New vertical construction in the center of EPCOT expands beyond Communicore Hall

Feb 22, 2023 in "CommuniCore Hall"

CommuniCore Hall construction - February 21 2023
Posted: Wednesday February 22, 2023 1:38pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

In this latest look at the construction site in the center of EPCOT, we can see new vertical structures expanding beyond the Communicore Hall building.

There are several white steel poles with horizontal beams at the top. Beneath, there are numerous concrete forms, including a completed circular structure.

At Communicore Hall, the exterior walls are being framed in, with work continuing throughout the area.

This building will eventually be home to elements of EPCOT's festivals, including performance areas, opening late 2023.

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Cliff35 minutes ago

Yep,...that's exactly the way current Disney management in Burbank think today. You took the words right out of their mouth. Bulls eye!!

mattpeto44 minutes ago

These hypotheticals are pointless. Who knows what Walt would have thought. He might have not been happy with any of it or all of it. And who cares.. Epcot was his dream and in some ways, there’s a park with a little bit of his mental DNA in it.

imagineer971 hour ago

Imagine if he were secretly on this forum...

HMF1 hour ago

That would be interesting to know.

imagineer971 hour ago

I would LOVE to know Dick Nunis' thoughts on all of this!

Cliff1 hour ago

Let's take one very tiny simple modern example: Does anybody here believe that Walt Disney would have ever allowed a giant, UGLY, dead, construction crater to rot and fester in the center of Epcot (or any of his parks)....for 6 years? If anybody says: "Sure,...Walt would be OK with that". Then you have no clue how much Walt cared about the esthetic's of his park! Walt would have moved Heaven and Hell to get that horrible mess cleared out and! That was literally one of THE most important and WELL DOCUMENTED features of his core philosophy! (This CEO and park president?....nope!, they didn't give a damn) And what did we get for that 6 year disaster?? A walk through water pump attraction, a concert stage and a park with trees and benches and a statue??? It took Disney 6 years to FINALLY come up with the money to finish that?..... "THAT"???? Walt would have fired EVERYBODY on that project after one year of that kind of floundering and lack of concern! How expensive was this new open area? Let me guess,...Disney prolly paid, I dunno,...500 million? 800 million? Nobody here knows but we can ALL expect that Disney paid maybe three times what they "should" have paid for it. That's Disney's "style" lately. Can we even call this new park area "Imagineering" at all? It's as vanilla and bland as it could possibly be! I can think of a hundred things Disney has done in the past 10 years that would have made Walt's head explode. We ALL can,...IF we are being truly honest with ourselves! (but that is a big ask today)

DreamfinderGuy1 hour ago

Sure I guess we don't, but I think it's pretty reasonable to assume that the guy who was so enamored with futurism in the 60s would be at least a tiny bit disappointed that a large scale project dedicated to it (in his name no less) has devolved into a place that most people think of as one to get wasted at. That's not even touching the fact that the statue being installed gives off the exact opposite connotations.

HMF1 hour ago

The honest to god truth is we don't know what Walt would want were he alive today and it is really stupid to speculate and put words in dead peoples mouths. I personally think it is stupid to have a Walt statue in EPCOT for two reasons. One, We know that the park that exists today is not the city he envisioned so it's a false narrative. Two , The parks narrative should be about mankind in general so having a statue honoring one man goes against that and I am by no means someone who hates Walt's legacy. Then again they (Obviously) don't consult me. That's just my opinion.

MisterPenguin1 hour ago

I never knew that one of Walt's defining characteristics was resistance to change and inability to develop. Of course, you're arguing about how Walt would feel about changes in a park that he not only never saw, but had radically different ideas about what it should have been. If Walt is rolling over in his heavenly grave, it's over what his brother and board of directors did with his plans for EPCOT. And even if there are employees who joined -- and for some strange reason stayed with a Walt Disney company while hating him -- and even if there are a significant number of them, then certainly they're not in charge of anything. We know that because over the past few years, TWDC has been doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down on the name "Walt" and "Walt Disney." The rumor, which is more of a fevered dream by conspiracy theorists, that the name "Walt" was going to be removed, is utterly laughably. Again, they've been emphasizing Walt, as seen in this statue.

Cliff2 hours ago

Sadly,...for everybody that has studied and read everything about Walt Disney and his life?....ALL of us know that he would be horrified at many of the decisions that this company has made recently with "his" name on it. If you don't agree then you literally don't know Walt Disney at all. Love Walt or hate Walt, that's perfectly OK, we ALL know this is true. If there is a Heaven and Walt is up there...I'm certain he is looking down and wishing the company would remove "his" name from it. Honestly, there are MANY employees today that don't even respect Walt Disney and think his life and his history are "problematic". There are even employees that wish he could be removed from the company because of his politics. Walt's past "activism" (yup,..he was an activist for his day) goes completely against the modern employee "activism" of 2023. Yes, many people hate that about him. (sadly)

MisterPenguin3 hours ago

The Disney brothers were so dumb never sitting in the middle of a bench.... That's our Brayden!

Clamman734 hours ago

I was about to reply with that point...walking up to it you're presented with asymmetry from the planters.

James Alucobond4 hours ago

I agree that the immediate backdrop should lean into the asymmetry, though it should be noted that the planters directly in front of the statue do. The one to the west is long and has a tree in it while the one to the east is shorter with lower plantings, so it may look a bit more purposeful when looking toward him from the terraced area. That said, people who are acting like it's an unintentional mistake are a bit daft. 🤷‍♂️

Horizonsfan4 hours ago

The issue isn’t with the statue being centered, it’s that the background is designed for something symmetrical. Having such a small statue off center is likely the right move. However, the centered curved cast stone background and identical lanterns on pilasters at the ends promote symmetry. That’s what is off about it. Asymetry works when the whole concept leans into it. That’s why the Mission Space & Imagination facades work so well. The background likely should have been something angling in one direction or the other, with lanterns of varying size or just a singular fixture at one end.