Operating hours reduced for A Pirate's Adventure Treasures of the Seven Seas

Aug 01, 2017 in "A Pirate's Adventure - Treasures of the Seven Seas"

Posted: Tuesday August 1, 2017 9:51am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The operating hours for A Pirate's Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas at the Magic Kingdom have been significantly reduced.

New operating hours are 12pm to 6pm daily, down from the usual park open to near park close.

In A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas, guests use a pirate map and magic talisman to help them complete five different pirate raids throughout Adventureland. The goal is to help locate different Treasures of the Seven Seas and fight off pirate enemies like the Royal Navy and Captain Barbossa, among others. If guests help Captain Jack succeed in all the missions, they’ll be welcomed as part of his new crew. If not, they’ll face the wrath of the cruel sea – alone.

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tribbleorlflAug 08, 2017

Yeah, it's a fun little diversion to kill some time.

Kman101Aug 08, 2017

Never knew much about this, but reading the comments in here I may actually try it some day for something new to do.

Sonic SunglassesAug 07, 2017

Excellent question. I can see them closing up the treasure map shack, but not shutting down the game mechanics as a whole.

tissandtullyAug 07, 2017

FWIW, there are still demands for the cards, I have sold quite a few on eBay, and especially the exclusive party cards, I'm able to sell them for $25-35 each. To be clear, I didn't get them with intent to sell, but we don't really play it, so I figured might as well see if someone else wants them.

MichaelsonAug 07, 2017

Gotta say, this one bothered me enough that I actually wrote to Disney and complained. They sent back a friendly but standard reply that they were looking at things and should this change, they would let me know. Even if they'd just shift the hours to something like 2 to 9, it would be good, as this is SO much more fun after it gets dark. I mean, what self respecting Spanish ghost is going to shoot a cannon from the Spanish fort in broad daylight?!! The effects are SO much more effective and mysterious after dark, so this shut down at 6 is ludicrous!

doctornickAug 05, 2017

Haven't played this myself, but as long as you sign up before it closes, couldn't you still play into the evening? I would guess you won't get the FP+ for completing it, but you can still play right?

dreamfinderAug 04, 2017

Thank Wall St. Next time you hear a new story about record gains, it's due to cost cutting all over the place to make the numbers look better for Wall St. WDW isn't hitting numbers for whatever reason, so mgmt gets told to trim by a few % to hit those forecasts. Customer experience be darned, when Iger was told that the parks would show revenue of X, and they are a few million short, pull stuff back FYE to make your numbers.

21stampsAug 03, 2017

We did too! Played this and Sorcerer's of the MK.. loved both of them.

RumrunnerAug 03, 2017

Seems to be a lot of cutting back at Disney. Cutting hours limiting extended hours esp at MK. Disney needs to show the patrons they value our support.

dreamfinderAug 03, 2017

They kinda have a low tech/low risk version of this through Disney Florist. Launched a year ago to the day. http://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/star-tours-3d/news/03aug2016-disney-launches-a-500-star-wars-augmented-reality-experience.htm

Sonic SunglassesAug 03, 2017

Those are the times we experienced as well. Crowd levels will skew things, of course.

bhg469Aug 03, 2017

I would sell an organ to have more experiences like this. A star wars one would be incredible.

rreadingAug 03, 2017

It can be as succinct as 5 minutes on some maps, even with an 8yo; others could take 20-25min the first time through. It's really creative how it's done and really worth trying!

Captain BarbossaAug 03, 2017

Not that it matters, but how long does one adventure usually take? Just asking out of pure curiosity.