Big Thunder Mountain Railroad refurbishment gets underway at Magic Kingdom

Jun 08, 2021 in "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad"

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad refurbishment June 2021
Posted: Tuesday June 8, 2021 7:43am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Big Thunder Mountain at the Magic Kingdom is now closed for the week as a brief refurbishment gets underway.

The closure began on June 7 and will run through to June 12, reopening to guests on June 13 2021. The rollercoaster's last major refurbishment was back in 2016.

Crews can be seen on the mountain, although it isn't clear what the scope of the work is, but the short timeframe suggests it is routine maintenance.

View all the upcoming and scheduled refurbishments.

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TTA94Jun 12, 2021

To bad lol.

gerararJun 12, 2021

The ride has reopened a day early; Today June 12 versus the announced June 13 reopening.

MagicHappens1971Jun 08, 2021

I’m not expecting the lift hill explosion effects to be added, but seems like a no brainer, some what low cost addition that could be marketed for the 50th. Buy we’ve been hoping for years and has never made it past this forum

TikibirdLandJun 08, 2021

That last picture with the construction workers really points out the forced perspective that's going on there. Awesome photo!

SailorMercuryJun 08, 2021

Same. I’m not going for a little bit so it probably won’t affect me lmao.

HcalvertJun 08, 2021

I believe that they are temporarily reassigned---as well as the resort personnel. One of the bell services cast members told my husband the other day at Wilderness Lodge that he is normally assigned to Poly, but is temporarily reassigned to WL until Poly opens fully.

DobergeJun 08, 2021

General question about refurbishments: what happens with the attraction CMs when a ride is under refurbishment? Are they temporarily reassigned? Off and paid or unpaid? This is a pretty short refurbishment but others are weeks long, like Kali and Splash. And others are longer when there's a more substantial refurbishment.

DobergeJun 08, 2021

Me too! Especially since I don't have a trip planned soon. ;)

TTA94Jun 08, 2021

I’d be very happy with this refurb being extended if it means we get the 3rd lift effects lol.

SailorMercuryJun 08, 2021

Didn’t realize it was going down until today. Got so hopeful for the final lift hill redo, but the dates disappointed me.

ToTBellHopJun 07, 2021

This feels like the first time I’ve seen construction workers without masks in a long time. And I know they are outdoors. Just interesting since they aren’t distanced. I wonder how the company is verifying vaccination status.

CastAStoneJun 07, 2021

Turns out the answer was the 6th

mikeymouseMay 22, 2021

Probably for routine maintenance.