A Look at the New Lighting Design at EPCOT's CommuniCore Hall and Plaza

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CommuniCore Hall and Plaza After Dark
Posted: Tuesday June 11, 2024 9:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT officially opened its new CommuniCore Hall and Plaza on June 10, and last night, we got a first look at the area's completed lighting package.

The new lighting design at CommuniCore Hall and Plaza features a dynamic array of colors and patterns that change throughout the evening. The buildings are wrapped in 200 LED color-changing triangles, which take on different designs throughout the evening.

Above CommuniCore Plaza, moving spotlights now create sweeping beams of light illuminating the sky, which are visible from various points around EPCOT.

Take a look at our collection of photos and video below to see the new lighting in action. (4K YouTube)

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ChrisFL44 minutes ago

I mean they COULD do some backtracking to fix things a bit (ALSO looking at Morocco pavilion), but that would require Disney to admit they messed up which basically never happens.

Sirwalterraleigh53 minutes ago

They screwed it up. Plain and simple Now it can be a running joke for decades. Oh joy

MisterPenguin56 minutes ago

Do you keep forgetting what you just previously posted?

dreamfinding1 hour ago

It is absolutely asinine. The archives holds 100 years worth of history (some years more well documented than others). I have attended a WD Archives display (@ Graceland during the 50th) and is was amazing! The thing is, it wouldn’t even have to be a large display. They could pull out some original Epcot concept art, some original Epcot merchandise, maps, maybe even a few attraction used props and it would fill the space. Look at One Man’s Dream in DHS. Why didn’t they do something similar in Communicore Hall?

ChrisFL1 hour ago

I LOVE original EPCOT Center, but I also understand that Future World was basically entirely made up of passive, slow-moving dark rides and that needed to change to appeal to a broader audience. The problem is that along the way they abandoned a lot of things that made EPCOT Center what it was. Anyway, regarding Communicore Hall, why DIDN'T anyone decide to have an exhibit in there for the opening instead of leaving it as plain and barren as possible. Nobody seems to have any clue how to promote things properly or try to put the best look on something that was built to be plain. Some have said it isn't really any worse than what it replaced...which is technically true but also a very low bar. Innoventions and the original Communicore HAD really amazing exhibits at one time....replacing a building that was pared down to nearly nothing with a new building that has nearly nothing at open is not the way to get people interested.

AdventureHasAName2 hours ago

Downvote across the board. They are all worse than their predecessors.

Sirwalterraleigh3 hours ago

Cosmic rewind is good… It would be great if it was in studios ontop of launch bay Or better yet…on top of galactic abandoned line dancing warehouse

Sirwalterraleigh3 hours ago

Other than “journey to broken plumbing”?

TrainsOfDisney4 hours ago

The original had the day of the dead carousel in that location. I do think that is a good foundation of blending IP with the theme and spirit of Epcot - I wish that Remy was giving us a tour of France for example.

Centauri Space Station4 hours ago

GFT with real AAs, Frozen with less disjointed story and less random mish mash of mannequins, Test track, SSE and LWTL still pretty good, and Guardians

Centauri Space Station4 hours ago

It seems like they used logos for rides part of pavilions with multiple experiences, TT, SSE, MS are their own

HMF4 hours ago

I wish they didn't make that exhibit so out of the way and hard to find. Would have saved me a lot of grief during my senior trip in 2008.

TrainsOfDisney5 hours ago

Exactly. And the sunrise effect - oh man it was perfect. I wish I could have seen the original with the wave machine working! That scene was imagineering perfection. Nothing in cosmic rewind is as impressive as that scene. Not to mention you entered that scene by your theatre moving and separating!!! Trackless vehicles in the 80’s and yet we are supposed be impressed with rise and runaway

AdventureHasAName5 hours ago

Well, you're entitled to your opinion. But in my opinion, nothing compared to that original entry into the primeval world with all of the animatronics and the smells and the humidity - as a seven year old in 1983, it was incredible. And it enhanced the themeing of Future World because it was on-topic and not just an IP placement.