Massive lighting towers added in World Celebration at EPCOT

Jun 19, 2023 in "CommuniCore Hall"

CommuniCore Plaza lighting towers - June 16 2023
Posted: Monday June 19, 2023 10:33am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Six large lighting towers have been added to the CommuniCore Plaza area in World celebration at EPCOT.

The lighting towers will be part of the extensive lighting system that is being installed on CommuniCore Hall. The building will be covered in LED panels, which will come to life with entertainment in the area.

The angled towers contain lighting and sound systems, which you can see in this piece of conept art.

CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza are planned to open in fall 2023.

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Epcot81FanLess than a minute ago

World Refreshment Station Celebration?

Disstevefan11 minute ago

You’re right we can’t have the word “gas” in the name, being a fossil fuel, that’s offensive now. How about- “World Celebration 7?, Yea, 7-Eleven Refreshment Station”

Cmdr_Crimson16 hours ago

Only one thing and ONE THING ONLY will make amends with me on Communicore Hall..... That this is the only place we get to hear this In the interior area of the hall..

Epcot81Fan16 hours ago

But it's a "Gas station 7 Eleven from the Future"! Or wait, "Gas station 7 Eleven of Nature"! Or is it "Gas station 7 Eleven of Celebration!"? What random, totally unthemed land are we supposed to be in again?

Casper Gutman17 hours ago

If it was just the fully-formed Spaceship Earth triangles covering the facade, it would simply evoke “cynical exploitation of nostalgia for something we intentionally destroyed,” which is modern Epcot’s dominant mood anyway. The “deterioration” of the pattern is what makes it so gruesome, inescapably evoking decay and rot - and “designer who is way too pleased with their own cleverness.” Iger better hurry up and build something very substantial in Florida, because right now THIS is the embodiment of his legacy at Walt Disney World.

Casper Gutman17 hours ago

In its worst moments Innoventions never evoked “dystopian futuristic.” “Vacant corporate meeting space,” perhaps - but that feeling is still there, now mixed with “rotting husk of beloved icon.”

Bocabear17 hours ago

It makes me not want to care about it enough to even formulate a description... it's just ....meh. Yes the updated landscaping around it looks nice...and it has paint and operational things... The round stage looks weird and the quick serve window looks like anywhere USA.... It's a quick serve window.... Uninspired... but ok.... Maybe in person I will have a different opinion...

James Alucobond17 hours ago

I know it's not quite done, but I kind of wish the whole thing had the same finish as the back portion where the actual CommuniCore signage is. I'm not sold on the deconstruction of the facade that occurs toward the front edge with the Mickey & Friends sign.

Incomudro17 hours ago

Sure beats dystopian futuristic.

Casper Gutman17 hours ago

The most charitable description I can come up with for the aesthetic of the Hall exterior is “post-apocalyptic.”

Bocabear17 hours ago

Well....... What was there could have been reconfigured without destroying the symmetry of the park....THe original buildings update can be seen across the way. That could have saved 3 of the 5 years of

HauntedPirate17 hours ago

No no, this is "far superior" to what used to be there.

Epcot81Fan17 hours ago

Hey! Why don't you wait until it is finished before assuming your opinion is valid!!!! (See how completely idiotic that sounds?)

pigglewiggle17 hours ago

I enjoyed that. I may use it in my real life conversations. Although I will change "it" to "you", person dependent.