Walt Disney World Cast Members sign a steel beam that will be part of the new World Celebration at EPCOT

Feb 23, 2023 in "CommuniCore Hall"

Posted: Thursday February 23, 2023 2:33pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World Cast Members recently participated in a beam signing event to lend their signature to EPCOT's upcoming World Celebration district.

Among those signing the steel beam were Walt Disney World President Jeff Vahle, the 2023 Walt Disney World Ambassadors, and cast from throughout the park.

While we don't know where the beam will be used, it will likely be destined for the Communicore Hall building, the last major piece of construction underway in World Celebration.

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Sirwalterraleigh4 hours ago

I think I projectile shot the fruit loops thing From now on it’s strictly alcohol for my weak stomach

James Alucobond4 hours ago

No pickle milkshake for year-round scrunchy-faced YouTubers?

SoFloMagic4 hours ago

Hummus fries Some slider Fruit loops milkshake Something with impossible Some desert something Profit

mattpeto8 hours ago

You must be new here… If they aren’t complaining, its a rarity.

MisterPenguin9 hours ago

Two new rides and a cessation of a Food Festival during the Summer. If that's evolution, they're doing it wrong.

Brian9 hours ago

Coming soon (probably) to The Seas with Nemo and Friends - Cars: A Musical Celebration.

Sirwalterraleigh10 hours ago

Well they did it and look stupid…cause that’s awesome, right?

Sirwalterraleigh10 hours ago

It’s less of a complete park today than it was in 1998… Our standards need re-evaluated.

J454610 hours ago

nah its still a great theme park, but with more food options...thats not a bad thing imo. Epcot always felt like the adult park where they focused on eating drinking and ambience more than rides and thrills. But they added a few great rides over the last years so its gotten a bit better in that regard as well

OKWDVCMAGIC12 hours ago

The continuing evolution of Epcot from a theme park to the world’s largest food court.

Sirwalterraleigh13 hours ago

One would assume it’s a mishmash of things that sell really well (ie highest prices/margins) from the 345 days a year of festivals I’m not in love with it…but it’s also not the worst idea ever If they’re smart…big If…they rotate it seasonally to not cross with the festival booths…it’s a good idea. If it’s set stuff and they just push volume…not so much.

Sirwalterraleigh13 hours ago


vikescaper1 day ago

I’m hoping that they have the empanada that the Encanto booth has during Festival of the Arts. That is one of my favorite festival foods!

Captain Culpepper Cline1 day ago

Define festival favorites. Thanks.