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Alpha Centauri Expeditions and The Pandora Conservation Initiative
Posted: Monday May 22, 2017 11:17am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

In creating a believable alien world inside Disney's Animal Kingdom, Avatar's creators Lightstorm Entertainment and Walt Disney Imagineering created two fictional organizations to enable a human presence on Pandora.

We've put together a primer to give you the essential background information on Pandora's tourism and scientific research backstory.

Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE)

Alpha Centauri Expeditions, or ACE, is the fictional eco-tour company that leads expeditions to Pandora.

ACE Mission Statement

“Our dream is that all those who crave exciting adventures in nature can find that with ACE. We look forward to helping you discover the wondrous beauty that the world of Pandora has to offer.”

Founded by Marshall Lamm, ACE has built strong relationships with the Na'vi, the indigenous people of Pandora.

Through the Na'vi connections built by Lamm, ACE is able to transport adventure seekers from Earth to Pandora for expeditions in the Valley of Mo'ara.

ACE provides the human guides, food, pathways, bridges, signage, lighting and all transportation for the human presence on Pandora. It is also implied that ACE provides accommodations on Pandora for humans, although these are not seen.

You will see ACE signage throughout Pandora.

The Pandora Conservation Initiative (PCI)

The Pandora Conservation Initiative, or PCI, is the fictional collective of scientists, xenobiologists, and conservationists who research every aspect of the Pandora ecosystem.

A major role of PCI is habitat restoration on Pandora, reversing the environmental damage from irresponsible mining by the Resources Development Administration (RDA).

ACE and PCI in Pandora's attractions

Beside facilitating travel and presence on Pandora, ACE had played a big role in the development of Na'vi River Journey.

According to the tory, ACE built the queue area and reed boats that visitors board to travel the river in the bioluminescent rainforest.

At Avatar Flight of Passage, PCI was responsible for refining the Avatar program which is now offered to human visitors to Pandora.

The PCI technology and its Mountain Banshee Project allows visitors to connect to their own avatar and fly atop a banshee over Pandora.

The queue of Avatar Flight of Passage passes through the PCI Mountain Banshee Project labs, where scientists are working to reverse habitat destruction.

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seascapeMay 23, 2017

As soon as DVC builds it.

Texas84May 23, 2017

So when does the ACE resort open? :)

RteetzMay 22, 2017

I would say no. ACE stands for Alpha Centauri Expeditions. Alpha Centauri is the solar system in which pandora is in.

seascapeMay 22, 2017

Will ACE be in Star Wars land? Given that they are a travel company to take people to other worlds it would be reasonable for them to have other places for people to visit and they could be used for future expansions as well.