'Tom Casey's Let's Get Rockin!' now open at the Atlantic Dance Hall on Disney's BoardWalk

Mar 25, 2014 in "Atlantic Dance Hall"

Posted: Tuesday March 25, 2014 3:03pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Atlantic Dance Hall on Disney's BoardWalk is hosting a new live interactive band experience each Thursday night - 'Tom Casey's Let's Get Rockin!'

Taking place every Thursday night, you can join in with the band - playing drums, guitar, bass, keyboard or vocals. There are over 400 songs to choose from, ranging from rock classics to Disney songs from Frozen.

The band is ran by Tom Casey, who you may recognize from the Scat Club at Port Orleans Resort.

The 'Let's Get Rockin!' experience takes place each Thursday from 9pm through to May 15 2014. Check out the video below to hear and see exactly how it works.

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Next Big ThingJun 28, 2014

Speaking about concerts, I have had this idea for awhile now that DHS should start to do a summer concert series (or whenever it's needed most). Use the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater. Build a big temporary stage over some of the seating, slightly smaller than the one currently in front of the hat and have a whole concert series with big name artists. Depending on how they built the stage, they could potentially play right into Fantasmic! as well.

71jasonJun 28, 2014

They probably could. Surprised they haven't tried that before, actually.

Next Big ThingJun 28, 2014

If you've ever been inside House of Blues, think of that layout, except on a bigger scale. Much larger dance floor, but still has the overlooking second floor and even a balcony that looks out over the water. I've actually never noticed how similar the venues are until thinking about it now myself. ADH is just larger and is used for special events/wedding receptions while HOB is mainly a concert venue/club. EDIT: Here's a photo:

willtravelJun 28, 2014

I unfortunately have not been in ADH. Is it large enough inside to do a small venue concert periodically?

Next Big ThingJun 28, 2014

Now now, don't get crazy. Disney wouldn't want to lose out on all the Wedding money they make from that place... Agreed though, no one really knows it exists. That's partially Disney's fault and part just because of the location. The Boardwalk isn't a high traffic area to begin with as it's a pain in the neck to get to.

BoltJun 28, 2014

The one perk of Cast is they still are silly enough to pay for alcohol with no discounts...

Next Big ThingJun 28, 2014

Ah, missed it as I quickly scrolled through. Thanks. Would still like to see something like this get a dedicated space though. ADH is a great space, but it's used for so many things that you can't set up anything truly permanent in there.

71jasonJun 28, 2014

Anecdotal evidence says it was mostly CMs doing Disney songs. No idea if it's still going on--I think they could close and demolish ADH and the news wouldn't make it online for 3 months.

BoltJun 28, 2014

As I posted 5 posts above, it is popular and got extended into September

Next Big ThingJun 28, 2014

So is this thing still going on or no? Anyone know how well it did? With little to no promotion, I wouldn't think it did that well. I'd love to see something like this come to Disney Springs in a more permanent set-up like Citywalk's Rising star. It's perfect for a nightlife offering at WDW. It'd be a karaoke be, so they wouldn't have to deal with everything they had to with the clubs, but it would help to start filling a huge void in nighttime entertainment currently at the resort.

MarkTwainMay 26, 2014

Agreed in full.

hpyhnt 1000May 26, 2014

It'd be helpful if Disney actually bothered to do an ounce of promotion for events and places like this. I'd wager that the vast majority of people who visit WDW have no idea The Boardwalk even exists, let alone the kinds of entertainment it offers. When the only thing you show on TV ads or in any planning materials is a castle and princesses, its no wonder the Dance Hall struggles to bring people in.

PhotoDave219May 26, 2014

They've been doing that for 10+ years

MadMax11May 26, 2014

My father sang with a big band...a voice extremely similar to Sinatra's. He's going to freak out over this! :)