CommuniCore Hall construction update from EPCOT

Jul 05, 2022 in "CommuniCore Hall"

CommuniCore Hall construction - July 1 2022
Posted: Tuesday July 5, 2022 9:38am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Ground work and laying utilities continues at EPCOT for the upcoming CommuniCore Hall and Plaza in the center of the park.

CommuniCore Hall will be a flexible exhibition and gallery space, offering a wide variety of experiences that highlight art, live music, food – complete with a demonstration kitchen – and more.

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Sir_Cliff11 days ago

DCBaker11 days ago

Haymarket200817 days ago

I feel that once they (finally) get the ball rolling on the central hub, it will come together rather quickly.....I'm not sure why things are taking so long.

DCBaker18 days ago

gerarar20 days ago

New patterns and designs added to the floors desks! Before: After: Source and more pics here:

tparris23 days ago

A few photos from today655531655532

TwilightZone24 days ago

reminds me of a coaster and a mug lol kind of love it because of that

Poseidon Quest24 days ago

Agreed. I look at these and automatically hear songs from the Innoventions loop. I'm unsure if these benches pre-dated that, but I wish that these specific ones would stay. They fit really well into the new aesthetic, even if I'm not a fan of the changes.

UNCgolf25 days ago

Get a serious nostalgia hit from these benches. The other white ones are awful, though. And the new benches look good.

dreday325 days ago

Benches. 😍

DCBaker25 days ago

James Alucobond28 days ago

Thanks for the updates in spite of the rain! New things I can make out since I last saw photos include scaffolding for gunite application around additional rock forms, more framing on the exterior of the skinny building that forms the southern boundary for Journey of Water, and additional cinder block structures in the area of CommuniCore Hall.

trainplane328 days ago

Back to this, we ran into him (quite literally) a few nights ago at Epcots entrance. Super neat to get a breakdown on how it works, even if I didn't understand it. Anyways, from yesterday:

trainplane3Jul 15, 2022

Ya, that's exactly it. It's still very neat.