Big Thunder Mountain Railroad closing for refurbishment in January 2024 at Walt Disney World

Dec 13, 2023 in "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad"

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad overview
Posted: Wednesday December 13, 2023 6:31am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is scheduled to be closed for refurbishment in January 2024.

Big Thunder Mountain will close on January 16 through January 20, with a planned reopening to guests on January 21, 2024.

Big Thunder's last refurbishment was in January 2023, and it was closed for four days.

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MerlinTheGoatJan 21, 2024

Might have just been inspections and some very routine stuff. I doubt they touched anything guests would notice, if they even did anything at all.

mikeymouseJan 21, 2024

Lets at least bring back the water feature at the top of the first lift hill.

Figments FriendJan 21, 2024

Wow…fast turnaround. Curious as to what needed to be worked on. -

DCBakerJan 21, 2024

According to My Disney Experience, it appears Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has reopened a little earlier than planned. Thrill-Data started showing wait times around 5:40pm. Hours on the Walt Disney World website have been updated.

JoeCamelJan 17, 2024

Is the geyser still there?

PurduevianJan 17, 2024

I would imagine the rocking chairs near the exit are now one of the most peaceful places in MK with both mountains in the area being down. Only thing across the Tiana bridge is the rafts.

arich35Jan 17, 2024

Saw a group of about 10-15 imagineers on the tracks today from the train

DisoneJan 04, 2024

Not a chance. This is the same company that took over 4 years to build some nice gardens at Epcot's Center.

EagleScout610Jan 04, 2024

Dynamite scene in that timeframe?

BocabearJan 04, 2024

Who doesn't love Big Thunder? I hope they spread a little love to Big Thunder soon and give the ride back it's finale...or the new blasting finale... or any kind of real finale would be great. It is such a beautiful attraction... it deserves the attention.

DisoneJan 04, 2024

It's a lot of people's favorite ride. It's pretty darn popular. I don't think you should feel bad for saying that. I'm glad that it will have some days open while you're here.

arich35Jan 04, 2024

It will be available the first and last day of our trip. I don't care what anyone says I think this is my favorite ride

DCBakerJan 03, 2024

Disney has provided an update on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad refurbishment. "From January 16, 2024 to January 20, 2024, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will be unavailable due to regularly scheduled maintenance."