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Reader rating Reader rating 7.8 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 7.8  
"Awesome family resort!"
Reviewed on May 17, 2014 by K.Birchmeier
Rating: 10  
My husband and I brought our daughters, 12 & 8 to this resort for our Disney vacation this week. We absolutely loved it. It was clean, and the staff were so helpful! The pools were large, clean, and very enjoyable. Our girls could have just stayed at the resort all week! We will definitely be back. Great value!
"folowup on I will stay no where else"
Reviewed on Nov 01, 2013 by Peter Locke
Rating: 10  
Well we were back again at the end of September, 2013 as I stated in my first review for a 60th Birthday celebration-mine. As was expected, the AS Music is a fantastic place to stay. We had no problems except I did have to wait 6 minutes for a bus to EPCOT once. I can not understand reviews that say they had a terrible stay at this resort, complaining about kids, noise, outdated rooms. I have been here when it was full and have never encountered any of the problems some people have complained about. The staff is top rate, the facilities are always clean and, oh yes, they finally fixed the clock poolside at the guitar pool. I encourage anyone who wants a great Disney experiance to try the All Star Music. You will not be disappointed.
Reviewed on Sep 06, 2013 by miltimo5
Rating: 8  
I stay here often. I usually stay for 10 days or more so first off the price is great for a long stay. Second, it is in the middle of the bus run when the buses do stop at all three resorts (like at park closings and early mornings). Early morning bus runs go to All Star Sports, and if the bus is not full they stop by Music for more people. Then on your way. Third reason - although i do not eat a lot at the resort, mostly grab and go breakfast, you are close enough to sports and movies to walk to their food courts. I am really a park person so i very rarely use the pools so cant really judge. Every visit I have found my room clean every day, lots of towels, soaps etc. The rooms are not huge, but often i go by myself or with one person or child so the room is big enough for the amount of time we are in the room.
My main reason for staying at Music is the resort is not as huge as the moderates (have stayed in Coronado Springs, Port Orleans Riverside, and Caribbean Beach) and it seems like when you want to go to the food court you can have quite a walk, especially if you are on the other side of a lake. I would recommend it for a couple or couple with 1 child. maybe 2 small kids....but if you use the room a lot you might start to feel crowded
"I will stay NO where else"
Reviewed on Aug 13, 2013 by Peter Locke
Rating: 10  
My wife and I stayed here in back in 2009. We have since returned to Disney but tried several of the other resorts. We returned to the All Star Music in February, 2013 and will be staying again on September 25, 2013. The reason-the Staff. They are the dictionary meaning for professional, curteous, prompt, precise, family. My wife and I will never stay anywhere else. Yes, the rooms are small but as I spend the whole day at the Parks-who notices. I am out like a light in five minutes once my head hits the pillow. The food court in the moring is busy, so we spend time talking to those in line with us. It is all part of the fun of Disney World. Besides, I dream of those Mickey waffles every day. The pool during the afternoon is full of activities. We love to watch the children having fun. Sometimes we get back eartly just to enjoy the movies on the pool deck. I have never had a problem with my stay and wish I could return more often. I jokingly told my wife if we won it big in the lottery I would move down here, book a couple of adjoing rooms and stay forever at this resort. She told me that it wasn't as bad of an idea as I thought. After a week here, I return to the hustle and bustle of daily life totally refreshed and full of happy memories. What more could anyone ask for.
"Overall Fantastic!"
Reviewed on Jun 29, 2013 by Miguel
Rating: 9  
The guest areas were all pristine and the Broadway area, where we stayed, was amazing at night! The pools looked like fun and areas around them kept very nice! (we stayed 1/26/13 to 1/29/13 so swimming wasn't an option because it was cold out) The lobby was nice with some iconic stars on the walls, but the lobby and food court areas could definitely be refurbished with some lights out and needed paint. The letters outside the resort were painted during our stay so they ended up looking great upon departure! The three caballeros were out for refurb as well but maintenance is understandable. Bus service was great except for the rare occasion the All Stars shared a bus line. Our room was nice and came with a flat screen and fridge that was very handy. The food in the food court was great and very tasty (loved the cheese steak sandwich), however ambiance for that area did meet the expectations set by the rest of the resort. All cast we came into contact with was very friendly and did the most to make our stay magical! :)
"great resort"
Reviewed on Jun 26, 2013 by pixiesteno
Rating: 10  
We have stayed at All Star Music resort on four separate occasions, three of which were in an All Star Family Suite. We love this resort! There is lush landscaping in and around the resort that hides all the parking lots when you are in and around the resort. I will start with a review of the family suites, they have a master bedroom with a queen sized bed, nightstands, dresser, television, desk, and a chair. There is ample space to move about the room and to store your "stuff". Outside of the master bedroom is a galley-style kitchenette with microwave, small refrigerator, small coffee maker, small sink and shelving. Plastic-ware and paper plates are usually provided by mousekeeping; however, for an extended stay I would pack some of your own. The main living area has a sofa, chair, and ottoman that all convert to sleeping. There is also a larger dresser, tv, small table and chair for dining. One of the best features in the suite is the fact that there are two bathrooms. The sinks are located outside of the bathroom with a privacy curtain and lots of hanging space. We have stayed with four adults in the suites and have had plenty of space. The suites are located in the Calypso and Jazz sections, so they are relatively close to the main building. My one and only standard room stay I found the room to be of an adequate size as I was traveling alone. I would not like to try to stay in a standard room with more than two adults, it would just be too cramped for space. The standard rooms also have the privacy curtain in the bathroom sink area. Both pool areas of the resort are nice sized and kept exceptionally clean. In the main hall you will find guest services, dining, arcade, and shopping. We really enjoy the meal selection at All Star Music. They have a nice dinner selection that include baked chicken, flank steak, roast turkey; as well as the standard burgers & pizza fare. The dinner meals do tend to rotate in selection. The "make your own salad" station is not to be missed if you are a salad lover! Warning, you will not go hungry with the meals. My husband and I will share our meals from the food court because there is usually just too much food. So if you are staying in the suites I would pack some plastic food bags to handle leftovers. One night we both ordered the baked chicken dinner, which is a half of a chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, roll. We both saved half of our chicken for lunch the next day. Buses, the All Star resorts have taken a bad rep at times for sharing buses with the other two All Star resorts. This does not occur as often as you would think, but it can happen. Our four stays totaled 21 days and during those times we shared a bus four times. The nice thing about the proximity of the other All Star resorts is that if you want to leave a park and there is a bus going to another All Star you can easily hop that bus and take a quick walk to All Star Music resort.
Reviewed on Mar 30, 2013 by AwesomePerson88
Rating: 5  
Pros: Pools are good size, rooms are clean, cheap , staff is ok nice Note about staff: Most of the staff are polite but sometimes you may run into a rude staff or one that does not pay attention. Cons: Buses can take a while but better that all star movies, food area may be crowded. Overall I would recommend it for everybody ( many more pros exist but I am not going to write them because I am lazy.) Small children would probably do better at all star movies.
" excellent resort!"
Reviewed on Oct 22, 2010 by Jeany031
Rating: 10  
I love All-Star Music! the pools, shops, food courts and the lobby too! I can't wait to stay in ASM and the family suites as well!
"Loved the feeling."
Reviewed on Jan 22, 2010 by Semitide1214
Rating: 10  
Just a great stay. Fun and colorful. Great themes on pools. Food Court of well worth the money. Great Value.
"Great Experience at All Star Music"
Reviewed on Nov 05, 2009 by Finallyin09
Rating: 9  
Just returned from 5 nights at All Star Music. 10/29-11/3. We stayed in a family suite in the Jazz building. I had requested the Calypso bldg, but was glad the wish wasn't granted. The poolis full of activity and the jazz just a bit further walk but very quiet.
Everything about the resort was great, staff was wonderful, rooms were spacious...even enough room for my moms scooter (broke her foot a few weeks before travel). We gave the bedroom to my mom and my husband and I stayed on the roll out bed and the kids on the fold out chair and ottoman. The roll out bed was a bit rough, but after a day at the park, the floor would have been wonderful. We would definitely stay here again. The kids want to try a different resort next time, but would still keep this as an option.
"Great value for the money"
Reviewed on Sep 08, 2009 by 
Rating: 8  
My wife and I went there in 2007 for 5 days on vacation, and we both enjoyed the resort. Obviously I didn't expect the Ritz Carlton, but the room was relatively big (they upgraded us to a family suite for free!), clean, and for the most part quiet. With it just being the two of us, more than anything we were just looking for a place to sleep and an easy way to get to the parks. We didn't use the pool or anything, and the cafeteria was convenient for a quick meal. So, for the traveler that doesn't need a lot from their resort other than the basics, I would recommend the All Star Music.
"We loved it!"
Reviewed on Jul 06, 2009 by ginns1
Rating: 8  
We have been twice in September of 2007 and 2008. Preferred rooms are the best. Close to everything. We were in Country last year and it is too far from the main building. Housekeeping was ok.
"not to pleased"
Reviewed on Mar 29, 2009 by bryant40us
Rating: 2  
My wife and I stayed there some time ago. The Shower was not clean, the cooks behind the counter at the restraunt was rude, the cashier seemed not wanting to take order, and soda was flat. the dining area was filthy, with dirty table. It has probably done better since, but i will not stay there again.
"crowded and noisey"
Reviewed on Oct 24, 2008 by Jaytrod
Rating: 5  
Just like any of the all star resorts. Basic hotel amenities with a disney flare. Its better than an off ground hotel since you can use the bus transportation and you have all the characters around for the children but these places are just way to crowded. Bus line are always packed, Pool is always crowded, and the cafeteria is always a zoo. The rooms are pretty small and there are are over 1900 of them so its always noisy late at night and very noisy early in the morning, which is really crappy when you want to sleep after walking all day. In my opinion the moderate resorts are well worth the extra 40 or 50 a night so you don't have to deal with the crowds.
"Good value resort"
Reviewed on Oct 24, 2008 by BrownDerby07
Rating: 6  
Pretty much like the other All Star resorts, but All Star Music has family suites :) that's a plus.

It's no deluxe resort but it'll do :)
Reviewed on Jun 19, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
great budget hotel with all the disney ammenties, rooms are small, but you really dont spend much time in your room now do you
i must say the bathrooms are small and hard to move in and out of the tub
also the music theme is nice, but boring for younger kids. nice pool and food court
"Needs to be rebuilt"
Reviewed on Jan 01, 2008 by horizonsboy
Rating: 4  
I guess it's O.K., but it doesn't really seem like Disney. They need to rebuild the All-Star and Pop Century Resorts into something with a more unified theme then just a broad range of pop icons.
"The famous All Star Music"
Reviewed on Oct 06, 2007 by Jeany031
Rating: 10  
Our family are staying once again in the
All Star Music Resort.I love this place and shops and food courts are awsome!
I tell you that this hotel is the best you ever seen. Where Dreams Come true!
"All Star Music Review"
Reviewed on Sep 08, 2007 by mikelynn91
Rating: 8  
We had a lovely stay at AS Music. The rooms are comfortable and the housekeeping staff surprised our daughter every day by setting up her Build-a-Bear in a fun spot. We didn't use the pools this time but they looked fun. We were in the building farthest from the main building. It was quite a hike at the end of a LONG day. They weren't running the little golf cart trams. They sat parked the entire stay. AS Movies ran those trams the year before and saved us a few steps morning and night which was a nice amenity.

AS Music food cart seemed smaller than AS Movies. It got pretty crowded at the peak meal times. Lines were long and service was moderately slow especially at peak times when you're trying to get to the parks in the a.m. Another negative for us which was not the resorts fault was loud neighbors. They were foreign and very loud in their communications with one another. Slamming doors when they left the room, etc. Sometimes you just get folks that forget there are other folks enjoying some sleep!

Transportation was fine and we had no trouble gettting to/from the parks. Very nice resort but we liked AS Movies better!
"Got a family suite and we LOVED it ..."
Reviewed on Aug 11, 2007 by coastermom
Rating: 9  
We usually stay at the Port orleans Riverside and when we seen these suites we were not really sure we were ready to go back to the all stars . Well this was a great trip thanks to the suites. Anyone with a party of 5 or 6 would love these rooms. The pool had activities for the kids and movies at night . We saw rabbits , a frog and lizards that my son just loved. We had great mousekeeping and had no issues with noise . The buses ran pretty good but were crowded at night coming back to the resort. Nothing that wasn't going on at any other resort. All the lines to go back were long even for the upscale hotels.

We will return to the suites and are hopeful they will expand to other all star resorts or even to POP .
Reviewed on Jun 07, 2007 by lilmizpixie3
Rating: 10  
This resort was very satisfying for the price. We even got upgraded to a sweet when we check in. It has 3 pull out bed and a queen size bed in another room. Very very nice!
"All-Star Music Resort (Broadway Section) November 9-16th 2003!!!"
Reviewed on Apr 07, 2007 by LoriMistress
Rating: 8  
The report is old, but I thought my report might be helpful to anyone considering this resort. This was our first trip, and we were also on our honeymoon (we were on a budget.)

When DH and I arrived at ASMu, the park was extremely clean. The resort also had some Christmas decorations up. They had some wreaths, Chrismas ordiments, and a huge Christmas tree. When we arrived to check in, we arrived around 8pm. There were no lines for check in. The CM that checked us in was extremely helpful and nice (even though, they couldn't assist us with an upgrade.) They knew we were on our honeymoon. We put in a request for a non smoking and a quiet rooom. Though, we did get our request of a quiet section of the park (we had the first floor in the Broadway section), but they put us in a smoking room. We flew all the way from California to Florida and we had been up since 3am...so we were exchausted. And to top it all off, we had to carry our luggage to the room (and that's a llllloooooooooonnnnnnngggggg walk from the front desk/cafeteria/suvineer).

The resort is clean, spacious, and well themed. We noticed rabbits would hop around our section of the resort. The great thing about being in the Broadway section was that we were never woken up early in the morning or late at night. We never heard one child throw a tantrum or cry. Plus, we never heard any parents freaking out to get the kids up and running. The only complaint that I can even think of was it was a pain to walk all the way back to the resort after a long day at the parks. The mousekeepers were great! Though, they never made any towel animals for us, but they did clean and always gave us extra towels.

Their food court has a nice selection. I never had breakfest or lunch there, but DH and I had dinner once (when we arrived) and their food was good. DH and I also bought the Refillable Mugs, which saved us a lot of money--since we're huge soda drinkers. I don't drink coffee, so DH would always get me some soda first thing in the morning, and a soda after a long day at the parks.

Their bus transportation was great. The only time we actually waited was we waited about a half hour for the early morning bus to Epcot. The only time there was a long wait for a bus was at MK during closing.

Over all, if you're on a budget and you're not goin to spend much time at your resort (besides sleeping and getting ready for the parks), then I would suggest you stay at this resort. If you're going to stay at the resort longer (swimming, relaxing, other activities at the resort, etc.) then spend the extra money.

"Great Resort for the Mone"
Reviewed on Jul 17, 2006 by jcorduroy
Rating: Not rated  
Stayed there on several occasions, and it\\\'s our favorite of the All-Star resorts. The staff has been continuously helpful, and the theming is wonderful - especially for a lower end resort! I\'ll definitely be staying there in the future.
"Fun on a shoe string"
Reviewed on Feb 26, 2006 by jamierobins
Rating: Not rated  
I stayed hear about 7 years ago and it was my first trip to Disney. Since then I have stayed in the Movies and this year will be moving on to Riverside.

My first impressions were good. A real fun atmosphere, clean, great pools and adequate eateries. The rooms are quite small if you are a family of four but as a two/threesome, they are perfectly adequate with 2 double beds, a pull out bed, table and chaire, en suite etc. I have never had to wait too long at check in but I hear it can get busy...kids are occupied with films showing in a mini cinema at check in though so no real stress here.

The pool bar is relaxed and service was always good. Buses to parks are frequent enough but can get VERY busy! Be strong!

I would recommend this resort if...
1. you were on a shoe string but wanted to be at the heart of the action
2. you spend little time at a resort because you are always out and about
3. you have kids who love having kids around them!

I always felt happier at the Movies resort but Music has a real holiday fell about it which is lovely.
"Great Resort!!"
Reviewed on Jan 29, 2006 by stankly182
Rating: Not rated  
I have stayed at this resort 3 times and I absolutly love it!! Me and My mother make a yearly trip to WDW every may and we have stayed here everytime. Overall this resort is fantastic. Check in line can be long during midday/afternoon, but we have never waited longer than 15 minutes, and after you have been driving from Tennessee to Florida, the standing isnt so bad. The rooms/buildings are very close together, with the farthest building being Broadway and Country Fair. We have stayed in Broadway everytime and it is very quiet and peaceful. The walk to the bus stop/food court is maybe 3 minutes which is not bad. For a value resort with tons of children, it was very quiet. Everyone is very curtious and respectful.The rooms are not small for two adults, but I am sure would be somewhat cramped for a family of 5. Theming is GREAT and the resort is almost immaculate. The only downside in my opinion is the largest pool as you leave the food court. It is constantly full/crowded, even at 10pm. The smaller piano pool is also almost always crowded or full also. If you dont mind having tons of small children swimming around you, its great. With that said, the pool isnt a BIG part of my list of things I look for, so it really doesn't cause my opinion of this resort to go down. Also the bus stops are also very good and a bus is usually there within 10/15 minutes. I highly recommend this resort!!!
"My fav resort!"
Reviewed on Sep 19, 2005 by mstinkherbell01
Rating: Not rated  
I'm a fla res and visit WDW ALOT during the year. We always stay at the all star music resort. The service is okay...I mean it's not the best but it's close. I think that the whole checkin procedure needs work and more CM's...the lines are out of control at times...but I beleive that it has alot to do w/ the number of guests checking in and the fact that the CM's explain everything from tickets to parks to the newbies(and they should-Disney can be overwhelming) The food court offers a variety of yummy things however expect long lines. The pools are crowded but theres plenty of room for everyone! I love this resort..it's so disney...the themeing is AWSOME! Would I pay more for a moderate..maybe..but for a person who spends most of her time at the parks...this is my fav. resort!
Reviewed on Jul 07, 2005 by kirkytpt
Rating: Not rated  
absolutly amazing.......great value for money and so much fun for the whole family.....made the holiday fantastic
"Worth the money!"
Reviewed on Dec 02, 2004 by DDuckFan130
Rating: Not rated  
Being Florida Residents, we try to make it to WDW at least once a year. We love to take advantage of discounts available at the resorts, and almost always have stayed at AS Music. We absolutely love this resort and will keep going back as long as we can. The service is good, the rooms are adequate enough for us folks who need the room to sleep and shower in, and the food court is great. The theming in this resort is nice, the pools are cute for the kids to take a swim in, and we've also found the buses to be very efficient and useful for teenagers (like my siblings and I) who want to hit the parks earlier than their parents. I highly recommend this resort!!!
Reviewed on Nov 30, 2004 by miamimickey72
Rating: Not rated  
We go to Disney at least 4 times a year....and this is my first and LAST Value resort I would stay at. This was very bad. This is a Disney World Holiday Inn.
ROOMS: Plain standard small rooms. Some theme decor...but not the best.
PARKING: shared with other value resort so you have to drive for a while to find an empty space. Space may be very far from your building.
FOOD COURT: To many people to even find a table.
POOLS: FANTASTIC. Love the Theme and size of pools
GROUNDS: very nice (as Disney always keeps them)
SERVICE: Took us almost 1-hour in line to check in at 10:PM at night. So not enough employees at front desk.
OVERALL: I would save my pennies and stay at a Moderate or Deluxe resort. Just not worth the money to stay here.
"Not intolerable"
Reviewed on Jun 05, 2003 by bigtinkfun
Rating: Not rated  
The All Star Music is a good place to stay if you aren't inclined to spend much time in your room or at your resort, so you don't want to splurge on lodging. It is very spread out, so if you're not able to walk far, or come home tired from commando touring the parks, you'll probably prefer a room nearer to the registration/food court area. But bear in mind that these areas tend to be a lot noisier and more crowded. The rooms are not luxurious, they are more along the lines of a Hojos or Holiday Inn, but they are quite adequate. And the theming is well, kinda loud and bold. Some people would probably say tacky. Bus service is also slower and more crowded. Be prepared for long waits. There is a food court with lots of variety, but the food isn't going to leave you wanting seconds. You can use the $$ you save on lodging to eat out at some of the better restaurants in the more expensive resorts. The swimming pools aren't very elaborate, and they are frequently crowded. Also, one drawback here is that school groups tend to book their stays here. Most of the CMs are very nice, but more than a few of them are just going through the motions. All in all, it's great if you're on a budget or want to spend your money on something other than a hotel room, but if ambiance really matters, go for a moderate resort.
"Bottom of the All-Stars"
Reviewed on Apr 17, 2003 by trendymagic
Rating: Not rated  
Of the All-Stars this one ranks 3rd on my list. Like the others, it has a great theme and value. This resort did not impress me at first like the other All-Stars did. Guess I was jsut expecting more after seeing the others. Service and overall layout are the same here as well.
"$$=College Kids Friend"
Reviewed on Mar 18, 2003 by Brett
Rating: Not rated  
As a college student, I know that sometimes cash is a little hard to come by. Just think of the Ramen noodles and other cheap foods you live off in times of need. But a vacation to Walt Disney World isn't out of sight, for the All-Star Resorts have very affordable prices. I stayed at the All-Star Music about a year ago and enjoyed it throughly. It's not as cozy as the other resorts. The designs, like the big boots, get quite tacky after a while, but it's still the Disney magic that impresses you. The rooms are nice. For being Disney's cheapest resort, you couldn't tell by the rooms. Well taken care of, themed to the movies of Disney. The swimming is something in need of desperate change. I mean, their is honestly nothing to the pool. The food court is just like every other food court in Disney's existence. Overpriced and half decent. I'd take a drive somewhere and check out other resorts for dining. But overall, very cheap prices, plus you can find some good discounts. Last time I went only $59 a night. Not bad at all!
"Disney Resort?"
Reviewed on Nov 29, 2002 by Crazy4Mickey
Rating: Not rated  
All Star Music was all around okay. There were some draw backs. We stayed in the Calypso section on the first floor. We could hear the neighbor above us urinating in the toilet. Who wants to hear that? Check in was slow. The cast member was not really paying attention to her job. She was more interested in the people checking in next to us in line. The maid service cleaned the room, made my bed, and threw a blanket over my mom's and threw the bedspread in the corner on the floor for 3 day even though we called about it on the 2nd day!! Not very impressed with service. May go back because of the good price. Definitely needs to work on the Disney quality of service, like the other hotels.
Reviewed on Oct 30, 2002 by SJTSmith
Rating: Not rated  
This is a good resort if you want to go to WDW on a budget. The service was very poor. The cast members seemed to be rude when you asked for things. The All-Star Movies is alot better resort due to service. When leaving notes for the maid to leave an extra towel they never did and so on. Just don't think I would ever stay here again.
"bring the kids"
Reviewed on Oct 27, 2002 by Melanie
Rating: Not rated  
We have stayed at this resort several times and feel that it is a good deal. We enjoyed the theme. The drawback was the crowds and the noise. In the evenings there are so many people in the pool you can hardly get in and there are screaming kids everywhere. I think it is a great place for families with kids but if you are looking to relax, check out a moderate.
"Great Place Small Crowds"
Reviewed on Oct 07, 2002 by chris
Rating: Not rated  
We have stayed at eh Music seven times. We like it because it is less crowded than the Movies and the Sports always has some athletic convention (pop warner football, little league, etc.,) It is rather spread out but the walk is nice and the theming is neat. The buildings look best at night. The food court offers a good selection and the prices are nore reasonable than the moderate resorts.
"Great place to stay"
Reviewed on Oct 07, 2002 by crazydaveh
Rating: Not rated  
Not a bad place to stay! The rooms are basic, with pretty good theming. They decorated the area well to cover the stairwells. The walk to the main building isn't that bad. The pools are big, but no water slides. The bar is a bit on the high dollar side, but good spirits all around. Check in takes longer, they don't have as many people working the desks as at the moderate and Deluxe resorts.
"Great Value"
Reviewed on Sep 04, 2002 by Buzz Lightyear
Rating: Not rated  
Great value for the family. We spend so little time at the resorts but this is a great place to rest up, swim and grab a bite to eat. The food court has a great variety and good prices. Pool is nice and big. Rooms are comfy and clean.
"Great place & price."
Reviewed on Aug 18, 2002 by disneycp2000
Rating: Not rated  
Stayed there from July 13-19, 2002 and had a great time. The themeing of the resort was great. The rooms were comfy and transportation is right outside. One downside is the distance from the rooms to the front desk. If travelling with children or seniors make sure you book a room as close to the entrance as possible. It's easier on the family! The food in the cafeteria had plenty of variety.
Disney's All Star Music Resort
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