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How To Make The Most Out Of Walt Disney World Guest Services

Brooke Schuldt

By Brooke Schuldt, Aug 19, 2016

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It’s no secret that Walt Disney World goes above and beyond to provide services for their guests. They even teach a class about it. But there are some much-needed services that even the more experienced guest may not know about. With ticket prices rising, you deserve to get the most out of your vacation. Check out our list of Walt Disney World services that could change the way you experience the parks.

Day-Of Reservations

Not sure where to eat dinner at the parks? You can make reservations as early as the very same day you plan to dine by visiting the guest relations building at any of the parks. They can tell you which restaurants have tables open at the times you wish to eat and put in a reservation for you, so that all you have to do is show up during your time slot for your meal. This is a great way to grab last minute tables at popular restaurants on property that tend to fill up months in advance, because you can take advantage of someone else’s last minute cancelation.

Baby Care/Supplies

Disney knows that traveling with little ones can be tough, which is why each park has a specific baby care location, complete with changing tables, diapers, a change of clothes, food, nursing rooms, and rooms with televisions and toys to calm down cranky babies. It is a little known service that Disney offers, but a great find for parents that forget something at the hotel room, don’t want to nurse in public or on a public toilet, or just need a place for their kid to scream without getting some major side eye from other guests. Check your park map for an exact location.

First Aid Services

Anything from paper cuts to headaches can be treated at the first aid station located in every park. There are nurses on site during park hours to administer bandaids, over-the-counter medicines, and other quick services for guests. This is an important thing to take note of in the park, since you never know when you may need medical help. Check your park map for an exact location.

Merchandise Shipping

Disney parks offer some great places to shop, but it is incredibly annoying to carry all of your shopping bags around the park with you. That’s why stores in all of the parks offer alternative options for guests making large purchases, like sending your items to the front of the park for pick up at the end of your day, sending your items to your hotel room if you are staying on property, or shipping them to your home address if your purchases are too large to travel home with you. If you take advantage of any of these offers, make sure to keep your receipt just in case.

Celebration Buttons

Everyone who has ever been to a Disney parks know that you get way more special treatment when you are wearing a celebration button, which is why all guests should consider picking one up from a guest relations cast member.

Disney World Celebration Buttons
Disney World Celebration Buttons

You can get buttons celebrating birthdays, general celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, first visit, and family reunions. Cast members are trained to call you out and provide small, special services for guests with buttons, like giving them a shout out in line or using them or audience participation.

Services for Guests with Disabilities

Walt Disney World prides themselves on providing guests with disabilities the best possible services to ensure that they enjoy the parks with ease, so if you are traveling with someone who may need assistance, make sure to talk to your hotel concierge or a guest relations cast member at every park. In addition to renting out motorized scooters and standard wheelchairs for guests, you can also get special cards that allow guests who are unable to wait on long lines access to shorter lines, advice on how to care for service animals in the parks, services and devices for the hearing or visually impaired, as well as other specialized services. Take a look at their services page on their website before traveling so you know what is available to you, and be sure to call ahead of time with any questions.


Though most people use their Magic Bands to pay for things, there are still ATMs located in every park and all over property for anyone in need of some cash. They accept a wide variety of credit cards and are usually owned by Chase, so anyone with any other card will have to pay a transaction fee in order to use the ATM.

Pin Binders

Only the most experience pin traders know about the guest relations pin binders, which are a treasure trove of rare Disney pins available for trading. There are binders available for guests to look through at every guest relations location in the parks, but you have to ask to see them since they are hidden backstage. It is a great way to get rid or repeat pins.

Lobby Concierge

The front desk at a Disney resort can offer more than just checking in and checking out guests. You can also exchange foreign currency, make reservations, buy park tickets, cash out traveler’s checks, make transportation arrangements, and ask to use one of their lock boxes. They also can ship anything that doesn’t fit into your suitcase, which is a service that you don’t think you’ll need but probably will.

International Services

Visiting the parks from outside of the United States? The guest relations cast members at every park can provide park maps in various languages, translation devices, help with making reservations and purchasing tickets, exchange foreign currency, and help to find and guest that are lost in the park. Make sure to stop by a guest relations booth early in your stay to ensure that your vacation is hassel-free from the start, and check out their website to see what other services may help you enjoy your stay.

Brooke Schuldt

Brooke Schuldt

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