'Tiffins Talks' returns to Disney's Animal Kingdom as part of Party for the Planet

Apr 09, 2019 in "Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Posted: Tuesday April 9, 2019 1:42pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Animal Kingdom will be celebrating Earth Day with Party for the Planet April 20 - 22 2019.

'Tiffins Talks' returns, with Walt Disney Imagineer and Portfolio Executive Joe Rohde talking about his travels around the world. The 4-course lunch features global dishes, desserts and specialty beverages. Pricing for this dining package is $199 plus tax and gratuity and requires separate park admission. Reservations can be made beginning today by calling 407 WDW-DINE (407 939-3463).

Joe Rohde will also be at Mombasa Marketplace, 10am - 11:30am April 20 and 22, where he will be on hand to sign his own unique artwork, a commemorative lion print that will be on sale throughout the event while supplies last. A wristband is required to meet Joe Rohde.

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bcoachableApr 24, 2019

I bet that band is a little more magical than ours... 😁

cjkeatingApr 24, 2019

I've only ever seen him wear the grey band.

jbolen2Apr 24, 2019

Joe sporting the grey standard issue band

RiderApr 22, 2019

Joe doing print signings today. Not very busy. I got there about 30 minutes after he started and there were still plenty for sale and only a 5 min line.

Magenta PantherApr 10, 2019

Sorry if I came off like I was scolding you - didn't mean to. I can see you get it. It's just that...why that AA has been allowed to sit there moldering for all these years makes my blood boil. And Iger just shrugs and puts a strobe light on it. His indifference, or rather contempt, for the Walt Disney legacy of quality says all you need to know about him. He's a blight on the company, and the stockholders who wuv him can stick it.

Kman101Apr 10, 2019

I wasn't defending them not fixing it ;) Just basically doing what you did, current MGMT, and clearly past MGMT, don't see the urge or need. "They're just tourists ..." Most guests have no clue, which is a shame. And is there anything actually "wrong" with the Yeti? Doesn't it go deeper than that?

Magenta PantherApr 10, 2019

The reason to fix it is because leaving a broken AA in a ride for years because you're too cheap, greedy and stupid to repair it is an affront to park guests who pay astronomical prices to be there and an insult to the legacy of Walt Disney, whose focus was on quality and innovation. So yeah, I can certainly see why the CURRENT crop of TDO losers see no reason to fix the yeti. The dumb sucker tourists don't care as long as the ride goes REAL FAST hurr hurr. :rolleyes:

Kman101Apr 10, 2019

He gets asked that all the time ... :hilarious: Unfortunately it's not just as simple as "Well, Joe insists the yeti be 'fixed'" ... if only it were. They need a reason to spend the money on it, and I don't think they see any reason. But who knows?

dreamfinder912Apr 09, 2019

Had to call twice but got in for the 20th! It was so much fun last year I'm so excited!

Magenta PantherApr 09, 2019

Or when the yeti's going to be fixed. And if not, why.

creathirApr 09, 2019

Perhaps someone can ask one of the Imagineers what the hell is going on with Epcot...

MontyApr 09, 2019

Disregard that! I called back and got a different CM and am booked for the 21st. 🆒

MontyApr 09, 2019

I called and both the 21st and 22nd appear sold out. Dang!