Doc McStuffins meet and greet at Disney's Animal Kingdom begins this Sunday

Feb 16, 2017 in "Character Meet and Greets at Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Doc McStuffins from the Disney Junior TV series will begin meets and greets on SundayFebruary 19 2017.

Following the show's renewal for a fifth season, Doc will appear for meet and greets just outside the veterinarian clinic inside Rafiki's Planet Watch.

You can meet Doc from 10am to 12:45pm, and 1:55pm to 4:30pm daily.

Chip and Dale will be leaving Planet Watch to make way for Doc, but Rafiki from The Lion King will continue to appear at Planet Watch.

Doc McStuffins can also be met at the Animation Courtyard in Disney's Hollywood Studios, and for breakfast at Hollywood and Vine.

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Article Posted: Feb 16, 2017 / 11:00am EST
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BoltFeb 23, 2017

She looks like how she looks in the show?

BocabearFeb 23, 2017

She looks like those creepy America ON Parade characters from the Bicentennial... awful.

asianwayFeb 22, 2017

God forbid a character not meet without an overly elaborate backdrop where you could be at AnyPark USA as opposed to Rafikis Planet Watch

COProgressFanFeb 22, 2017

Still not sure it's a great fit, but I'll give them credit for making a nice set. Definitely nicer than what was there at DHS.

BoltFeb 21, 2017

Looks like she has a real set at Rafiki's, too!

MomofPrincessGraceFeb 21, 2017

We are members of our local zoo as well and we have the ability to pet and brush the goats and a few other farm animals. It drives me nuts when my daughter wants to do things that she could easily do every ordinary day while we are on vacation with so many other options. o_O

wdwmagicFeb 16, 2017

Doc McStuffins meet and greet at Disney's Animal Kingdom begins this Sunday

21stampsFeb 13, 2017

We're Zoo Members at a pretty fantastic zoo, we also have reciprocity benefits and sometimes drive up to 5 hours to visit other ones.. ours is the best within that radius Anyway, the children's zoo portion has a full petting zoo where you can brush and feed the goats. Actually our local amusement park, where we have passes to as well, (I'm a huge fan of memberships/annual passes lol) has a petting zoo too. We spend enough time at both that I hate to spend an hour doing the same while at AK. Like I said though, I love the rest of Planet Watch. Tom Sawyer Island...that has always been a favorite of mine..and my kid feels the same. I adore spending time there.

MansionButler84Feb 13, 2017

I find the brushing of goats to be pretty novel. No where around here allows that anyway. You can pet one through a cage, but Planet Watch is different. It's a cute activity with kids and the train is a fun diversion. I think of it as being along the same vein as Tom Sawyer Island. Not an E-ticket but an entertaining activity nonetheless for the seasoned guest. On-stage surgical procedures are an extremely unique offering for those with stomachs for it. I just wish that schedule was advertised more widely since it is not exactly convenient to "come back later."

21stampsFeb 13, 2017

The inside is great, we both love it! But, I could have done without the petting zoo, we spent too much time there, most of which was me asking my child to stop brushing an animal and please go see something

DisneyDreamer08Feb 13, 2017

My 6 year old is obsessed with Rafiki's Planet Watch! She loves all the little exhibits, the petting zoo, one time we watched a bunny getting its ears cleaned. On our last trip I think she spent a good hour over there. Both my girls also love Doc Mcstuffins and I think the pet vet Doc fits perfectly over there. We are excited for this.

BoltFeb 13, 2017

And those people are missing out on a great experience.

MansionButler84Feb 13, 2017

I always see folks back there, especially brushing the animals. It's still there because it provides actual veterinary services.

AndyS2992Feb 13, 2017

I'm surprised Planet Watch is even still there, it's always completely deserted when I go there, people seem to ride the train and then get straight back in line to head back :/