New Tasting Sampler offer at Disney's Animal Kingdom gets you $35 of food for $30

Dec 06, 2018 in "Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Disney's Animal Kingdom is offering a new Tasting Sampler offer for a limited time, which gets you $35 of food for $30, and preferred seating for one guest at the second showing of Rivers of Light.

When you purchase the Tasting Sampler, you’ll receive a pre-loaded $35 digital gift card via email for $30. This gift card will contain a bar code that can be added to your digital wallet and scanned at over 40 outdoor carts and kiosks throughout Disney's Animal Kingdom.

During this limited time, you’ll be able to try out a few new offerings such as Shrimp Curry and Chicken Curry Bowls at Kusafiri Bakery, House-smoked Pastrami Sliders at Smiling Crocodile, Buffalo Chicken Chips at Trilo-Bites, Pulled Pork or Shrimp Mac and Cheese plates at Eight Spoon Cafe, Korean Fiery Beef Sliders and Tuna Bao at Caravan Road, and more. 

The experience can only be purchased online or by calling 407 WDW-DINE or 407 939-3463 and must be purchased at least 24 hours prior to arriving at the park, and is valid from December 22 2018 to January 2 2019, during the hours of 10:30am to 6pm.

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Article Posted: Dec 06, 2018 / 1:24pm RET
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John park hopperDec 08, 2018

Great deal ------you can save 5 bucks so you can buy a Mickey ice-cream or a soft pretzel--- Oh no you can't they cost more than $5

"El Scorpion"Dec 08, 2018

The Disney marketing machine at it's finest. I guess it beats the alternate headline of "Purchase food that would cost you $17 off property for only $30." - Or - "We're rollin' back prices all the way to September....provided you pre-pay us now" * *Certain Restrictions Apply

larryzDec 07, 2018

Don't forget -- they recently raised prices by 10 to 20%... this is effectively a 15% discount from those raised prices...

lee.moles.disneyDec 07, 2018

Bargain of a lifetime

peter11435Dec 07, 2018

It is common for Disney to offer discounts on dining during peak periods in order to spread out demand. For example at the Magic Kingdom they will often provide discounts for counter service meals if dining before or after a certain time. This is likely designed to take some demand off of animal kingdom’s counter service facilities.

cjkeatingDec 07, 2018

Attempt to transfer some capacity to the various snack locations away from the quick serves?

MrPromeyDec 07, 2018

This would probably be snacks and replacing a meal at some point in the day.

Captn EODec 07, 2018

Most likely a weakness in snack sales and RoL attendance. I know I have an appetite when I visit Disney but 7 snacks for one person is insane.

monothingieDec 07, 2018

Here’s an interesting question, why would they be doing this during what is conceivably the busiest week of the year? (December 22- Jan 2) Disney doesn’t just give discounts out of the of their hearts. Is something indicating a weakness at DAK?

WDW862Dec 07, 2018

This is actually a pretty good deal. (for Disney)

Tavernacle12Dec 07, 2018

This seems like it's theoretically a good deal if you were planning on seeing RoL and snacking all day anyways. AK does have some pretty good food outside the actual full serve restaurants. I also don't see anything preventing you from using the $30 for multiple people, and then having everyone else go to RoL standby.

CalmdownnowDec 06, 2018

On the limited information available, I can't see what this offering is offering. Does the deal just allow you to buy 7 snack-credit dishes for the price of 6 -- and if so, who would want to purchase 7 snacks for 1 person? Is alcohol included? (I could, maybe, imagine someone wanting to munch on 3 of these snack/tapas sized dishes whilst sinking a couple of cocktails and hanging around for the 2nd ROL showing). If it is being pitched as a mini EPCOT food booth browse, then offering the deal as a couple's night out with 2 ROL preferred seats would make more sense.

larryzDec 06, 2018

I guess it beats just stumbling around waiting for your FoP FP+...