PHOTOS - A look at the new paint scheme at Carousel of Progress

Jul 22, 2016 in "Carousel of Progress"

New exterior paint scheme at Carousel of Progress
Posted: Friday July 22, 2016 9:16am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Carousel of Progress at the Magic Kingdom has a new exterior paint job, bringing it more inline with the new paint scheme given to the nearby PeopleMover.

The new colors scheme is much bolder, featuring vibrant orange and blue.

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KikoKeaMar 09, 2017

Can't wait to see what they do with it. TL needs lots of love, and I'm glad CoP isn't getting ignored.

Carousel Of Progress LoveMar 07, 2017

All of the outside lighting is now led, so it can change color like the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover lighting.

KikoKeaMar 07, 2017

What kind of outside lighting changes do we have to look forward to?

P_RaddenMar 03, 2017

Wow, lots to be excited about with this project! Great update and thanks for some of the technical details:)

HMFMar 03, 2017

Thanks for updating us. This is the one upcoming change coming to WDW that I am actually excited about and I am sure you guys will do a great job.

Carousel Of Progress LoveMar 03, 2017

Bumping this post. lol :) Long time no see everyone, let's see if I can add some details to a few of your questions. Hey, I know the CM in that pic lol. Yes the monitors did get replaced with the exact same model that were out there already. They're completely weatherproof without the cases, but the cases make them look a whole lot better and you don't see a whole bunch of ugly SunTronic monitors randomly floating in the air with Walt Disney singing on them. Most of the theaters did receive new carpet, only theaters 4 and 6 got new seating for the time being... The reason why both sides of the queue aren't used is if for easier guest control, and so that way guests in wheelchairs or EVCs can take their time loading into the theater on the right side without having to be worried about holding anyone else up. Both sides of the queues can hold 250 guests, so if there's a multi-theater wait, the queues alternate loading. Example: Queue 1 (Left) if completely filled with 240 guests, next theater comes around and they start loading, while they finish loading into the theater from Queue 1, Queue 2 (Right) fills up with 240 guests, they stop loading. Once queue 1 gets the all clear, Queue 1 can start loading again with 240 guests, Next theater comes around Queue 2 loads into the theater while Queue 1 keeps filling up with guests. Then you basically repeat this all day long until park close if you have that amazing guest count. Gears hopefully will be a thing of the past, in about a year. They won't be replaced until the show gets it's refurb, due to the fact the Pre-Show Video still uses the Gear logos and there's no way to change that. Changes color too, but it won't be changing color till the outside lighting of the building get's programmed as well. It looks as though there are guests waiting in the holding queue on the right, which would mean that they are loading from both back this the case? If so, my next question would be, is the velvet rope back (down the center of the theatre)? Yup, the show still get's loaded through both doors on a daily basis, and sorry the rope down the middle of the theater isn't coming back. Speaking of the kaleidophonic screen, I imagine it not being to hard to recreate it. I mean, they built, what I presume to be, a fully working replica for the Tomorrowland movie. They have the patents and blueprints for it: They even know what the presentation should look like: And imagine what it would look like with modern LEDs and computer programming. When they filmed tomorrowland, they actually used Pixel Panels (Video Wall Panels) but they didn't do anything cool with them. The problem with using them is the fact that they're so expensive to build (back then and now), and they still aren't that reliable unlike Pixel Panels, but Pixel Panels can't run that long (from what I've been told). They've looked into doing it, but that someone how got changed into some type of holographic projector screen and that turned into Holographic Walt Disney welcoming you to the Carousel Of Progress and giving you a brief history of the show. If you look in between where the two drop ceiling meet on stage 1 (Load), you can see 3 projectors up there peaking out and pointing down at the stage. Imagineering has been playing around with it for a few weeks now after the park closes. Keep in mind, when I tell you guys this, everything they're doing and have set up is temporary and not staying (at the moment at least). So yeah, I think that about covers it... Have a great big beautiful day everyone, and remember tomorrow is just a dream away!

WondersOfLifeOct 27, 2016

I love this!! This takes away that loooong standing fear on whether or not CoP will ever close... This actually gives me hope that the attraction will actually get an upgrade soon!!! Hopefully a huge animatronic and sound overhaul... And an updated finale! :)

ToInfinityAndBeyondOct 27, 2016

Moved from Orlando a few months ago, so I haven't been keeping up with the news. This is a pleasant surprise that warms my heart.

Disney DrewOct 26, 2016

......keep moving forward.....!

Next Big ThingOct 25, 2016

Just was on the attraction the other day. The sign is just as beautiful in person (and at night!) as pics. As far as the gears in the load room, i've heard those are soon to be changed out, but the one thing that I think they could easily miss (and it would be one of those things that drives me crazy) is the screens outside the attraction showing the video with Walt have a logo at the very beginning which utilizes the Gears as well. Hopefully that's something that gets updated eventually as well (just the logo part, obviously).

DDLandOct 25, 2016

DznyRktektOct 25, 2016

Par for the course :in pain:

NearTheEarsOct 25, 2016

LOL at all the finger prints. I'm assuming it's from kids. PS: love the sign. Looking forward to a new one inside. Edit, after a further look, maybe those aren't finger prints. You'd have to walk through the landscaping to get to the sign.

tl77Oct 24, 2016

I'm liking the return of that circular attraction logo... GUY RUNNING EPCOT TAKE NOTE!!