Carousel of Progress closing for refurbishment in late summer

Apr 15, 2014 in "Carousel of Progress"

Posted: Tuesday April 15, 2014 11:24am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress in the Magic Kingdom is scheduled to be closing for a refurbishment later this summer.

The refurbishment begins on August 25 through to September 4, reopening to guests on September 5 2014. You can view all refurbishments, including past refurbs here.

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WondersOfLifeAug 01, 2014

I doubt Astro being open would be taking away the few people that do go to CoP for nostalgic reasons. Much less it making a difference being closed. That'll just give a longer line for Space Mountain.

pumpkin7Jul 31, 2014

It that meant to be invalid? :S

Goofnut1980Jul 29, 2014

I wonder if they will push this back a week, seeing Astro will still be down at the beginning of the redo...

RedFurredCadetJul 29, 2014

Which reminds me,"]this is as recent as you'd ever get for Buzzy.

WondersOfLifeJul 28, 2014

None that google is aware of!

pumpkin7Jul 28, 2014

Are there any fresh images of Cranium Command, apart from Buzzy looking a bit disheveled?

RetiredFRNJul 27, 2014

Was just there last week. Love the COP and so do my two teenage daughters. The seats definitely need a refurb along with the carpets. I for one like the last scene, it kind of gives it that vintage Disney ride look, What needs to be done is some work on the "people" especially mom in the last scene, her fingers look dirty and all shriveled up. Also, air conditioner needs some work, by the time your at the end of the ride it's pretty stifling.

MerlinTheGoatJul 26, 2014

The only "smell" i'm aware of is when the father blows the Christmas turkey up in the final scene.

Mike SJul 26, 2014

There's a "smell" in the Carousel of Progress? o_O It probably means something has been festering in there due to lack of maintenance.

WondersOfLifeJul 26, 2014

That, and the song, is the only reason why I still go here. Cranium Command in it's current state still looks more updated than CoP at the moment.

53HerbieJul 25, 2014

Just don't take the smell away!

Amy BrewerJul 25, 2014

I do love this ride in the sense that its a sit down and relax ride for a good while, and the song is way to catchy! One thing I don't get is that the main AA ( the guy who sits down all the time and is cooking in the final scene) in the first one he looks 90 odd. In the second one he looks younger at around 70, then the next 2 he looks only to be 40 odd! I don't get how the kids both grow older throughout the scenes but everyone else is meant to be the same age. Just a bit confusing o_O

Phil12Jul 25, 2014

That's because father's clothes got a complete refurbishment in the new GE clothes washer and clothes dryer! The new GE machines have special settings to remove stains, dust and unsightly hydraulic fluid leaks.

dstrawn9889Jul 25, 2014

what else could make a disney trip more enjoyable? a portable cell signal jammer... :)