PHOTOS - A detailed look at the Magic Kingdom's completed Cinderella Castle makeover

Aug 24, 2020 in "Cinderella Castle"

Completed new-look Cinderella Castle
Posted: Monday August 24, 2020 2:22pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Despite a global pandemic that shut down the parks and a lot of construction work for four months, the visual refresh of Cinderella Castle completed just 6 months after its announcement in February.

The 189ft castle was hand painted from the very base of the structure to the top of the spires.

The new paint is a radical departure from the original color scheme, and offers varying looks depending on the position and intensity of the sun.

The Magic Kingdom icon is recognized as the most photographed structure in the world.

Over the years the Castle has been transformed to provide a backdrop for various celebrations. Perhaps the most famous (and conntroversial) was probably the pink Castle Cake from the 1996 25th Anniversary of Walt Disney World. The most recent transformation was much more subtle, and was for The Happiest Celebration on Earth in 2005.

Despite popular myth, the castle is not built of bricks, and it cannot be taken down in the event of a hurricane. The castle is however built to sustain severe weather.

Click the gallery for a look at the new Cinderella Castle from all angles.

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180º1 hour ago

For real. I’ll applaud Zach if he ever posts evidence of a currently employed Imagineer touching a piece of real paper!

JoeCamel1 hour ago

They sent a man to the moon with those computers, how far we've fallen...

lazyboy97o2 hours ago

This is like Pixar bragging that they animate with computers.

MansionButler843 hours ago

That explains why they have not been able to adorn the castle with anything until now. They didn’t have the technology to do so until now.

Animaniac93-983 hours ago

Said castle was originally built without the aid of computers. 😮

MansionButler843 hours ago

You don’t want to applaud The Zach and his team for using something fancy called a “computer” to ensure that the new decorations actually fit the castle?

tirian6 hours ago

Well, you knew he was going to post something insipid. ;) (Zach, not @DCBaker.)

tirian6 hours ago

Like Japan! Yes! Please!

PSM7 hours ago

Wow, the castle looks amazing in those photos posted in the article on here a couple days ago. Honestly, it makes the grey and blue version before the pink reimagining look bland and boring. I can't wait to see it in person!

mnelson310 hours ago

Guess we will see but I hope they add the decorations and ribbons to the turrets in front of the castle. That wouldn’t require the crane though so maybe that will come at a later time?

jrhwdw14 hours ago

Not since MSEP left in 2016 I believe,. There's no reason it can't cyle now and up to 10 or 5 minutes before Fireworks when those return!

peter1143515 hours ago

The castle lighting hasn’t just cycled for many years

Brad Bishop15 hours ago

I like it. It's almost gaudy (but, IMO, it's not). I weigh that out with: "Yeah, it's supposed to be over the top as it's the 50th!". If they left this stuff up and it was the 55th I'd be more in the camp of, "This really needs to go away, now." The "rose gold" (kinda pink) doesn't bother me. One thing, and I bet I'm in the minority here, I'd like to see is for them to go back to the original colors and, instead of having the LED floodlights set to "cycle" (which always bothered me - it makes no sense. It's not telling a story), just have them set to white as the original castle lit up at night (in white) was really majestic to me. Different LED colors for different events like Halloween, Independence Day, or Christmas? No problems. Having them just cycle? (Maybe they no longer do that - I haven't been in ≈5 years) it makes no sense and is distracting.

DCBaker15 hours ago