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Reader rating Reader rating 6.9 / 10
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"Would not stay here again"
Reviewed on May 10, 2015 by PenPan
Rating: 6  
I stayed here with my adult daughter for four nights starting 4/30/15. We were in the Ranchos 6B. The room was worn out and depressing. We were given misinformation at the front desk regarding a package which we had shipped to our room. The ice machine on our floor was never working, but the ground floor ice machine was working. We saw a roach in our bathroom. The towels were very worn out. Housekeeping had left a bag of dirty linens and a bag of trash in the breezeway, and in the middle of the night we were awakened by animals going through it. In the morning there was trash scattered all over. I've stayed in WDW over ten times, in Deluxe, Moderate, and Value resorts, and until now I've never been anything but delighted. I've never had an experience like this. Very disappointing.

The bus service was great. We did visit the gift shop and it was very nice. We didn't use the pool or any of the restaurants.
"Beautiful resort, OK room"
Reviewed on Oct 14, 2014 by Texas84
Rating: 8  
I only gave this an 8 because of the room. It was very clean and everything was functional but it just didn't match the first class look of the resort. The bath/shower was in its own room and very spacious which is a nice change from most hotels. But the sink area was cramped and right next to the clothes hangars. And there was no stopper in the sink basin so I had to I had to improvise to fill it up for my shave. The bed was very comfortable and the Wifi worked great. Plenty of outlets for gadgets. One strange thing: The door lock mechanism would make a noise every once in a while as if it was unlocking. When I first heard it I thought someone was coming in. It woke me up once.

But the resort is simply beautiful. The CMs are fantastic, from the front desk to housekeeping and the Pepper Market. Loved the Pepper Market. Got up at dawn for breakfast each day after a nice walk from the Casitas. My only complaint is they give you way too much food! One evening I had a build your own chef salad and they really piled on the toppings. I was waiting for the CM at check-out to weigh it but they don't. Just a flat rate! Minor complaint: I wanted a resort souvenir and there was nothing in the store. I really wanted a logo polo.

Transportation is not bad. There are four stops including the main building. One day my bus did have to skip stop 3 because we were full. I don't think I waited more than 15 minutes each day.
"very nice!"
Reviewed on Jun 20, 2014 by pcarathers
Rating: 8  
We stayed here and thoroughly enjoyed it. The main swimming pool was very nice! we had 3 rooms for 10 people. We were on the back side of the resort and the walk to the main building was quite a haul, but we were close to a bus stop which was more important to us. We did not care for the food court process, but I believe it has since been changed. it was rather confusing, but the food was good! all in all, it was a BEAUTIFUL resort and we would stay here again in a second!
"My Favorite Resort"
Reviewed on Sep 29, 2013 by SueJer
Rating: 10  
We have stayed at Coronado Springs Resort twice. The staff was wonderful. We stayed in the Cabanas last time in August for our 52nd Anniversary... A short walk to the Dig pool. I read some of the reviews and I am not sure we stayed at the same resort... I don't know what people are looking for.... We were on the Disney Dining Plan.. We ate breakfast at the Pepper Market. Our server was so great... The food was very good.. We had dinner one night at The Maya Grille... It was amazing. We enjoyed every minute of our stay. Our room was very clean, walking was great...I can't say enough about our stay. We have been to Caribbean Beach... Very nice, but I did like Coronado Springs better. We even had Gelato at Cafe Rix on our snack plan. Yummy.. When you stay at a Disney Resort you have to expect prices to be a little higher, that is why we took the DDP...
"Great Stay at CSR"
Reviewed on Jul 11, 2013 by Pooh'sBuddy
Rating: 9  
We stayed at CSR June 5th to June 9th before switching resorts. From check in to leaving the Resort, our stay was great. We arrived in the evening and checked in with a very sweet and helpful CM from France. He pulled our reservation immediately and showed me that we were placed in Casitas. I told him we requested Ranchos to which he replied, "But this is a preferred room." I took their room placement and his response as trying to be as kind and well meaning, but I told him we wanted to be near the Dig Site Pool. He immediately called and had us moved into Ranchos Bldg. 7B in Room 7668.

We didn't eat at Pepper Market or at Maya Grill.

It was pretty, clean and comfortable, around the corner from the stairs and very near the Cabanas (I think) bus stop which is exactly what we wanted. The grounds were well maintained. Once we understood the lay of the land, getting around was easy for us.

The buses were prompt most of the time (but late buses can happen anywhere), and the Resort is centrally located so that drive time was minimal to the Parks.

The Resort is beautiful, and I would recommend it highly to anyone.
Reviewed on Jun 19, 2013 by Mark Farrar
Rating: 9  
"Disappointed after staying at other Disney properties"
Reviewed on Jun 19, 2013 by J Bishop
Rating: 2  
First off, the grounds of the Coronado Springs Resort are fabulous and the rooms were on par with the rooms we have had at other Disney resorts. Where my disappointment lies is with the Pepper Market and the way they handle the Quick Service Dining Plans. We have previously stayed at the Caribbean Resort and Port Orleans. We always get the Quick Service Dining Plan which generally works in the following manner: You enter the dining area and there are several stations with different types of food ranging from pasta/pizza to sandwiches and burgers and even steak and chicken. You pick your meal a desert and a beverage and then you go through the check out line where the appropriate number of meals are deducted from your meal plan. The food in the past has been awesome. With custom gourmet burgers and freshly prepared pasta dishes to name a few. There are also multiple beverage bars throughout the dining hall to refill you cup with. Well we have just returned from 7 nights at the Coronado Springs and the dining was the worst I've ever experienced. First off, you have to wait to be seated somewhere within the dining area. So you have no say in where you will sit. They also tend to clump you in certain areas depending on their staffing level. So if you eat in the evening after a day at the park you will likely get seated in a corner of the dining hall with 5 other families at the tables around you while the rest of the dining hall sits empty. You then get a card to go to the individual stations to get your food. Each station appears to be staffed by one individual unlike at the other resorts we've stayed at where the appropriate staffing levels are maintained. It took my daughter 20 minutes to get a simple fettuccine alfredo. It also doesn't appear that people from other stations can step in and lend a hand if their individual station isn't busy at the moment. I didn't have a single "fresh" meal any of the times we ate at the Pepper Market as some portion of it had been made ahead of time. At the burrito station the cook pre-made about 5 orders of quesadillas while he was making my burrito and then set them plated on the grill. While I was waiting for my burrito (about 10 minutes) someone came up and ordered a quesadilla and the cook gave him one that had been sitting on the grill for the past 10 minutes. One other night after we got caught in a downpour at Hollywood Studios we came back to the hotel and instead of drag soaking wet kids to the dining hall we ordered 2 pizzas to take back to the room. They made the supreme fine but forgot to make the cheese so they made it and took it into the back room to use some other type of oven. Needless to say, the crust wasn't cooked all the way nor was the cheese and it was barely warm at all. The biggest insult though of the dining at the Pepper Market comes when you are presented your bill. Your server, who up to this point has maybe brought you a drink since there aren't any self-service drink stations in the dining area, will bring you your bill. Remember that the food is priced high since it is a resort with the bill averaging $50 - $60 for a family of 4. Well on the bill is the suggested gratuity of 20% or 28%. I find this disgusting since the server has basically only brought a few drinks. Remember that YOU have to go to the food stations and order your food and wait while it is prepared and then bring it back to your table. One night I sent my receipt with no tip as I had planned on leaving a cash tip of a few dollar but not the suggested 20+%. The waitress had the gall to bring back the ticket and point out that I had neglected to indicate the tip. I seriously hope that the rest of the Disney resorts have not gone to this style of dining because if they have we will probably stay off property in the future.
"Great stay!"
Reviewed on Jun 18, 2013 by Oct. 1 - 7, 2012
Rating: 7  
First time I have ever stayed at a DW resort for a family vacation. Check-in was fast and smooth and all staff was very friendly. Rooms were clean and comfortable for a Moderate Resort. Never made it to the lobby to fill the complimentary refill mugs because I was located in Cabana 8B and I wasn't willing to walk or get the car just to fill up a mug of coffee every morning. Pool was beautiful and the kids loved it. I found it to me well located centrally to all the parks to make it convenient to bounce around from park-to-park every day for a week. Would absolutely stay there again.
"Great Resort!"
Reviewed on Jun 10, 2013 by emcclay
Rating: 10  
CSR is a family favorite. The atmosphere is fantastic! Nothing like a nice stroll around Lago Dorado in the early morning to watch the sun rise. I suppose many people complain about the "size" of CSR. Honestly, you do way more walking in WDW than you think. If walking is a problem, rent a scooter. This may be a resort for the more 'health conscious' guest as frequently in the morning you see people utilizing the walk-ways for jogging/running/walking. The rooms are CSR are big! You even get privacy doors between the bedroom and bathroom. No cheap curtain like at the other moderates! I have rarely, if ever heard other guests from inside any room I have stayed at. Once, when I was on the ground floor, I heard a kid running upstairs - that's it. Bus service is great and with its central location, does not take long to get anywhere on property. Pepper Market is a great deal for breakfast. Get your food "to-go" and sit out by Lago Dorado. You'll see turtles and fish in the lake!I don't know if some people are just trying to give CSR a bad name or what. But, it really is a beautiful resort.
"Loved it!!!!!"
Reviewed on Jun 08, 2013 by copcarguyp71
Rating: 9  
We stayed at CSR in 2012 in the Cabanas buildings. We absolutely loved this resort! The grounds are beautiful and my daughter and I enjoyed an early morning walk every morning while the Mrs was putting her face on for the day. The staff gave excellent service and I would say their attentiveness was even better than the deluxe resorts we have stayed at. The rooms are a little lacking in color and theme but we liked the fact that there are actual doors between the bedroom and bathroom areas. I never understood why a shower curtain in this capacity is in any way acceptable at other mods. The pool area....WHOA! In my opinion this is second only to Stormalong Bay at Beach Club but the huge difference in cost per night more than makes up for that. The pool is beautiful in theme as well as landscaping and layout. The water slide is tons of fun and they have kids activities all day long. Although we did not take advantage of it they have the largest hot tub on Disney property here. Bus service is great as the resort does not share busses with any others. There are four bus stops on the resort so the size of the resort does not detract from walking distances or crowding in our experience. The main buildings and dining are all very nice as well. Lobby and gift shop are great and the Pepper Market are all a grand slam in terms of themeing and quality. Nice outdoor patio area for dining and sitting in the evenings enjoying a drink from the outdoor bar area. In closing let me say that this is the ONLY resort we ever booked a return trip to. We usually like to keep trying new experiences but our trip was so great there that we re-booked for 2014 and have no doubt in our mind that our stay will more than live up to our expectations.
"One visit did it for me"
Reviewed on May 21, 2013 by DisneyDebNJ
Rating: 4  
We decided to do an impromptu second trip one year and due to limited room availability, wound up at the Coronado Springs Resort. That was my first mistake. The room is small, beds weren't comfortable at all and walls are very thin, (either that or we had very loud families staying on either side of us) The grounds are well kept, I say this because, I saw lots of the grounds, walked for what seemed to be atleast 3/4 mile to the lobby and to the pool. The food, just wasn't up to, what I would call Disney standards. The pool, was nice, but closed early. The wait for the bus to any where, was LONG. Just not for me or my family.
"Not a favorite of the resorts"
Reviewed on Jan 06, 2013 by Texas family
Rating: 5  
We have been to several wdw resorts & this was our least favorite. We enjoyed Caribbean beach, All Stars, Port Orleans Riverside. This resort had nice sized rooms & a good staff, but everything about the place was not appealing. The other resorts were beautiful, Inside & out. Coronado springs was just ok. We will never go back there even for a discount. Everything was inconvenient. Our room was so far from everything & we were exhausted after dealing with crowds & standing in lines all day. Who wants to walk that far just to get a drink or snack? We finally started driving to the front & saw others doing that too. The snack stand was not nearly as nice as the other resorts we have stayed & the restaurant was ok. It was not up to the standards of the other hotels we have been to.... Nothing about it was as great as everything else Disney. We were disappointed.
"Okay, but Not for the Money"
Reviewed on Dec 21, 2012 by Kent
Rating: 3  
I stayed here last year and was a bit dissappointed. It was a beautiful resort, but it took forever to get checked in, and there was only one person ahead of me. Also, for such an expensive place, you would think they could get sheets that would fit the bed. I'm not tall at all, but the sheets were way too short to be comfortable.
"From good ... to ok"
Reviewed on Feb 27, 2012 by 
Rating: 4  
I've been to the Coronado Springs Resort six times, and I can tell you that you should have been there a few years ago. It's really hard to explain some of the changes, but I will try as best I can.

The most obvious change has been the food offered and served at the Pepper Market main restaurant. The bright and colorful spot used to serve some of the best food available at Disney. The list included Asian, a large grill selection, Italian (pasta and pizza), Mexican, and lovely pastries. The Asian was divine, some of the best I've ever had. The pizza was fresh and decadent. And the Mexican tasted true and was made fresh.

During our last stay (and by last I mean our Last ever stay at that hotel), they really REALLY cut down on a lot of their selections. The Asian food was gone, the grill served .. ok.. burgers, and the Italian had been heavily reduced. The centerpiece of the restaurant, the Mexican food, had turned to a TexMex taste. One out of the two times we ate there (After the first disappointing sit down we didn't want to return) we watched the chief prepare our nachos. The meat they used had been sitting there for a long time (we saw it sitting on the side of the grill when we entered and actually went to order twenty minutes later) and it had a strange pale color to the plate overall. We felt like the restaurant had been severely split up into Children, Adults, and TexMex food. The second time we ate at the restaurant, we almost all ended up getting food off the children's menu to play it safe. The only good thing I could say about the restaurant is that the only thing that has stayed good and normal through the years has been the pastries. Beside the food, the feel around the restaurant has changed dramatically. The servers and chefs all look dead and on one occasion were rude. Also, the price on food in the Pepper Market has increased dramatically. The quality of the food your paying for in the Pepper Market is not worth it AT ALL. I really hate downing this restaurant since it had such character and life back in the day, but now it's turned into a dull, lifeless, and tasteless place.

As much as I'd like things to stay the same, some of the layout of the hotel has also taken changed over the years. However, this isn't all that bad. They have taken out a gaming room in the main hotel area and replaced it with a small cafe. I want to make this very clear so if you do choose to stay at this hotel, you will remember this important tip. THAT CAFE HAS THE BEST FOOD IN THE WHOLE HOTEL. I don't know if the cooks from the main restaurant had migrated to the small cafe in the hallway leading to the main restaurant, but it is REALLY good food. They serve a lot of the food that the restaurant does since it had cut down on options. The food takes less time to get, and tastes soooo much better than anything you can get in the Pepper Market. They also serve better breakfasts than the Pepper Market does. Unlike the Pepper Market, the quality of the food here is DEFINITELY worth the price. Also, they have a soda fountain in here to quickly slip in and fill up that resort mug and slip out.

Overall, I really really really love the Coronado Springs Resort for it's layout and scenery. The Ancient Mexican theme is beautiful, so much that you feel like your there. There is also a lot of beauty to be discovered. If you do stay at this resort, plan on taking a walk at night through the resort's grounds. There is a whole different scenery at night than there is at day. The lights come on and you will see so much more of the resorts beauty, particularly the fountains. Every inch of the resort is masterfully set, so I suggest trying to look at all of it.

I would truly love to return to this resort, however with the food in the terrible condition it was in, I don't think that love will return. You can always stay at another resort and take a bus to go look around at the Coronado Springs scenery. However, food is a necessity and good quality or service cannot be acquired at this location. I hope my review doesn't push you away from the hotel, because it is truly beautiful. I feel, thought, that this is not a resort to pay extra money for anymore. I have had so many good memories here, so it is REALLY hard for me to criticize it so harshly. It just doesn't seem like the old Coronado I used to love.

Take a bus to go look at it, but don't pay to stay.
"Great Resort and Value"
Reviewed on Oct 04, 2011 by ugaadam13
Rating: 9  
My wife and I just got back from a recent 5 day trip from WDW. We stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort for the first time and truly enjoyed it. We have stayed at all the Moderate Resorts and the Coronado Springs is by far the best. The rooms are new, the grounds are beautiful and clean, the pool was nice, the gift shop had many great finds, and they had fantastic bar and quick bites. If you are driving to the parks, Coronado is extremely close to all of them with a quick 5 min drive. The only negative might be they have a lot of convention goers as it is a large convertion center. I would stay here again and recommend it to anyone looking to stay at a more cost effective Disney resort.
"Great resort!!"
Reviewed on Sep 17, 2011 by GoBeavs
Rating: 10  
My wife and I were not sure if we chose the right resort after we read some of the negative reviews about Coronado Springs. Boy were we glad we stayed there. We were a little worried when we ended up in the Ranchos section. It was a little walk to El Centro, but not bad and beautiful scenery all the way there. The main pool and our bus stop we very close to our room, and you could get food and fill your drink cup at the pool. We only went to the main part of the resort 3 or 4 times. Our room was perfect. We didn't go to Disney World to hang out in our room all day, so it was just what we needed. It was clean, the bed was very comfortable and the air conditioning kept it nice and cool. The maids made funny little towel creatures for us each day and gave us new towels, coffee, etc.. when we needed them. We ate at the Maya Grill and the Pepper Market. Both place were very good. All in all it was the perfect place for us to stay. I really didn't see any of the things that the people who wrote the negative reviews saw. Maybe they were written by Universal Studios employees trying to make Disney World look bad!!
"Corando Springs - will never stay there again"
Reviewed on Aug 29, 2011 by Gussie
Rating: 1  
So we planned for over a year to go to Disney World and we made the decision to stay in park for the very first time (I have been to Disney five other times since I was a child and never stayed in park) and we were so excited. However Coronado Springs is disappointing in every way. No one at the resort had that Disney "Magical" service. When we first arrived we were given our room and told we could take a "bus" to get there or we could walk. Our first thought was, "How big is this place?" Well our room was about 3/4 of a mile from the front desk and all of the ammenities and restaurants. When we finally were ready to leave for the parks, the bus stations were not clearly marked and the directions of "Oh it is just through there," were vague and not at all helpful. We were drenched and hungry. We had no place to go because we didn't wish to walk 3/4 of a mile in the pouring rain to get food. The kids choices in the menu at the Bell Pepper cafe are limited. Everything closes down at midnight so don't expect to be able to come back from the parks and get anything to eat. Our first maid did nothing magical to the room or the stuffed friends that my children accumulated. Our second maid did her best to add the magical touch and we appreciated it and tipped her well. The manager did move us on our fourth day after we complained about being so far away but that was about the most helpful the staff got. The night crew is awful. They gave us wrong information so many times, at one point, actually costing us money as they gave us the wrong information on the shuttles. The main pool is nice but the slide and all close down at ten. However they do leave the pool open till about five. We tried to get in in the morning but the one day we had time, it was closed for life guard training. The front desk was unaware of it and told us after we informed them of the training that it would be open at 10. So we got dressed and went to the game room to use our complinmentary 100 point card. (The games are fifty to one hundred points a piece!) By the time we were down at the pool at 8:45, it was open to everyone. So the front desk again gave us the wrong infortmation and we never got to use the pool with all of its amenities. The gift shop is nice but would be helpful if it actually had more basic necessities like a little make-up or brushes - the things you forget. The rooms have six small sock drawers which do not hold all of your clothes if you have a family of four, but as a bonus - we had someone else's underwear in our bottom drawer (BLAH!) The bathrooms are small. There is a changing room behind french doors where the sink is and that is huge but the toilet and shower are really clustered together so if you are claustrophobic - avoid the hotel all together. Oh and we needed to check out email and wanted to go to the business center, forget it! It is only open from 7 until 7 and they CHARGE you to use the computers. I have stayed in motels that have computer access for free. I spoke to other people at other resorts and they all shook their heads knowingly when I mentioned I was staying at the Coronado and that we were not happy. After staying at the Coronado, I am not sure that I will ever do another Disney Resort again.
Reviewed on Aug 02, 2011 by liloohana
Rating: 9  
We just arrived home yesterday, and I couldn't wait to post how much we loved CS!! It has so many mixed reviews, so I wanted to add to the positive! We requested a cabana near the parking lot (we drove), and were given EXACTLY what we wanted. We walked in and our room was clean, fresh, and comfortable. No dust anywhere, clean sheets (and mattress-I'm terrified of bedbugs), sparkly bathroom, and no stains on the carpet (our last Disney hotel was not the cleanest).
The grounds at Coronado are BEAUTIFUL!! The pool was wonderful as well, and in summer, they had the pool games, music, movies, and campfire, which made it feel like a family resort.
We were there 9 days, and 2 days the pool was slightly crowded, but the rest of the week, not too crowded.
I can see where conventioners may wish for better wifi, and may not like the larger grounds (I wouldn't want to walk superfar in my business attire in 95 degree heat), but for vacationers, it was ideal (and they do have golf carts to pick people up and bring to the main building).
The only downside is the food court-not as many drink options for the refillable mugs (my children wanted hot chocolate), and the "waiter" service-it's a very strange twist when you're getting your own food!
We've stayed in 8 resorts, and this is one of our top two!!
"The best vacation!!"
Reviewed on Jun 27, 2011 by 
Rating: 10  
I loved coronado springs resort. I stayed for 23 days and everything was perfect. I definitely recommend it. I had the best vacation of my life!!
Reviewed on Jun 14, 2011 by IRTSTARS
Rating: 1  
The experience that we had at this resort was almost enough to keep me from EVER staying on property again.

The staff was rude and unable to perform the most simple of tasks. They lost our paperwork, put us in dirty rooms (old food in the refrigerator / medications left in the bathroom / dirty showers /soiled linens / etc.) - which took them 3 days and 20 plus phone calls for them to clean, and even with a handicap adult and special needs children in tow, they placed us in the furthest building possible (from the main reception area). It should be said, we had 4 rooms on this trip and all 4 rooms were equally as distgusting, so this wasn't a fluke thing.

I would not suggest that anyone ever stay here b/c you will spend more time on the phone trying to get the staff to do their jobs and clean your room, then you will in the Parks.

Save your money and stay at one of the value level resorts where the people are actually excited to help your family enjoy their trip, or bump up to a resort on the Monorail (worth the money for the convenience of the monorail - I suggest the Grand Floridian, or Polynesian).
"horrible horrible horrible"
Reviewed on Jun 04, 2011 by whimsypops
Rating: 1  
This was the only part of our FIRST Disney trip that was bad. The service was horrible. Our phone was broken the first night we arrived, room service took two hours to get to us and it was cold and nasty when it did arrive. Our room was filthy (the toilets had not been cleaned before we arrived). The Pepper Market restaurant had the worst service I have ever experienced and the food was disgusting. We experienced random power outages throughout the room, different places each time it happened. And, we had a spider infestation that we complained about on numerous occasions, only to be told they were harmless and not to worry about them. Both my daughter and myself woke up a couple of mornings with bites on our legs and feet from "something" under the covers with us... needless to say, I didn't sleep very well there. I would give this resort a definite F on the grading scale. I would NEVER stay here again and I am telling everyone about my experience to save them from the same disappointment.
"Very Very Displeased"
Reviewed on Jul 07, 2010 by wattpup
Rating: 1  
The first day one of the employees went out of their way to help us get into our room "that was a good thing. After that, we were trying to find our way around the resort only to get rude and quick answers from 2 of the employees. We asked about the location of the arcade and her hand shot up in the air and she said over there "never stopped walking". The other question was answered with a I Don't Know. Service in the dining area was not the greatest. This was the same for 6 different meals. After leaving the resort, I was about 45 minutes away and noticed that I left my favorite hat hanging in the room. I quickly called room service and was told. IF we can get it, you will have to pay shipping back to your home. No problem, I expected to pay. We will call you back. Never got a call. Called again the next day, We will check and call you back. It's been 2 weeks now and my phone has not rang. I hope the employee that's wearing my $48.00 hat enjoys it because these 3 families are never staying at this so called resort again. At least call me and tell me you don't care. But Please Call.
Reviewed on Mar 02, 2010 by patch553
Rating: 8  
we stayed here in january 2010,when we got married at disneys wedding pavillion.the setting is beautiful,rooms are classy,the only down side for us was the dig site pool was closed!the hamocks over looking the lagoon provide a relaxing tranquil stop to chill
"Stayed for 8 nights from Oct-Nov"
Reviewed on Nov 12, 2009 by bolitho
Rating: 7  
Overall I was quite happy with the resort. One of the longest water slides at any of the resorts (I checked with the lifeguards, they said the only one that might compare is the one at the Yatch Club. Decent game room, bar right at the pool. Fairly large hot tub (I visited that daily :) ).

I saw many children there having a fantastic time, while it may not cater to children as much as some other resorts, it's certainly not bad for children.

I didn't check out the spa/health facilities, but they offer massages, facials, and all the other stuff along with exercise equipment.

Anything we called housekeeping for, we got within a reasonable amount of time. No complaints there.

When you check in, the agents don't tell you that you can have the bell hops drive you to your room. I asked for a ride so we could get a short tour about the property, the person who drove us was very happy to accommodate us and enthusiastic about showing us around, which helped us get oriented on the property as the resort is extremely large. They do provide maps, but it can still be a bit daunting.

The room was clean, the design was a bit odd with the sliding door, but it wasn't as bad as some people claim. I am an extremely large man and didn't have any issues so I don't get people's complaints, disney also gives you typical room layouts so you know you are getting a bit of an odd layout.

The resort was very quiet, it never really got noisy at all.

Bus service overall was pretty good, but on weekends tended to be somewhat sporadic. Our first day we say 3 downtown disney buses before one Hollywood studios bus. I liked the fact that our buses were typically not full, always plenty of room to sit down after a long day of walking. One time on our way to the Hoop dee doo review, the bus was empty except for us, the driver gave us a ride straight to the review instead of his original destination. That was wonderful.

The Gift store is huge. Most anything you need can be found there, and quite a few things you don't hehe.

Access to the Concierge desk was sporadic, typically understaffed when lots of people wanted to use it and overstaffed when no one was using it. I also think the desk needs to be open at least one hour later(preferably 2) than it is. If I had anything to complain about, it was this.
"One of our favorites!"
Reviewed on Sep 11, 2009 by JMagicFink
Rating: 8  
We have stayed at Coronado Sprins more than any resort on Disney property. The rooms are stripped down and not near as fancy and nice as the rooms in deluxe resorts. The pillows aren't that comfortable, so bring your own! I did. However, the resort is very beautiful and peaceful. People waiting at the bus stops is rare. We love the Pepper Market (food court). We have stayed in the Cabanas and the Ranchos parts of the resort. I prefer the Cabanas becuase they are closer to the lobby and have a sandy beach with hammocks. Ranchos are nice as well, but tend to be a longer walk.

The gift shop is huge and has everything you could possibly need. They have drinks, snacks, gifts, toys, everything! We have only had one single experience with a cast member being disgruntled. Everyone else at Coronado Springs has treated us very well.

There are a few negatives to this resort, but we don't let them bother us. To start with, the food is expensive and there are gratuities and things already added in. This is because the resort is home to conventioneers. Becuase of the conventioneers, though, the bus stops are empty and the resort seems peaceful and empty most of the time. :) The steak house restaurant there has changed. When we ate there in 2005, we loved our meal. Now, in 2009, it has changed to be more mexican authentic. It is no longer a steak house, and we recommend you avoid unless you enjoy that sort of thing. Our food wasn't very good, and our wonderful memory of the restuarant was ruined.

The resort has changed since our 2005 trip, but we still love it. A lot of things about this resort make our Disney trip very relaxed, and that's the way we like it!
"We love it here!"
Reviewed on May 15, 2009 by accord99cutie
Rating: 10  
Myself (F 23) and my DH (23) took our DD3 for her first WDW trip 4/29-5/6 and we absolutely loved it here! This was mine and DH's 3rd stay at Coronado Springs. Our DD LOVED the pool area! We had a renovated room adn the new room decor is just gorgeous! The fact that they are now queen beds rather than doubles was great since we are used to a queen at home! We loved the mornign walks from our room to El Centro and we had a short walk to the pool and bus stop. The busses were a bit off this trip but this was the slowest time we have ever been to Disney so it was fine by us to wait for 15 minutes for a bus as well as only 15 minutes for attractions at the park! because this is a convention resort there are less kids running around! It makes it much more relaxing! The few times you run into conventioneers does not make this resort feel any less "disney" to me! I just appreciate the resort for what it is!
Reviewed on Nov 20, 2008 by SchultzFamily
Rating: 10  
We have stayed seven times and have booked stay number eight for September 2009. Although we travel alone now, just hubby and I, this was always our kids favorite resort when they traveled with us too.

We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary at the CSR September 1 - 9. We were upgraded to a suite upon arrival and it was simply wonderful. We had balloons, autographed Mickey and Minnie pictures and a bouquet of flowers in our suite when we walked in. We were given robes for our length of stay and had turn down service every night. We received towel animals a couple of days (cute...but more for kids).

We love that the resort is spread out as we never feel as if we are on top of people and it is never noisy like it has been at the Contemporary and the values. We like the peacefulness of the resort. We don't mind walking from one end of the resort to the other as it is simply beautiful to look at the landscaping, etc. Hubby and I love taking a walk around the resort at night when we come back from the parks because it is simply beautiful with the lights reflecting off the lake and the fountains in the courtyards. I love sitting/lying in the hammocks in the morning drinking my morning cappucino.

We always stay in the Casitas (usually 4 or 5, but we were in 3 this time because of the upgrade to a suite). We like being near the quiet pool and the spa (which I take advantage of every trip). We enjoy having a nice fruity alcoholic beverage at Siestas at the main pool; we like watching other families little ones having a blast on the slide (we even tried it this year).

We love the Pepper Market for the variety. The new Rix Cafe has great take out options. I think Panchitos is one of hte largest gift shops at all of the properties.

We've had fantastic mousekeeping on every visit; very friendly and helpful CM's.

We have stayed at the Contemporary, Poly, All Star Sports (YUK) and the CSR. The only other Disney resort we hope to try one day is the AKL. We have no desire to stay anywhere else--no point in messing with a good thing in our opinion, plus with two boys in college, there is no justification for paying for a deluxe when CSR offers us everything we want (and now they've added queen beds on top of it and are getting all new furniture, carpet and televisions before our next visit).
"Nice resort - but not for kids"
Reviewed on Sep 28, 2008 by kj.melloan
Rating: 8  
Stayed at CSR 9/20/08 - 9/27/08. We have a family of 5; 3 boys (20 mo, 6 yr, 7yr)

Pros: The resort itself was very, very nice. Grounds were beautiful - quite a feast for the eyes. It was spread out and huge, as advertised. Rooms were nice and large enough for our family of 5 - we stayed at Pop Century last year and found it too small for 5. Mousekeeping was great! CM's were friendly. Bus service was great. Pool was fun for all.

Cons: We didn't like the fact that the resort was not Disney themed like PC. Went to the Maya Grill for dinner one night - bad idea. Food was very average at best and WAY overpriced - almost fell over when I looked at the bill. I would have been much more upset with the experience if I wasn't on the free dining plan.

Would not stay at this resort again as a family - maybe if it was just me and my wife. If not for the room size, my resort preference would definitely be PC.
"CoroNOTo Springs"
Reviewed on Aug 15, 2008 by cdr point luvr
Rating: 5  
Heavens to Betsy... Where to begin... This is a very beautiful, lushly landscaped resort which surrounds a large Florida lake (Lake Dorado); the exterior design of the resort reflects various themes of the American Southwest. The lobby is beautiful, with massive wood beams and Mexican-themed motifs, the cafeteria-style "Pepper Market" offers a wide selection of appealing foods (which sometimes look better than they taste), and the pool is one of the best at Disney, in my opinion, with a great Aztec-style pyramid as a backdrop. It is a conference hotel, and arguably attracts more adults traveling without their kids. The staff was helpful and attentive, which is what one would expect from Disney. There is a sit-down restaurant on the property as well which I have no experience with, as well as a nice Cantina where you can get drinks and chips.

What it boasts in appearances on the outside stands in stark contrast to what you'll find in your room. I would liken the Holiday Inn Express to be a "step up" from this "moderate" resort; it's more along the lines of a Comfort Inn - the basics are there, but that's it. You can pay more for a better view, but why would you? The Mousekeeping was OK, but one of my huge pet-peeves was that they did not use fitted bedsheets, as a result, I would always wake up sleeping on the bare mattress (eww!). I hated the sink area and the shower/toilet area was separated by a sliding door that did not close completely without effort. The entire decor, themed again to the southwest, looked old and tired. The walls were dirty and it looked like someone had smeared boogers on the wall and one of Mickey's helpers didn't bother (or notice) to clean them off. It was totally gross and the only reason I would stay there again was if all the other "rooms at the inn" were full. Unlikely.

High Points: Lush exterior, great pool, beautiful lobby and restaurant area
Low Points: Dirty, stifling rooms

Would I stay there again: Not if I had other options, but it's still better than staying off property.

Reviewed on Jun 19, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
really nice, reminds me of the hotel del corando we stay at when were in the area in california
overall great food and pool
Reviewed on May 31, 2008 by RachelP6877
Rating: 10  
Beautiful, spaced out great pool, Food, reaaly felt like you were "away" in mexico, less kids then other resorts(we were on honeymoon) awe have been to all mod resorts and by far this tops them all !!!!
"Great experience"
Reviewed on Jan 05, 2008 by Spaceship_Rob
Rating: 9  
Our computer-geek conference was held in the Coronado Springs resort. Our room faced the lake and we could see the Epcot fireworks from our balcony in the evening. For a moderate resort, the room was nicely-sized, a bit bigger than the rooms at the Carribean Beach Resort. The Mousekeeping was fine, no problems at all.

Check in was painless. The concierge desk was helpful in finding us dining reservations at the parks.

Bus service to the parks was great. We never waited more than 10 minutes for a bus to any of the parks. Coronado Springs is a large resort and when there is a conference, the buses tend to get crowded. I noticed that our stop was the busiest of any resort in all the parks.

The conference area was nice. It was a positive conference experience.

The only nit-picking I'll do was with the Pepper Market, which we found to be very expensive for the quantity and quality of food purchased. The choices were endless and everyone in our group found something that they wanted to eat, but the bill was high for what we got.
"It's soso"
Reviewed on Jan 02, 2008 by photoflight
Rating: 6  
We just returned from a four-day stay - our first at Coronado Springs.

The good: the hotel grounds and common buildings are typical Disney. First-class seasonal decorations, immaculate grounds, flowers, and architecture. The areas around the central lake are made to look like a tropical beach, hammocks and all. There are four bus stops for the Disney Transportation system, all seemed within a reasonable walk from any of the rooms. Check-in was quick, easy, accurate, and flawless. Finding the room was a breeze, and parking was only a short walk to our normal two-bed room.

The so/so: Our room was average, at best. Disney made an attempt to continue the hotel theme into the room, but that amounts to nothing more than brightly colored furniture, shower curtains, and warm colored walls. The bathroom was less than average in size, even my girlfriend (who is rather small in stature) continually hit her elbows maneuvering in the space allotted. We had a door connecting with our neighboring room (which seems to be the norm at the rooms we’ve stayed in at Disney), which means a little more noise if your neighbors happen to have young children. Even so our room was very, very quiet. To be fair these rooms weren’t meant to be luxury accommodation. Ours was comfortable and was a quiet place to rest until the next day – but overall it was on-par with a well-kept motel.

The bad: Within seconds of entering the room we were hit with an odor that forced me to check whether we’d been given a smoking room…then I realize there are no longer smoking rooms available! Be forewarned, now that all rooms are “no smoking” you may be stuck with a room that was previously a “smoking” room.

The Pepper Market: We ate three times in the “Pepper Market” restaurant. Disney’s literature describes it as their “…colorful Mexican market.” The food there is decent at typical Disney prices, but nothing to go out of your way for. The wait staff seats you in no particular spot (or in an area you request), then will bring drinks from the self-serve drink fountain. Food is almost totally self-serve slightly better than a typical cafeteria. You grab a tray, find what you want, the kitchen staff puts it on a plate, and you carry it back to your table. For this level of “service” you’re stuck with an obligatory 10% “service” charge.

Busses: This hotel offers the free “Disney Transportation” bus service and is generally convenient – but the wait times were excessive based on our experience at other hotels. For example, one night at the Disney MGM (now Hollywood) Studios we saw three busses pick-up a handful of people for the “Old Key West” resort in the period it took for a single bus to start loading a seemingly endless line of people for Coronado Springs. I’m not knocking the hotel for this, but the large size of the hotel complex might sometimes result in longer wait times during peak periods.

In Summary… whenever comparing the prices and quality of the on-property hotels and the off-property hotels you have to look at the big picture. Ours was an average room (that frankly could have used some paint and updating) in a well decorated block of motel rooms. The premium money paid to Disney buys you free parking or the bus service, plus extra magic hours. During the Christmas season though, it was quite a bit more money than our usual off-property favorite. For the right price I’d stay again, but will I pay a premium to stay during a peak time? No chance!
"nov 24-dec 1"
Reviewed on Dec 10, 2007 by amajac167
Rating: 3  
We checked in on nov 24, got there about 12:00 and our room was ready. We thought this was a good sign. We were given a map to our room (we should have packed a lunch for the journey) I think we had the furthest room from the main building. We got to our room opened the door and were assaulted by a "funky" odor, we called mousekeeping they sprayed a deodorizer and it was better (not gone but better). The good thing was we were close to bus stop 3. Sunday we went to the food court for breakfast, wife and i had bacon, eggs, home fries, our 2 kids each had waffles. went to pay bill was around $ 50.00!!! food was good but not that good. We would have done better at a character breakfast. spent the rest of the day at the parks. The main pool was beautiful not that bad of a walk to our room either The pool snack shack was good prices more reasonable. walked to pepper market to buy some supplies for breakfast for the rest of the week...to eat in our room. Found out they have transportation to and from rooms nobody told us about that when we checked in and we carried our carry on bags all that distance, never saw the transport carts again for the rest of the week. One morning the toilet would not flush, called maintenance they repaired it while we were at the parks. Got back to our room about 11:00 to get ready for bed I went outside for a minute my wife runs out saying the toilet was shooting out the flush handle by this time we just wanted to sleep so I readjusted it my self...did not want to wait for maintenance. The place was did not seem busy most of the week did not have neighbors most of the time. I think they could have given us a closer room. All in all we had a great vacation we were only at our room to sleep and shower. I will not stay at this property again, in 2004 we stayed at the Carribean Beach and thought that was a lot better.
"Our Favorite Disney Resort"
Reviewed on Oct 01, 2007 by SchultzFamily
Rating: 9  
We just love the Coronado. We arrived around noon on September 1 and waited about ten minutes to be checked in. We gave our information, showed our drivers' licenses', etc. While they were checking to see if our room was ready, they noticed that we were there celebrating my 50th birthday. As we were dealing with someone who was training with check-in, the CM who was helping her asked us to wait a minute...she had to go check something. She came back with birthday balloons, a birthday card and special "gold key cards." Our room was not ready, but they indicated it should be within the hour. We told them we would go eat lunch and then call to see if our room was ready.

We went to the Pepper Market for a lite lunch (we were going to Emeril's for dinner at Universal's City Walk at 5:30 and didn't want to eat too much. My husband had a turkey sandwich and I had a ceasar salad...average. While we were eating lunch, it started to pour. By the time our room was ready, it was down to a mere drizzle and we got our luggage out of the car and took it to our room to unpack. We were in Casitas 5 with a water view...exactly as we had requested. We were in a corner room on the first floor (I jokingly asked my husband if he thought they put us on the first floor because I was turning 50 and they were afraid I couldn't handle the stairs!). We had a great view of the Lake and had a hammock right outside our door. Walking to El Centro, Pepper Market, the Dig Site took no more than 5-7 minutes. We were often asked if we wanted a ride on one of the golf/luggage carts that go around the resort, but we always turned it down...we enjoy the walking. While we were unpacking, there was a knock at the door and a basket of chocolates, wine and two Mickey etched wine glasses were delivered for my birthday. We also had turndown service for our bedding every night.

We were close to the quiet pool which we really enjoy. It's not that we don't enjoy the Dig Site pool, we just prefer the more quiet area. We never used the buses because we always rent a car. But we never saw a crowded bus leaving or entering the resort.

The Pepper Market food is average to above average depdning on what you order. We have never had an issue with any of the food (although I'm personally not crazy about the breakfasts). The first time we stayed here they were very helpful in explaining the way it is set-up, how it works, etc. Now we consider ourselves pros on the workings of the Pepper Market. We have only had breakfast at the Maya Grill once so we can't really offer any thoughts on it.

Mousekeeping was great. Just about every day we would go to a park for extra morning hours and then come back to the resort for a nap/swim. Each time we did, our room had already been cleaned. They left extra shampoos, lotions and soaps every day. We received a lovely "kissing swans" towel animal in our window the second day we were there that I absolutely loved.

We love this resort because there are not a lot of kids running around. Believe me, we have nothing against kids...we have two of our own (although they are now 21 and 19). But after being at the park all day, we like the quietness that is afforded at the Coronado. For those who worry about the convention people that may be there, here is our thoughts. In all the years we have stayed at the Coronado, once was there a "boisterous" group of conventioneers...they were very loud when they would walk to or from the convention center. But they never bothered us at the pool or anywhere else.

We were thinking of staying at the Polynesian next year for our 25th anniversary as cost is not that big of an issue for us. However, after our many stays at the Coronado, we have decided this is just our favorite resort and we have no desire to stay anywhere else. So we will be back at the Coronado from September 1 - 9, 2008 and can't wait.

"An amazing resort!"
Reviewed on Sep 16, 2007 by accord99cutie
Rating: 10  
My fiance and I stayed at CSR aug 7th-13th. The resort was absolutely beautiful! Check in was very quick, we got there at about 12:30, and our room was not ready yet, but we went to the pool, had a few drinks, and by 3 the room ready for us, our bags arrived shortly after and we were able to spend a night out at the parks! We stayed in Ranchos 6A, which was one of the farthest walks from El Centro that you can get, but it was such a beautiful walk that it did not bother us one bit! We were very close to the Main pool, which has a great bar and food area. (the bartender Max is awesome! we loved him!) The Bus stop was about a 1-2 minute walk, not bad at all! I would actually request to stay in this building next time I visit because the pros to the location outweighed the walk we had to make in the AM for breakfast. Our room was spotless, cleaned everyday, and the king size bed was great compared to our queen we have at home.

There were always golf carts going around that would pick you up and drop you off at the location you ask for. It was a very handy thing, becuase some nights we just were not up for a walk from El centro to our room, and we would just wait for a few minutes and catch the golf carts.

The buses ran great! I think the longest wait we had was for Downtown Disney on a friday night, and we were expecting it (about 20-25 minutes). We usually only waited about 5-10 for park buses. The drives were not long at all! animal kingdom was about 5 minutes, epcot was about 5 minutes, MGM about 5-10 and Magic Kingdom about 10-15. I suppose it depends on the drivers as well, some drivers seemed more comfortable driving the buses than others (there were also a ton of training drivers the week we were there).

As for Pepper Market, It is really not all that difficult! If you are confused they will explain it to you and while we were there the hostess' were all very friendly. the %10 gratuity is really not that bad since they get your drink, refils, and clean your table.

While we were there the Shuttle launch was happening and we actually watched the shutlle shoot up from the pool, it went right out from behind the Pyramid, it was a great experience!

This resort does not have many kids running around at all! It was so nice and relaxing to be able to sit by the pool and not listen to screaming kids! The waterslide was great and me and my fiance went down a few times each day!

If you want a nice relaxing resort to come back to after a day at the parks, Coronado is the place to go! I really can not understand how any one could give this place a bad review! it was wonderful and I have already booked our Honey moon for December! Can not wait to go back!
"Aug 31-Sep 2: Not that good this time around"
Reviewed on Sep 03, 2007 by clinical22srd
Rating: 3  
This is my 3rd trip to this resort and I have to say that I was not that impressed. Our trip began with the fire alarm going off during check-in. During this time, all of the guests exited the building and waited outside for an hour with no update as to what was going on or how long we could expect to wait. In addition, the Maya grill was having computer issues so everybody was brought their dinners before their appetizers. Many of the employees did not appear to be that helpful or happy this time around. The last pet peeve of this trip was that the employees at the bar made no attempt to stop two older teens and their father from throwing fodd out into the lagoon. This is the first time that I have had abad disney resort experience. Safe to say I will not be revisiting Coronado Springs again. I hope my Animal Kingdom trip from Dec15-23 is much better. Thanks for listening.

"Better than expected"
Reviewed on Aug 16, 2007 by Teddi
Rating: 8  
I had read a few reviews of this resort post booking and pre arrival. Most of those I read complained about the prices in the Pepper Market and the room size.
I arrived around 10:30 AM and check in isn't until 4. We were told that they had a room ready for us so we could go ahead and enjoy the park. We stayed in Casitas 5326. The first thing I noticed about the room was that it has 2 double beds when I had reserved a King. I was a little disappointed because this was supposed to be a romantic vacation with my fiance. I decided not to complain though, as I had shown up long before check in and was promtply given a room (and hey, being squashed together in a double bed is romantic, right?)
The room was spotless. I didn't think the bathroom and living space was any smaller than most reasonable motels.
Thie first night we ate at the Pepper Market and the food was good, portions great and bill - huge. For the 2 of us with 2 non alcoholic drinks it neared $40. I didn't know if I'd be eating there again.
The next day we came back in the afternoon to swim and sit in the wonderful air conditioning. The main "Dig Site" pool was great aside from truly being bathwater temperature. I bought one of the unlimited refill mugs at the snack bar by the pool. We decided to give Pepper Market another try and took our mug (which we shared). He got 13 buffalo wings and a plate of grilled veggies and I got steak fajitas. Both were wonderful and the portions were HUGE. Our bill was $22. That was more like it.
Check out was great, as all we had to do was leave. I love the option (when staying at Disney) to charge all purchases to your room. One charge is so much easier to keep track of than 15.
Overall, I would love to stay here again, but will probably try to experience other resorts before returning.
"very good"
Reviewed on Jun 29, 2007 by Jeany031
Rating: 9  
this is a good hotel.
"very quite "
Reviewed on Apr 23, 2007 by xx_lilo_xx
Rating: 8  
as coronado springs is a confress and bussiness center it is very quites this is also because qutie large! the shop is great and so is the paper market ( think that what it called) the other resurtan ( cant rember wat it is call) was great nice dipping suase for the bread. mmm!! great room and maid service, nice pools.
"best moderate"
Reviewed on Oct 30, 2005 by 3IAlienKid
Rating: Not rated  
This is our favorite moderate resort.

My wife and I prefer the Casitas theming to the Ranchos and Cabanas. The Casitas are actually probably the least themed of the 3, and most like any other non-Disney resort. Honestly that's what we liked about it - it's subtle and understated. Yet the fountains and landscaping around the lake really made the exteriors feel luxurious. The main lobby and reservations desk is designed well, and the resort's shop, Panchito's, it probably the largest of any resort shop at WDW.

The front desk service was very accomodating. We had been transfered from the Port Orleans Resort due to an error on their part in booking us and no more vacancy that week, so the Coronado upgraded us to a lake view without our asking. Then later, we woke up one morning with the smell of cigarette smoke wafting through our non-smoking room. No one was outside smoking, so our guess was that someone in the adjoining room was lit up. We called the front desk, and within 20 minutes the concierge was there to transport us to a new room, which was an upgrade to a lakeview suite! Very nice.

Room service was not very professional on the phone, but very prompt.

We never waited longer than 5 minutes for a bus, another plus, and even with as many as 3 other stops within the resort, we were always out the resort driveway within 10 minutes.
"Not Great.."
Reviewed on Jul 10, 2005 by trishnh
Rating: Not rated  
I had a few problems with our recent stay at Coronado. As with all Disney Hotels, the theming and grounds were pretty and 'authentic'. I did not like the food court area at all--VERY overpriced and I hated the fact that you had to wait to be seated and pay 10% to have your drinks brought to you. The only 'advantage' to this is your beverages have free refills while you are there (which no one bothered to tell us)so there really was no need to purchase the refillable mugs. The area where you go to get your food was also very cramped. It was very difficult to move around--especially with a heavy tray since they used heavy glass dishes.

We had to wait a long time for our rooms to be ready also. We arrived at 11 am (and I do ralize check in is at 3, but we have never had a problem getting in early). Our rooms were not ready until about 6 pm and then the key card machine was broken so we had to get temporary key card. We had to wait in line at the registration desk several times and there was always a 20-30 min wait there--I have never experienced this at any or the other moderate resorts. When we finally got our rooms we had a few problems--no bed rails for my handicapped daughter even though I requested them several times. There was a blown out lightbulb over the bed, the door on the fridge was broken, the knobs on the drawers were off and I think there were a few more things I cna't remember right now!

We were in the Ranchos 7A building. Close to a quiet pool but far from everything else. We requested a standard view but had a nice garden view. We didn't have a problem with the bus service. The kids liked the play ground and the water slide was a huge hit.

Over all, it was not my favorite resort and do not think I would stay there again, mainly because of the food court area.
"Awesome resort"
Reviewed on Feb 06, 2005 by scbb11Sketch
Rating: Not rated  
I stayed at Coronado Springs for New Year's Eve 2004-2005. We arrived on the night of the 30th so we could enjoy the resort and Pleasure Island. (Yeah that's right. We celebrated New Year's two nights in a row!) I was with my parents and friend, but we only wanted one room, so we ordered a cot over a month before.
When we arrived at the resort, I was amazed at the size of it. IT'S HUGE! And from the looks of it, they are adding a whole new side. Our room was great, but despite them charging us an extra fee for a water-view room, we did not get that. A huge lake, and no water-view. Apparently they deem a view of the pool a water view. Eh, not much of a problem. But when we got into our room, there was no cot. We called the front desk and asked them to bring it up, and they said it would be there when we returned from Pleasure Island.
Well we got back and the cot was nowhere to be seen. So we called again, and they said the cots were all gone. Pissed off, we went to bed to prepare for MGM on New Year's Eve.
We had dinner at the Pepper Market, and it was one of the best meals I've ever had. I ordered the chicken quesadillas, and they were massive for a reasonable price. You know everything at Disney is always more. 12 bucks was pretty good though for such a good meal. I recommend it to everyone who stays at Coronado Springs.
The next day went well. The resort was very close to MGM, which was where we were going, and the buses were prompt. In the middle of the day, it was hard to catch one back to the resort, but it didn't kill us. Back at the resort, the cot finally arrived. We went in the Dig Site pool, and it was great. The slide is definitely a huge plus, but even having a basketball hoop in the water was fun. They say that's the best pool at Disney, and I agree. The theming at the pool and even the rest of the resort is phenomenal. I even got to play the Roller Coaster Tycoon pinball game in the arcade, which I had been wanting to do for awhile.
All in all, the resort was great. I loved the Spanish theme since I have been taking Spanish in high school for four years now. I was disappointed I did not get to make use of the marina, but it was still fun without that. I recommend Coronado Springs to everyone. It's a great place to stay and has tons to do. !Adios!
"A- for CS"
Reviewed on Jan 11, 2005 by Spaceship_Rob
Rating: Not rated  
My wife, 12-year-old daughter and I stayed in the Casitas section. Things we liked:
1. The room, while not huge, was adequate for 3. It was always clean.
2. The pool area was wonderful. Our daughter loved the waterslide. The pool area is so large that while it was crowded, we never felt overwhelmed by the number of people either in the pool or around it.
3. We walked the resort every evening. The theming was just excellent. The transition from lush theme to desert theme was just great. The paths are never boring to walk.
4. The people at the main desk were always nice. We ordered tickets to Hoop-De-Doo by phone and picked them up at the main desk. There was a problem with their credit-card processing machine at one station and the supervisor stepped right in. She took me over to an empty station and proceeded to process the order quickly. She was nice, too.
5. The bus service was great. We never waited more then 10 minutes to board a bus to any of the parks, no matter what the hour. A quick note about the bus service. I was there on business, while my family came along for play. We had an event at the Swan/Dolphin resort that ran far later then planned. The busses had stopped running to most of the resorts, leaving us with no way to get back to CS. We boarded the bus to Downtown Disney, hoping to transfer there. We talked to the driver, who said that it was a quiet night and offered to drive us directly to CS, saving us over an hour of transfer-wait time. If you find a bus driver who goes out of the way for you like this lady did, ask them about their "perks", a little card they carry that you fill out and leave with your front desk or in any theme park's service counter. The driver gets a perk for being extra nice.

Things we didn't like:
1. The maid service was "too good" in our room. Is this possible? Each day, the maid would take the barely-used soap out of the tub and sink and neglect to leave us any new soap. We called the front desk and new soap was delivered to us promptly. This happened every day.
2. Pepper Market we found to be high-priced for the quality and quantity of food. One night, we spent over $20 for tuna sandwiches, chips and drinks for 3 people.
3. Transportation to another resort was tough at times. I understand this, as most people who stay at Disney go from their resort to a park and back. I was there for business, and although the Swan/Dolphin was only about a mile away, there were no walking paths which I could take. To get there each morning, it necessitated taking a bus to one of the parks, then changing to a bus which went to the Swan/Dolphin. I found that it took anywhere from 40 minutes to 90 minutes to get to my conference, depending on which park I chose. The quickest was Typhoon Lagoon. I must admit that I felt a bit funny sitting on the bus in my shirt, tie and briefcase with all the people in swimsuits.

Overall, CS gets an A-. We'd go back.
Reviewed on Sep 23, 2004 by bears163
Rating: Not rated  
we loved this resort and if we don't joing DVC we willbe back.
"Nice moderate resort"
Reviewed on Sep 22, 2004 by disneygirl1026
Rating: Not rated  
The Coronado Springs is a great resort to stay at. While it is the largest convention center in WDW, I did not notice any problems associated with the convention center. I really enjoyed the food court, although I stayed there before they implemented the new changes. The salad bar is excellent! The rooms are decent size and the theming is great.
"Coronado Springs"
Reviewed on Aug 07, 2004 by purpleWDWfreak
Rating: Not rated  
My family and I stayed at CS on our last trip to Wdw in Feb. 2003 and we loved it.I have a 13 yr. old daughter [11 then] and she loved it.The pool was closed due to construction but that was'nt a big deal since it was Feb. and the only time we had free to go swimming was at night.Too cold.Even though the pool's are all heated.We had a cabana room with a view of a little pond that was gorgeous.Every morning I would stand outside my room and watch birds,squirrels, bunnies [even a loon on morning]This was a big deal for a nature nut like me.This was also a very secluded area at the time we were there. We also greatly enjoyed the Coronado Springs gift shop;Panchito's.We found it to be one of the best in WDW.We ended every one of our 6 nights in that gift shop.There was hardly ever anyone there at any given time and we usually had the place to ourselves. Needless to say we need most of our shopping there.The cast members were exceptional.The only problem we had with CS was the Pepper Market.Way to expensive for horrible food and service.I'm from San Antonio,tx. and was appalled at what they were trying to pass off as mexican and tex-mex food.THe cast members here were rude and incompetent.For real good Mexican food we go to San Angel Inn inside the Mexico pavillion at EPCOT.So aside from the Pepper Market we love this resort.WE feel that it is a good resort for families with older children.Very quiet.Can't wait to see it again when we return there on our next trip to WDW in Feb. 2005.
"Never Again"
Reviewed on May 25, 2004 by Ringo8n24
Rating: Not rated  
Disney dropped the ball on this one. They had the chance to take a very creative theme to the Disney level and simply created a larger version of a La Quita motel along any interstate in the US. I hated the rooms which were so small and plain. The food court was pathetic. The servers were rude and half the counters were either closed or out of food the whole time we were there. This would be ok for a business traveler, but not a family on vacation. I rarely mention the fact that I have stayed at this resort when discussing my visits to other people interested in going, but feel I may stop a family from making the wrong decision for their stay at WDW like I did when I stayed at Coronado.
"Good but not the best!"
Reviewed on May 11, 2004 by miamimickey72
Rating: Not rated  
Stayed may 7-9 in Casitas 5355 ROOMS: the worse I have seen in Disney. Poor Decor. Small. One sink. No doors in closets. Beds were hard. BUT ALWAYS CLEAN!!! I have always stayed at Deluxe Hotels on Disney and now we are going to try the Moderates to experience all the hotels in Disney. This was not a good start. Only makes me wonder about the Value Resorts. Theme was great. Loved the Lobby area and the Food Court. But the prices in the food court are crazy! But thats on any resort. Property was BEAUTIFUL. I mean the lake, trees, flowers, wildlife, its all just beautiful and acutally makes you forget how bad your room is. Transportation is great. Bus stop near all areas of the property and quick also. Check In Service was also GREAT. Quick and the room was actually available at 9:Am when we got there. Over all I am glad I paid the Florida Res Rate and not the normal rate. I would stay here again if I had no choice...but I have plenty of other Moderates to stay at in the next few years! Again loved and enjoyed my stay!!!!
"Great Time at CSR"
Reviewed on Apr 13, 2004 by MKCP 1986
Rating: Not rated  
Registration was quick and easy. Lost key/ticket was quickly replaced with no problem. Connecting rooms in Casitas Bldg 5 were clean, well equipped, quiet and in good condition. Invisible maid service was perfect. Pools were fun and easily accessible. Extra points for large hot tub and water slide. Bus transportation may be the best of any resort because you don't share with other resorts. When you leave CSR for MK, you go straight to MK and vice versa. Points off for denied parking access at registration area after check in.
"Super Duper"
Reviewed on Apr 12, 2004 by bhg469
Rating: Not rated  
Been there 5 times never once let down. The busses here work better than ANY other disney resort.
"Huge and open"
Reviewed on Mar 02, 2004 by TrendyMagic
Rating: Not rated  
I guess I was expecting more with this resort for some reason. The resort is huge and has three different sections. It also has a convention center and all the space to go with it. The main dining hall is very unique (Pepper Market) but is slightly on the expensive side. I did enjoy my time here but in the future would rather spend the money at another moderate resort such as Port Orleans or the like.
"This place is HUGE!"
Reviewed on Jan 25, 2004 by bigtinkfun
Rating: Not rated  
On the whole, I really enjoyed my stay at Coronado Springs. Because this is Disney's convention resort, there tend to be fewer children here than at the othe resorts. They have very nice quiet pools, clean laundry facilities, and a varied and interesting decor. I stayed in the Casitas section, which has a sort of a Mexican city flavor to it. I really enjoyed the fact that the Casitas were very quiet. I didn't think much of the Pepper Market. But CSR does have a very nice resort store. I found the bus service to be excellent and almost never crowded. This resort is very close to Blizzard Beach.
"Love it!"
Reviewed on Nov 29, 2003 by Heyyall
Rating: Not rated  
I love Coronado Springs! If you have younger kids and want the Disney characters and things for small kids, this might not be the best resort. However, our family has a 13 year old and 17 years old and we love it! The buses come often and aren't crowded because most conventioners don't use the buses. this is perfect for us because we park hop and spend a lot of time at the park. The pool is amazing, and the resort is beautiful. Perfect for teenagers. LOVE IT!
"Very NICE place to stay"
Reviewed on May 17, 2003 by tallahasseetigg
Rating: Not rated  
My pregnant wife, 3yo, and I loved this resort. We were in Jamaica and our only complaint was the long walk to the theme pool and food court. The buses ran on time and were very prompt. We never had a problem with our room. Everything was clean. Our 3yo loved the theme pool and the kiddie pool as well as the beachfront in Jamaica. Overall we loved this resort and would stay there again....but will probably try a few others.
"good moderate hotel!"
Reviewed on Apr 24, 2003 by trustnhymn110
Rating: Not rated  
this is an excellent moderate resort! the pool really does it for me! It isn't my favorite resort but it is the best of the moderate!
Reviewed on Sep 13, 2002 by christopher
Rating: Not rated  
This is a great moderate resort. I would highly reccomend it. The only bad thing is the food. It is bad news bears.
"Lacks good service"
Reviewed on Sep 03, 2002 by tmp
Rating: Not rated  
This is the only resort that I have stayed out that I have been disappointed in. It is nice and clean, but it lacks the Disney Magic. I also think that the customer service stinks. This may be because the resort is geared toward conventioneers, but it still stinks. I was really disapponted when I stayed here and would never stay here again.
"Great Moderate"
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by Daannzzz
Rating: Not rated  
I love Coronado Springs. The three themed areas are each fun and slightly exotic. The rooms in the Casitas and Cabanas are very colorfully decorated. The Ranchos rooms are a bit more muted. I preffered the Ranchos for its theme and decore.
Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
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