Blueberry Grass Band to perform at Epcot's Canada Pavilion for a limited engagement

Jun 04, 2018 in "Canada (Pavilion)"

Posted: Monday June 4, 2018 9:07am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Beginning June 13, the Canada Pavilion will welcome the Blueberry Grass Band to the Mill Stage, an accomplished group from Quebec who transform French and English Canadian hits into their own festive sound.

Every member of this six-person band has a different musical background, resulting in a group that uses a variety of instruments – string bass, guitar, violin, drums, banjo and of course, voice

Blueberry Grass Band will be performing for a limited engagement, June 13 to August 26 2018. Showtimes will typically be 2:15pm, 3:30pm, 5pm, 6:15pm, 7:30pm, Wednesday through Sunday.

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ThatMouseJun 05, 2018


ThanksPhoeniciansJun 05, 2018

You know, they should never have moved on without Huey after he had issues with his hearing.

danyoung56Jun 05, 2018

Really? The Wolf Blitzer / Jake Tapper Band gets a little old . . .

ThatMouseJun 05, 2018

News acts are better than the same thing year after year!

larryzJun 05, 2018

What -- no chainsaws???

wannabeBelleJun 04, 2018

Check out Mulch's last day!!! Sorry guys I messed up the earlier link!!! Marie

HakunamatataJun 04, 2018

I was wondering why I kept catching a hint of maple syrup when we had beverages at Disney Springs a couple Octobers ago.

BoltJun 04, 2018

I missed a lot of those limited engagement acts in the beginning.

Walt dJun 04, 2018

I still would like off Kilter back” Jamie and the boys are the the video of the last concert on you tube as there had to be, 2000 people there . No one else had a following, like they did!

BoltJun 04, 2018

What’s Off Kilter?

castlecake2.0Jun 04, 2018

Although I really liked off kilter, it’s great to see acts that are actually from Canada!

wdwdonnieJun 04, 2018

Bring back Off Kilter ! Love them

MontyJun 04, 2018

We have a rich variety of wild berries as well as maple trees. Not only that, we have recently learned to eat with cutlery. Dunking our pancakes in maple syrup was getting sticky. :cautious: