'A Frozen Holiday Wish' Castle Dreamlights installation begins

Sep 10, 2019 in "A Frozen Holiday Wish"

Posted: Tuesday September 10, 2019 8:34am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Halloween season has only just got underway, but the Magic Kingdom is already turning its attention to the Christmas holiday season.

A crane is now in position behind Cinderella Castle to begin the installation of the Castle Dreamlights for the Frozen Holiday Wish show. During the work, the walkway alongside the castle is restricted, and the crane may be visible from Main Street U.S.A.

When complete, Cinderella Castle is covered in more than 200,000 white LEDs to produce a brilliant lighting effect.

A Frozen Holiday Wish starts November 8 2019 alongside the beginning of the holiday season at the Magic Kingdom.

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TouchdownSep 19, 2019

You really have to look for them to see them in person and they only show up in pictures if your really close. Besides liking the aesthetic I’ll take WDWs lights and how they look during the day and in October over Disneyland, all my Halloween shots from last year had snow on the castle and their iscles are really ugly during the day.

ToTBellHopSep 19, 2019

Unfortunately they only have one guy putting them up, and...

danlb_2000Sep 19, 2019

It is still there

cowelljSep 18, 2019

Is this crane gone yet? How long does this take?

ag3_treSep 12, 2019

all I care about is getting a fresh coat of paint on those turrets after these lights come down, they're looking PRETTY dry. Sleeping Beauty Castle looks amazing in person after its refurbishment, and I can't help but think of how much more impressive our castle would look with some extensive TLC 🥺

Brad BishopSep 11, 2019

The problem with embedding them into the castle is that, much like snow which the LEDs are trying to replicate, it is supposed to cover and hang off the castle (icicles). I think that the crane is bad show and having the LED lights covering the castle during the Fall (Halloween) is also bad show, even though they're off. Yes, they look OK when lit up for the Christmas holidays but until that time they're in the way, as is the crane. I much prefer the Disneyland treatment of their castle. The overall decorations look better than just covering everything with lights.

Smiley/OCDSep 11, 2019

Fiber optics are A) not bright enough and B) you have to kook at them "dead on" to get the brightest light. permanent LED's should last about 10 years, but people will complain when lights are out.

fngoofySep 10, 2019

I'm not saying they will do this, just that they could come up with a better solution (than using a crane for 3wks) to something that is going to happen every year. I think if they used a combination of LEDs and projection it would look just as good and would go up much faster.

TouchdownSep 10, 2019

Can’t we just rewrite the show to have Cinderella welcoming Elsa to her castle and Elsa giving her a “gift” for Christmas? I like Elsa doing it, love the projection portion but agree Cinderella should be part of it. Also instead of Olaf, why not have Fairy Godmother and Elsa combining their power to ice the castle (have FGm yell Bibbdy Boppedy Boo right before the practical lights and fireworks start)

cowelljSep 10, 2019

How long will the crane be there? How long does this take?

ToTBellHopSep 10, 2019

Well Epcot’s heart has indeed been frozen. Is that the premise of Frozen 2?

disney4life2008Sep 10, 2019

I will give you that much but she should light up epcot.

ToTBellHopSep 10, 2019

Elsa making the castle icy is one of the only appropriate usages of Frozen I’ve seen in the parks.

disney4life2008Sep 10, 2019

Why??? Bring back Cinderella Wish Show. Frozen is tragic