Opening date announced for EPCOT's Communicore Hall and details of new Encanto stage show

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Posted: Thursday March 21, 2024 10:13am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has announced today that Communicore Hall and Plaza will open June 10, 2024 at EPCOT in Walt Disney World.

Opening alongside CommiuniCore Plaza from June 10-Sept. 6 will be a new sing-along featuring the beloved songs and story of "Encanto.". This new limited-time show, "¡Celebración Encanto!" runs several times throughout the day and will not only invite you and your family to sing along with some of your favorite songs, but you'll also spot Mirabel and Bruno on the newly opened CommuniCore Plaza stage.

CommuniCore Hall will be home to the iconic EPCOT festivals and other celebrations Disney says it will also be a perfect cool indoor space year-round for you and your family to recharge.

CommuniCore Hall will also be home to an indoor Mickey and Friends character meet and greet.

The surrounding CommuniCore Plaza will feature a garden with space to view entertainment from a covered performance stage and seating for nearby festival food and drink kiosks.

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mikejs783 hours ago

Which ones? I think this is exactly what happened. I was there last night and saw some floor lights. Granted, there may be some not working that I didn't notice as this past week was the first time I saw the new spine.

Epcot81Fan2 days ago

"Remarkable" indeed. Hey, come on, they only had five years to get floor lights to work. Some people have such lofty expectations for Disney these days.

HauntedPirate3 days ago

Den Carter3 days ago

Been in four times in the last two weeks and no floor lights at all.

Centauri Space Station3 days ago

Really? I’ve never seen that

tparris3 days ago

The last few times I was there they weren’t on at all

Centauri Space Station3 days ago

What do you mean it doesn’t work at all? It still lights up even if it’s not all lit.

James Alucobond3 days ago

Oooh, World Discovery. Me no read good.

danlb_20003 days ago

Casper Gutman3 days ago

The Epcot redesign is basically the physical manifestation of Disney's recent history of management dysfunction. You could write a book about what's gone wrong at the executive level of Disney with each chapter beginning with a description of some aspect of the makeover - hamhanded reliance on IP (Moana), succession chaos (the big table), unwise cost cutting (planters instead of fountains), inability to differentiate the parks and clearly redefine EPCOT's mission (GotG), laughably timid boardroom decision-by-committee (the new Future World "lands"), cynical leveraging of nostalgia (the decaying Spaceship Earth skin aesthetic), etc.

James Alucobond3 days ago

Is that the one in the site plan that sits along the path to World Nature / The Land or one of the ones at CommuniCore Plaza?

danlb_20003 days ago

Saw this permit today... 1402 AVENUE OF THE STARS # B(WORLD DISCOVERY HOT DOG KIOSK) - Install Signage

Den Carter3 days ago

I really love the chilled vibes of World Celebration, but I'm absolutely gutted that the floor lighting in the hub is already completely screwed. It didn't work fully on opening night, and now doesn't work at all. Forget fixing the yeti, I really think these need to be sorted.

Sir_Cliff3 days ago

I also think I preferred the original version due to the fountain and the water. I'm glad we're at least comparing like with like finally and I will say that showing the original version at least provides some reasonable context for the current version. The slow decline of perhaps Disney's most ambitious park has meant that its legend has grown over the years, but that doesn't mean the original EPCOT Center got everything just right. This legend has included people treating the original central spine as far more of a place of unusual awe and beauty than it really was. I think it's very possible to imagine a hub that could have surpassed the original version and, even if I'm not sure this one does, I don't think it's crazy for people to prefer this version to all the previous versions.