Atlantic Dance Hall throwback nights throughout December

Dec 01, 2016 in "Atlantic Dance Hall"

Posted: Thursday December 1, 2016 12:06pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Atlantic Dance Hall on the BoardWalk will be hosting throwback nights during December.

Tuesday night is 90s, Wednesday is 2000s and Thursday is electronic dance music night. Operating hours are 9pm to 2am.

Each night will also offer draft beer for $3. There is a minimum age of 21, with no cover charge.

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MarkTwainDec 03, 2016

Sounds to me like Disney is directly going after the CPs and CMs with this, especially with the genres of music they've picked out (re: no 80s or 70s music for the older, DVC-owning or convention crowds staying nearby). Honestly, that's probably a pretty good strategy for keeping the Atlantic Dance Hall afloat, since CMs are what kept Pleasure Island going in its later years. ....and that's going to be the problem. Parking at Boardwalk has gotten crazy difficult for non-hotel guests in recent years. They do have overflow but it's a long hike, especially for CMs just off from a shift. Recently, it seems like Disney closes off wayyyy too much parking for valet use only, since that area almost always seems to be mostly empty. Boardwalk has a lot of potential to be a more active entertainment district, which would help places like the Atlantic Dance Hall or the tricky Spoodles/Kouzzina/Trattoria location stay in business. But they need to figure out the parking... Expanding the current lots should be a priority for Disney.

emcclayDec 02, 2016

Boardwalk does have overflow parking.

DavidS1234Dec 02, 2016

ahhhh, I remember 8 Trax. The staff there was gorgeous! :D

Mad StitchDec 02, 2016

No 70s throwback night either. Although if they had that they could call it 8 Trax throwback night.

lostpro9hetDec 01, 2016

The wife and I were discussing this and best we can figure it will be one tap and that tap will only serve Pabst Blue Ribbon. We plan to check it out in a couple of weeks.

Notes from NeverlandDec 01, 2016

I wonder if this will continue if it's deemed a success. The Dance Hall is a really unique place that's never been marketed very well.

jakemanDec 01, 2016

Wow, $3 draft beers. That's almost a normal price...

surfsupdonDec 01, 2016

Nice idea. I like the space and it's a fun place to hang when staying in the area.

CommunicoreDec 01, 2016

Haven't been here in ages. Can people still park at Boardwalk? Or are they forced to park at Springs and bus to Boardwalk?

Next Big ThingDec 01, 2016

This is pretty much exactly the type of club night that Disney had House of Blues shut down last fall. Amazing how contradictory they're willing to be. It won't be nearly as good either as it's incredibly hard to actually even get to Atlantic Dance Hall (for CMs).

RinxDec 01, 2016

The CP's should love this. I probably would if it were back in my CP days.