenade is closed during the day to guests, and half of the walkway will remain as a clear walkway during the show.

How To Queue For Disney Dreams That Soar

There are two main entrances to the viewing area for Disney Dreams That Soar. The primary entrance is between Cirque du Soleil and House of Blues.

According to Cast Members, the entrance near Cirque du Soleil is expected to open around 7:45 pm, ahead of the first show at 9 pm.

A secondary entrance is located at the other end of the West Side promenade between Starbucks and The Aerophile Balloon.

Note that the viewing area is cleared of all guests following the first show, and guests must renter to see the second show.

Wheelchair Viewing for Disney Dreams That Soar

Dedicated wheelchair viewing is available in Food Truck Park.

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Starship8243 days ago

Why is this version not in the actual show?

Starship8243 days ago

TTA943 days ago

Coaster Lover10 days ago

And then the third version at Food & Wine at EPCOT? "Dreams that Pour"...

Sirwalterraleigh10 days ago

The thing is like 9 minutes long… …the thing is like 9 minutes long Don’t make the piracy so “normal”, please?

JohnD11 days ago

Disney would be charging more than $120/person for a dessert party. I'd say that $25/person for guaranteed seating is more than fair. Whether you pay for food and drink is on you and that is separate.

DisneyDreamer0811 days ago

I can maybe see $25 per table but $25 a person?!? 🤦🏻‍♀️

DCBaker11 days ago

Summer House on the Lake has reservations available to guarantee Lakeside Patio seating for Disney Dreams That Soar: This summer, Summer House on the Lake is offering beautiful Lakeside Patio seating with Disney Spring’s best views of the Dreams That Soar drone show. Experience the thrill of seeing 800 drones dance across the night sky above Lake Buena Vista, as you sit down to enjoy a meal at Summer House on Lake. From Friday, May 24 through Monday, September 2, the Disney Dreams That Soar will be performing nightly. Enjoy a nightcap Espressotini by the lake as you watch the drones light up the sky. Check the showtime calendar for performance times to save your spot! For $25 per person, reserve your 90-minute spot on the Summer House patio to ensure the best views of this one-of-a-kind drone show. Please note, this fee guarantees your table by the lake. However, food, beverage, and gratuity are not included in the booking price. More information about reservations can be found at this link: Here's a direct link for reservations on Open Table:

TTA9412 days ago

Or any nighttime show for that matter at AK. And we need drones that rise up for the “I See The Light” segments in HEA and Luminous!

Touchdown12 days ago

I’m waiting for the sequel show, Disney Dreams that Roar to debut over the Asia Lake at AK.

MisterPenguin12 days ago

Halloween show first. August is just right around the corner!!

Starship82412 days ago

A Christmas version perhaps?

ToTBellHop13 days ago

I’m sure an extension is possible if it’s still popular by late summer or perhaps a Christmas return.

jrhwdw13 days ago

Before the Official Announcement, we thought Drones were ready for a Park. Whether This Show went to DS for Safety or to help DS IDK, but it's paying off! I really wish Dreams That Soar could stay at DS! Does Everything really need a Park Ticket???????