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How to Beat the Heat in Walt Disney World

Brooke Schuldt

By Brooke Schuldt, May 01, 2018

WDWMAGIC Contributor

Whether or not you are visit Disney World in the middle of the summer or during the holiday season, it can get crazy hot down in Florida. Sure, they sell those misting fans at every souvenir shop and you may get the occasional breeze, but if you are exploring the parks from morning until night, you need to get creative about how you keep cool on property.

These are our tried and true travel hacks for beating the heat is Disney, from getting free water all day long to strategically utilizing water rides and air conditioned places. Before you step foot outdoors, you might want to take note of these helpful tips.

Try Cool Towels

We were skeptical of these, because we have all seen those towels that you dip in water and hang around your neck. Cool Towels however, are a brand new technology and ready to go right out of the packet. There is no need for water or any other preparation. You just take them out of the pouch, shake, and place anywhere on your body to get cooling relief. We tested them out at Disney's Animal Kingdom in 90F temperatures, and just as we hit that point of wishing for nothing more than to jump in a swimming pool of cool refreshing water, we pulled out the Cool Towel and felt instantly cooler and refreshed. Best of all, they are resealable and reusable - ours lasted the full day in the park.

They sell for around $18 for a pack of 3, and you can buy them online at

Make the most of your free refill privileges

Besides bringing your own water bottle to the parks, free refills can help you keep cool. After walking around and standing in the heat all day, you’ll need water or at least a cold beverage to keep you going. Disney charges a lot for water bottles, so make sure to bring your own, and you can fill them up at any water fountain throughout the park. In order to use a beverage station in a restaurant, you have to buy a drink there, so we recommend asking for a cup of water with your quick service meal. They shouldn’t charge you for it, and since you have the proper cup, you can go to the beverage station and refill your water as many times as you want.

Visit water rides periodically throughout the day

Especially hot days are the perfect time to get soaked on a water ride. There aren’t many water rides in the four main parks, so this may mean that you’ll have to ride them multiple times in a day to cool yourself off. Keep in mind that these rides, like Kali River Rapids and Splash Mountain, are especially popular on intensely hot days, so get Fast Passes in advance and snag new Fast Passes when you use up your allotted three. That way, your time standing on the outdoor que line is limited.

Scatter the indoor, air-conditioned rides throughout the day

There are more indoor rides than water rides, so anything that takes place inside will be your favorite activity on a hot day. Alternate indoor shows, rides, and eateries throughout your day and those times when you have to wait on an outdoor que line for a ride won’t be as frustrating.

Scrap your original day plan and head to the water park

When is doubt, hit up the water park. There are two great water parks on property, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, and they each have pretty much the same attractions. Where you decide to go depends on the theme you would most like to experience. Blizzard Beach’s story is that of a ski resort that has melted in the Florida heat to become a winter themed water park, while Typhoon Lagoon is a tropical island that has been hit by a huge storm to create a water-filled wonderland.

Make ice cream a meal

This is debatably the most fun heat-beating option, because who doesn’t love fulfilling their childhood dream of eating ice cream for dinner? You can find ice cream shops all over Disney property, their best one by far is Beaches and Cream Soda Shop, a 1950’s –themed shop in Disney’s Beach Club Resort. It has gorgeous beach views, and most importantly, the original Kitchen Sink, a mega ice cream masterpiece with at least 8 scoops of ice cream, every topping they have, and an entire can of whipped cream. It serves four, but we wouldn’t judge you for eating the whole thing yourself. You should also try the new Ample Hills Creamery - check out our first look.

Brooke Schuldt

Brooke Schuldt

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