Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station closing for refurbishment

Feb 08, 2019 in "Casey Jr Splash 'n' Soak Station"

Posted: Friday February 8, 2019 8:59am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station in the Magic Kingdom's Storybook Circus will be closing for refurbishment next week.

The refurbishment begins February 11 through to March 24, with a planned reopening on March 25 2019.

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ThelazerFeb 09, 2019

I just wish they would do a soft surface, that doesn't get so damn hot in the daytime. AND some SHADE for the parents who have to stand around and watch the kids.. (that cement wall is F'ing HOT!) Also perhaps make it one way in / one way out.. way to easy to loose sight of your kid running around.

PSMFeb 09, 2019

Oh cool. I’m already at WDW and planned on taking our son when we go on Tuesday. Thanks for the heads up, Disney...

Club CooloholicFeb 08, 2019

We have learned to remember to either have kids wear swimsuits to the park under their clothes or bring a spare ser of clothing. We usually have spare clothing anyway for lifes mishaps(sitting on gum, ill after a ride etc..). As for rowdy kids, Disney should have a person there anyway, at DL the old bugs life splash pad had castmemebers that would make kids wear shoes, which could be problematic if you brought your kids in sneakers

Cmdr_CrimsonFeb 08, 2019

Shame they couldn't just make a Gazebo that fits the theming of the Train station in that spot and use it as an area to listen to a live band play...

DisneyDreamer08Feb 08, 2019

So question for those of you that visit this area. Do you typically bring a bathing suit and towel and go through the hassle of changing your kids? Then change them back into their regular clothes? The one time we were in this area last time, we didn’t think to pack that stuff (you know, along with snacks and drinks and sunscreen and baby food and diapers and wipes) so we just let our then 5 year old run through in her clothes. She of course was completely drenched. I’m all for those fan misters throughout the park but a whole splash area just stresses me out :p

Club CooloholicFeb 08, 2019

Anyone ne have pics of how bad it got? Im curious

DisoneFeb 08, 2019

Agreed. And man what an Eye Sore this had become. Because I'm a lover of trains, Casey jr. has always been near and dear to my heart. To see him at Walt Disney World in this condition was sad to me. I believe if they're going to have an area like this they need to treat it like a waterpark and it needs to close every winter for a couple of weeks for refurbishment. Either way, I'm glad it's getting the treatment now. In all honesty it's probably part of a larger effort to spruce up the entire park in time for the 50th.

Club CooloholicFeb 08, 2019

Yeah I toally get it, I have an agenda at the parks too but playgrounds are not my bugaboo, its giftshop ride exits!. Just remember there is a pretty big percentage of kids, that when polled by the Unofficial Guide to Disney, said the thing they most enjoyed about their Disney vacation was the pool. What an adult thinks is magical and kid do are often not the same. Maybe this will be the year I learn to relax and try to do more resort time

NelsonRDFeb 08, 2019

I agree, looking at my original post, I can see how I did not make it clear I was discussing my children, I thought it was assumed I was referencing this as a parent. I also agree that kids generally are not out to be aggressive, and are mostly just excited, but it does not excuse the fact they get rough and are unsupervised. It is not my job to police other peoples kids. Somebody pushes my kid, that parent should see it, and tell them to stop, not me. Too many times, the kids acting up has a parent nowhere to be found. Also, I find these areas are filthy. Once in Dumbo, my girls said it was wet in the tunnel. Never again for us. So you are correct, these things and issues exist at any local playground, so why would I want to subject myself and girls to this while in the middle of the magic and excitement of the real offerings at Disney?

Club CooloholicFeb 08, 2019

Listen, you were writing about yourself and your own dislike for the areas, now that you explained why you would be over there in the first place I feel for you, but that is something that goes on at my local playground. You can always just tell the girls that unless you have a swimsuit or towel(which you can say whoops don't have) they can't play there. I haven't had that issue there but have at other playgrounds, and while it stinks to parent another person's kid, I find a few words telling them to be careful usually works. Kids don't usually go out of their way to hurt other kids, at least from what I have seen. I am glad they have these things, though this one is a bit heavy on the water. They need to have a replacement for Honey I Shrunk The Kids at HS sometime soon, that place was great for the kids to burn some energy.

NelsonRDFeb 08, 2019

Are you implying I am an adult checking out play areas? The real reason is because I am touring the parks with my young girls, and it is visible to them our way to the Barnstormer, something they enjoy. I do not want them attracted to it, and feel pressured to spend time there, while other kids run and push my shy girls, while other parents are too busy updating their Facebook profiles.

love disneyFeb 08, 2019

Needed, but seems like it would have made more sense to start this in December or January...we're already getting highs in the 80s down here.

Club CooloholicFeb 08, 2019

Then why bother being over at that section? It is fairly easy to not go anywhere near this area of the park if you want to avoid it. It is a "kids" area though so it was not really designed for you to enjoy. Those darn kids, why they always gotta be at WDW!

NelsonRDFeb 08, 2019

I wish Disney would remove this altogether. I do not like these areas. I do not pay to vacation at Disney to run through sprinklers, and parents never watch their children.