'Disney Dreams That Soar' Drone show coming to Walt Disney World this summer

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Posted: Thursday March 21, 2024 12:02pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has announced today that a new drone show is coming to Disney Springs at Walt Disney World in the summer of 2024.

"Disney Dreams That Soar" is a summertime experience that will be a late-night perk for visitors. Taking place over the Disney Springs lake, "Disney Dreams That Soar," will showcase Disney stories celebrating the joy of flight with state-of-the-art drones choreographed to create designs in the sky and paired with a "soaring" musical score and memorable movie quotes. "Disney Dreams That Soar" will run nightly from May 24 through September 2, 2024.

Disney began testing drones at Disney Springs earlier this year, following their popularity in Disneyland Paris with recent offerings, including "Disney Electrical Sky Parade," which uses 500 drones to recreate moments from the classic Disney Main Street Electrical Parade.

Watch the video below to see the Disney Springs Drone test from last month.

Disney has long been developing drones for shows in the parks, with both EPCOT and Magic Kingdom strongly linked with their use. News of Disney developing drone technology for use in nighttime spectaculars surfaced in late 2014 with the filing of various patents relating to their Flixel system that used drones to carry a projection surface.

Walt Disney World has previously hosted a limited-time drone show, Starbright Holidays, at Disney Springs for the 2016 holiday season in association with Intel and its Shooting Star drone product. The 5-minute show featured 300 drones, intricately choreographed in 3D space over the Disney Springs lake and synchronized to holiday music.

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TTA9434 minutes ago

Any guesses on the soundtrack this will have? Not expecting something major with its own theme song like we’d see in the parks. I’d say maybe something reused but I can’t think of anything that would fit the name and description of the show.

ToTBellHop7 hours ago

DS has some of the best dining at WDW but we find it’s not usually worth the effort to get there. We need a hotel for a night before a cruise in July and we’re between Saratoga (walk to DS) and AKL (giraffes) so we left it up to the kids. Giraffes won! Disney Magic>celebrity chef for us.

Patcheslee8 hours ago

We stop for a Harley Poker chip for DD15 each time. Other than that, DS doesn't have much appeal. Maybe a couple shops, but nothing we'd cry over missing.

Comped1 day ago

That's a problem with Lego not Disney. Lego decides what sets get made, and with the exception of architecture sets and some small promo items, they don't tend to make huge exclusive sets like you're suggesting for a particular store or location and sell it exclusively there. Even the Statue of Liberty, which has been made into multiple sets over the years, has always been for sale outside of NYC - only architecture sky lines have been somewhat location exclusive, and those are generally easy to make 90% of the time with parts you can get from anywhere except for the name plates and the occasional specialty piece. Lego would probably never do it unless they could sell it everywhere, and considering all that Disney seems to agree to them making are castles, I would doubt it happening unfortunately.

JMcMahonEsq1 day ago

Other than locals, I never really understood the marketing thoughts behind the non/disney shops at Disney Springs. If I am traveling on vacation I don’t want to spend money or lug around anything I can pick up at shop locally or online. The food, drinks, atmosphere I get. Disney shopping, sure, but I can get vineyard vine or Harley merch anywhere. Related note i have always been disappointed that there are not special unique Lego sets only available at the store at DS. Make a spaceship earth, tree of life, tower of terror set and only sell them there.

GhostHost10002 days ago

Yeah other than people going nuts in the world of Disney, I’d say the majority just go there to eat and take in the atmosphere

SaucyBoy2 days ago

I was going to say, we were there last month and it was quite busy in the late afternoon/evening. But, as a former retail worker, busy doesn't always mean "making money." The entire area is still a "must do" for us at least once a trip. In December, we spent the entire day there just relaxing with drinks and people watching.

wdwfan222 days ago

I don't see how the numbers can be down as Disney Springs is always packed. One of the parking garages seems to be at capacity all the time as well. It may be people are not purchasing the high-end crap because there happens to be an outlet mall only a couple miles away.

TTA942 days ago

Actually that would be pretty sweet to have wireless noise canceling headphones with the soundtrack and drown out crowd noise lol.

ToTBellHop2 days ago

You’ll get one pair of headphones for every $100 spent in World of Disney.

GhostHost10002 days ago

Disney Springs typically feels busy/crowded to me in the evenings. Maybe they just need to lower rent? lol

Starship8242 days ago

I would assume it's the same thing they did for the last time, but I don't know why it would done last time.

TTA942 days ago

I wonder what the plan is for the soundtrack? Piped through all the speakers around DS? Only in one area? New or temporary speakers?

mattpeto2 days ago

We never prioritize DS on any trip. But the drone show is firmly on our radar if we have a leisure sort of trip in the summer. A skyliner West project would help Disney Springs. Also, they never brought back the one-way buses after 4 from the parks.