Latest look at CommuniCore Hall construction from EPCOT

Dec 01, 2022 in "CommuniCore Hall"

CommuniCore Hall construction - December 1 2022
Posted: Thursday December 1, 2022 9:20am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

CommuniCore Hall is now very visible from around EPCOT as the structure rises behind the construction walls.

Work is continuing throughout the area erecting the steel that will form the structure of CommuniCore Hall.

This large area will be purpose-built with flexibility to host a variety of entertainment and performances.

Disney has previously confirmed that CommuniCore Plaza, CommuniCore Hall, and Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana will all open to guests in late 2023.

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Cmdr_Crimson6 hours ago

Ah yes, then they figured out that guests like places that are nice and cool and turn a profit to add snacks and seating...And oddly call it. " The D Zone"....Glad they got rid of it later on..

lazyboy97o6 hours ago

For most people the Festival Center was going to be a big unconditioned space with bad acoustics.

ChrisFL7 hours ago

Yes and I do distinctly remember when that back hallway had ZERO chairs or benches for a's one thing I specifically complained about on here and elsewhere, and like 2 weeks later, chairs and benches were added. I'm NOT saying I had anything to do with it, I'm just saying it was nice to see it happen. Regarding the original was already gone and Disney wasn't just going to rebuild the same building again. I'm just annoyed when people bring it up not thinking that this was a replacement when the budget ran out when the big table thing was no longer going to be built.

Virtual Toad10 hours ago

If only they had had a large indoor space with plenty of room for seating and tons of space for seasonal and special events....

Epcot82Guy10 hours ago

This is very true. The entirety of CommuniCore/Innoventions West suffers far more from poor placement and execution and design vs issues with the idea and concepts of what's there.

ChrisFL18 hours ago

Crap, I just realized something I DO like about Communicore Hall.........'s an indoor, air conditioned space where you can relax and recharge without the expectation to spend money (for now). Many times I've complained about the various parks where there isn't a proper space that's indoors to just relax if it isn't an eatery where you're sort of expected to have food or leave if it's busy with people who bought food. Having said that, they can still add a lot to it and still keep most of that seating.

Epcot82Guy2 days ago

I am looking forward to seeing that ride system in a fully physical environment.

Henry Mystic2 days ago

You'll definitely appreciate Epic Unicerse’s Monsters ride then.

Epcot82Guy2 days ago

I got to see CommuniCore Hall tonight. And, it's kinda worse than I expected. First off, the band was excellent. They were really working the crowd with huge energy. It didn't make sense. And it was so loud, you could hear it from SSE to the Refreshment Station. And that created a really odd tonal dissonance. But the people at the stage seemed to really enjoy it. The triangles at night are fun. Now CC Hall itself... There are some glaring issues... -the outdoor queue for Mickey and Friends -the placement is very odd. It's kinda symmetrical but kinda not. It's like a crooked picture, and it throws off the circle of the central plantings from several angles. -the stage has a massive screen that cuts it off from the garden. So it is like theater in the round with half the audience cut off. -the back is the same. It has both plants and a ramp that cuts off IMAG. So it's a very, very weird space related to the other parts of the park. -Festival Favorites looks like a 7-11 in person. -the main hall is a joke. It almost looks worse than the original hallway. There is nothing that feels permanent here. It feels like a bus station. Big fail here. -the area on the south is pointless. -the building looks cheap. I don't think this will weather or age very well. -the lights were going off for most of Luminous and then after, which was quite distracting - even from Germany. This is really a fail IMHO. The ideas aren't bad. But the execution is not good at all.

maxairmike2 days ago

I have generally been very positive about the changes to the middle of the park, but having just seen the Communicore Hall area tonight for the first time (which I personally like the exterior design of the building) along with the continued problems with the in-ground lighting, I'm starting to soften on the negative view of the area. The plastic strips covering the in-ground lights along Communicore Hall seem to have not been cleaned from the construction work, that lighting was unsurprisingly not turned on, and combined with the central planter light rings still not working I am just getting tired of waiting for it to look right again. I still love relaxing in the gardens and enjoying the general vibe of the area, but it has some (IMO) big issues barely 6 months into existence.

UNCgolf2 days ago

The first time I rode Forbidden Journey I was fine, but the second time (on a different day) it made me horribly sick. I think it was the combination of the simulator and the Kuka arm movement (which really tosses you around in places; it's not a very pleasant ride). I don't think I'd ride Forbidden Journey again, but I'm okay with that because I wasn't really impressed with it.

Epcot82Guy3 days ago

It's definitely a personal thing. M:S is just fine for me, for example. Big coasters, tea cups, etc. - no problem. GOTG really got me. As do Simpsons and Forbidden Journey over at Universal. There are different force involved in each. GOTG has a somewhat higher risk because you have an odd center of gravity and controlled movement, which the body isn't generally used to experiencing. Brains process the stimuli differently.

DreamfinderGuy3 days ago

The entrance to Soarin’ was placed over the seating area for Food Rocks. If you look over the ledge right at the start of the lightning lane queue you can see mount points still on the floor for the chairs. The actual stage was abandoned until 2016, when it was replaced by a women’s restroom

Cmdr_Crimson3 days ago

At least they didn't make tossing your cookies an Ad like Six Flags did in the late 90's during their "You in or You out?" Campaign..