CommuniCore Hall construction update from EPCOT

Jul 05, 2022 in "CommuniCore Hall"

CommuniCore Hall construction - July 1 2022
Posted: Tuesday July 5, 2022 9:38am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Ground work and laying utilities continues at EPCOT for the upcoming CommuniCore Hall and Plaza in the center of the park.

CommuniCore Hall will be a flexible exhibition and gallery space, offering a wide variety of experiences that highlight art, live music, food – complete with a demonstration kitchen – and more.

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Mickeynerd179 days ago

Not even a slight hint of what used to be there. Very depressing.

Bocabear9 days ago

Did they make that roof on Communicore Hall strong enough to hold a roof garden?

DCBaker9 days ago

Photos from today -

DCBaker13 days ago

James Alucobond15 days ago

Spaceship Earth's beacon was noted to be a permanent change unlike the other beacons.

valenrandy15 days ago

This may not be the right topic but has there been any indication if SSE's Beacons of light will be more or less "permanent" once the 50th is over? We really love the look this gives SSE and the nightly shows are incredible. Thank you.

EPCOT-O.G.16 days ago

I think it’s an acknowledgement nothing is in the hopper for delivery in 2024 so they’ve slid this back in the queue

tparris17 days ago

Dreamers point still shows up as a search result, it only goes 404 when you click on it. Could just be a server issue or something with the backend.

Fear17 days ago

Journey of Water also 404s. What's odd is this is linked from the root EPCOT page Curiouser and curiouser

DCBaker17 days ago

IIRC the Late 2023 for Dreamers Point was added at the same time it was added to the page for Journey of Water, which also has a Stitch Ate the Page error today.

James Alucobond17 days ago

Yeah, I looked at it when you posted it, and it definitely had it. I tried to Wayback Machine it yesteday too, and the page was unarchived, so maybe it was relatively new to begin with?

mightynine17 days ago


tparris17 days ago

Uh oh. Yesterday it said opening late 2023, I didn’t get a screenshot though.

Fear18 days ago

Odd. That's a 404 now.