New Florida Resident Ticket offer hints at Pandora opening date

Jan 04, 2017 in "Pandora - The World of Avatar"

Posted: Wednesday January 4, 2017 2:09pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney released a new ticket offer today for Florida Residents, offering a great deal on Walt Disney World 3 and 4 day tickets.

Besides the attractive pricing, the listed blackout dates are of great interest to those watching for an opening date for Pandora - The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

The tickets have just one blocked-out park, which is Disney's Animal Kingdom, from May 27 to June 9 2017. It is hard to imagine that this blockout period is for any other reason than for the expected opening of the park's new land.

Disney has not yet provided any opening date, beyond a general time frame of Summer 2017. Summer officially begins June 21, but factoring in soft openings, Disney could very well be planning to allow guests into Pandora from late May.

Until announced by Disney, any dates should be treated as speculation, and as we have seen with Rivers of Light, any planned openings can be impacted by technical difficulties.

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VigetFeb 02, 2017

Well, it's not blockout dates for the AP, it's for the Florida resident 4 day Discovery ticket. There are no such blockout dates for the AP, other than what is usual for the different passes. But the cast member blockouts are quite interesting. Makes one think that the week before Memorial Day will be soft openings and AP or DVC only previews, and that the land will likely open June 1st.

YodaManFeb 02, 2017

FYI, cast member block-out dates for May were just posted a few hours ago. Cast members can't get themselves into Animal Kingdom over Memorial Day weekend (27th-29th) and they can't get their guests into Animal Kingdom from the 20th-31st. None of the other parks have any block-outs in May for cast members. Seems to mesh closely with the AP block-out dates.

MagicHappens1971Jan 22, 2017

7DMT had softs during the 24 hour event, which I believe was 2-3 days before grand opening.

I am TimmyJan 22, 2017

Right? I like to go to new things after they have been open for awhile. Less crowds, less glitches (one hopes).

danv3Jan 06, 2017

It was. And these dates are in the spring. So if these are the intended opening dates, Disney is coming in weeks ahead of schedule. I'll believe that when I see it! Personally I expected approximately September 20 when I heard "summer."

jt04Jan 06, 2017

I was shocked too. It appears it has no blackout days hence the price. Guessing that is for people who like their daily dose of WS.

Kman101Jan 06, 2017

Even paying full price for the weekday select isn't awful if you can swing it but I like the monthly payment option. I know some on here don't but it's nice they offer it. I'm surprised they still offer the Epcot after 4 pass.

jt04Jan 06, 2017

Plus the ability to make monthly installments makes it easily affordable. I didn't even know they had that until yesterday. Very very cool. Plus, if ever wanting to go during blackouts there is always the option for special event tickets.

Kman101Jan 06, 2017

Honestly the weekday select pass, now with parking included is, to me, a great deal. I don't want to be there when the pass is blocked out anyway and weekends don't usually matter to me so it works out well. Only reason I keep end up being a passholder again and again is because of it.

jt04Jan 06, 2017

I was just researching AP prices for Florida residents. They are practically subsidizing them they are so inexpensive*. I will definitely be getting an annual pass soon. *assuming you are willing to accept some or a lot of black-out dates.

ravenJan 05, 2017

That's what I meant really. Local Orlando radio station had people call in yesterday morning to share one thing that people can't believe they haven't done yet. Many long-time locals still haven't stepped a foot inside a Disney park. Reasons given? Price and crowds.

skyphotographerJan 05, 2017

I should be there May 22 through 26, so...figures.

GhostHost1000Jan 05, 2017

yes it had soft openings... and if I remember correctly might have had special access for AP or DVC members prior to the official opening as well.. I know TSMM did at DHS

Princess LeiaJan 05, 2017

After what happened with Frozen Ever After, I think Disney will need the unofficial soft opening to work out all of the kinks.