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World Showcase, Epcot
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"Best Italian food in any of the parks!"
Reviewed on Apr 30, 2014 by Figment89
Rating: 10  
This is the best Italian food we've found at Disney! Great restaurant!
"Great food and fast service"
Reviewed on Dec 31, 2013 by Quirkle
Rating: 9  
We are from the northeast and are used to top notch Italian food- no Olive Garden here.

We ate here the last night of a 11 day trip. We were over buffets and burgers and wanted something fresh and homemade.

We were swatted immediately for the 5:15 reservation. Fresh focaccia with olive oil which is the right way.

We had a main server and assistant. They were attentive and quick.

Youngest daughter: bow tie parm
Older daughter: fettuccine parm
Husband: lasagna: layered with béchamel and what looked like a meatball.
Me: cannelloni filled With spinach and ricotta baked in béchamel with red sauce. This was like heaven in my mouth.

This was the best meal we ate all week. The sauce was light and fresh. The noddles were fresh tasting and the fillings were well balanced. The serving sizes were perfect- on the bigger side for a nicer place.

Dessert was gelato, sorbetto and a cannoli. The cannoli filling was creamy with a touch of orange. The gelatos and sorbetto were rich, creamy and refreshing.

I believe this was the old Alfredo's and it is reminiscent of that look. The food was much much. Better.

We would book this restaurant again and feel like we were eatting back home.
"Better than the Reviews"
Reviewed on Mar 10, 2013 by GroomerMinnie
Rating: 9  
I have read many reviews about this restaurant that are negative. I decided to dine here anyway because we wanted some good Italian food. We loved this restaurant. We went with the Dining Plan so I do not remember pricing. We dined here for dinner. The appetizer for 2 was great! Our entree and dessert was also great. Our server was great, he joked and laughed with us and even taught us some of the Italian language. I loved the restaurant and we have plan to return again on our next trip.
Reviewed on Dec 09, 2012 by Bernie Rodgers
Rating: 1  
We have been dining atTutto's every time we're at Disney (every year), but I must say our last visit (Sept 2012) was down right disapointing. The food was fair at best and our server couldn't idenify what was on my antipasta plate. I was told that new management took over after the latest renovations and I say bring back the previous operators. What a shame. It was one of our favorite places to dine in Disney but we won't be going back.
"Not too impressed"
Reviewed on Dec 01, 2012 by Jennie
Rating: 6  
We heard a lot of positive feedback about this restaurant. We had a fine experience, but not one of the best. The service was fabulous, but I felt that the food and overall experience was somewhat lacking. The dining space was rather cold and uninteresting. Our food was good, but not nearly as outstanding as other diners made it sound. I wouldn't say you should avoid going, but I would manage your expectations before you go.
"Exceptional Service"
Reviewed on Oct 23, 2012 by Loweschevy
Rating: 10  
Tutto Italia--- September 25th

We loved the Original Alfredo’s Restaurant and worried that the next concept wouldn’t compare, but we have been very pleased by the change. Although Tutto was rumored to go under yet another renovation and name change back a few years ago, I think it is here to stay. With the addition of Tutto Gusto-its wine bar brother and Via Napoli, the Italian pavilion is booming.

Tutto Italia kept most of the original interior that Alfredo’s had. It’s most recent renovation added booths to the center of the restaurant. It broke up the dining room a bit and added some serving stations for glassware and silverware. The maitre de has been the same for many years as well. This fellow has been here as long as I can remember. Plus you’ve gotta love hearing “buona sera” when you enter the restaurant. We were seated immediately and within a few moments Vincenzo greeted us. We were feeling pretty festive so we all ordered a cocktail: a bellini for me; a red passion for Ma and a Moretti for dad. I am normally careful with my carbs, but I am a sucker for champagne cocktails! In the meantime, Letizia was there filling up our water glasses and bringing bread for the table.

We ordered a mozzarella appetizer to begin-warm, fresh mozzarella with lightly sautéed tomatoes and olive oil. This was not what I expected, but it was good-I liked the cheese warmed because it was flavorful and gooey.

The entrees arrived in a perfect amount of time. Dad and I went with the gnocchetti and mother the fettuccini. The gnocchetti are cavatelli pasta, a more narrow-thinner gnocchi, with sausage ragu, tomoto and pecorino. They were perfectly cooked al dente and the portion is large. The dish is on the creamy and hearty side, so it is filling. The fettuccini Vecchia Roma is different from alfredo, which is butter and parmesan cheese, this version had pancetta and parmesan cream. Doesn’t sound like much of a difference, but it is a touch lighter than your average alfredo sauce. Both dishes freshly prepared and delicious.

Vincenzo was an older gentleman, but no less enthusiastic or energetic than any of the young bucks. Excellent service and charming-he certainly had no trouble talking us into a round of cappuccinos and a couple of desserts to split. Letizia was at his side refilling my water glass many times and resetting forks.

The prices are higher here, but you are also paying for exceptional service to go along with your food. We will be back next year for sure. Another fabulous experience!
"Best Meal of our vacation"
Reviewed on Sep 07, 2012 by Deb
Rating: 10  
We were hesitant about our dining here. Each trip we take we always go back to our favorites but also try a new one. Some of the reviews I had read were not encouraging. I am so glad we decided to dine here. This was the BEST meal of our 10 days during July and August. We were seated before our reservation time. Our server was AWESOME! He and his assistant were very attentive. He even commented on a dish he told us not to order as the meat is dry (and told us he didn't want to get in trouble telling us that but did want us to be pleased with our experience). All of the appetizers ordered were tasty and just enough. 2 of us had the lasagna, which was the best I have ever tasted. It melted in your mouth and the flavor was wonderful. 2 others had a pasta dish with sausage that also was delicious and 1 had the fettucine alfredo (wouldn't even let the rest of us have a taste. Everyone cleaned their plates. Dessert was delectable. The tiramisu was unbelievable, the cannoli to die for and the gelato (chocolate and vanilla) were so creamy. Will definitely make it a must the next trip.
"The food was excellent but staff not very friendly"
Reviewed on Mar 05, 2011 by Jeanette181
Rating: 7  
Obviously very authentic and delicious food because it is made by Italians straight from Italy, but my family and I agreed that we were not greeted with sincere smiles or no outstanding service. Made me have mixed reveiws of the resteraunt. (you know when your in a place like Disney you expect to have both of best worlds so to spk... Excellent quality plus even more superb service?) Well that was not the case here...excellent and delicious Italian food with unfriendly service. Made me feel like I was back in NYC.
"Designed for Meal Plan"
Reviewed on Jan 14, 2011 by elw316
Rating: 8  
First the good news, the place looks great and you get a good feeling from the place. Everyone who works there is from Italy so there can be some issues with that. The food was very good when we were there. The down side is the price. If you are on the meal plan then you come out way ahead as you can read below the cost is high. If you are not on the meal plan then I would look elsewhere.
Reviewed on Jul 26, 2010 by Birdflu
Rating: 9  
I have worked in a NYC italian restaurant... I know what I am talking about.. and I can say that this place's food is delicious.. Sure, the atmosphere and such may not be totally ideal, but its totally worth a visit. They offer great vegetarian options.. absolutely delicious.
"Favorite Restaurant in Epcot!"
Reviewed on Mar 12, 2010 by LizC
Rating: 10  
I was very suprised to see any negative reviews for Tutto Italia. I have been there many times with my fiance, and we love it! They have always given exceptional service and the food is wonderful. Try the buffolo mozzerala appetizer and the penne caprese!

We always make sure to have dinner or lunch at Tutto Italia on every visit back to WDW.
"Just OK"
Reviewed on Feb 18, 2010 by hibbsofep
Rating: 5  
We ate here on 2/15/10 for the first time. Food was OK, not great, and very over-priced. We've had better meals at Olive Garden. The room and atmosphere were lovely and desserts were very good; just not enough for us to try it again any time.
"Classy dining, quality food, big portions, but a very very high price tag"
Reviewed on Jun 11, 2009 by Markz
Rating: 7  
Atmosphere : 4/5
If you are looking for a high class dining experience, this is the place to be. It has everything, from the beautiful chandeliers, to the classical music playing lightly in the back, and to the servers wearing bowties and keeping a towel on their forearms. If you have a big family, with young kids, I wouldn't advise this as the place of choice for you. The decor is fantastic, everything looks great and authentic. This restaurant has all the elements to make it feel and look like a real high class 5 star Italian restaurant.

Food Quality : 4/5
At this restaurant, I ordered the classic New York strip steak (with an Italian name), and it was quite good. My girlfriend had the meat sauce lasagna, and I gotta say it was something special (in a good way). The food didn't feel quite like your authentic Italian Mama's cooking, but it was sure a quality dining experience in terms of taste/scent/presentation. In fact, our meals we're so well presented that we took pictures of them just for show! For desert, my girlfriend had the Tiramisu (to compare with Tony's) and I had the lemon sorbet cup. The deserts we're perhaps the highlight of the meal, very high quality stuff being served here (with the hefty price tag that comes with it).

Service : 3/5
The best word to describe the service here is : cold. But I guess that would fit with the overall experience of the high class restaurant. The service experience was on par, nothing special, but nothing negative to say about it. The front desk person was an old man who spoke about 7 languages (had all the pins) and I gotta say he took his job very seriously. He wasn't really friendly or anything, but then again I guess he played his part.

Portions : 4/5
I've see a couple of people complaining (in the dining section of the site) about the portions at this restaurant. Are you nuts? I'm a big eater and I though the portions we're huge! Maybe something has changed at this restaurant, because the portions we received we're plentiful and we came out feeling very satisfied with our meal. The deserts we're also quite big.

Price : 2/5
This is probably the weakest part of this dining experience, the price tag was gigantic. I was awfully glad to be on the dining plan when we received the 100$ bill (with absolutely no extra charges beyond what's included in the dining plan). My meal was around 34$, and my girlfriend's was around 24$. The Tiramisu was priced at 9$, and my lemon ice cream cup? 14$ ! Yeah, that IS crazy. Probably the priciest deserts I've seen in my life. I would definitely not pay out of the pocket for this restaurant, but if you're on the dining plan, it's nice to get something that you normally wouldn't pay. If you are on a tight budget, I do not recommend the Tutto Italia.

Overall rating : 3,4/5

Would I eat there again on my next trip ? Mixed opinion here, I would probably prefer to try something new, but you can't go wrong with Italian food.
"Food Excellent, Bad Portions etc"
Reviewed on Dec 09, 2008 by The_CEO
Rating: 1  
Boy do I miss Alfredo's. I have found Tutto to be an awesome place to eat, if you like horrible service, small portions, and rude staff.

Our waiter didn't even make eye contact with us, nor did he allow time for us to decide what we wanted to eat. The food came out in less than 5 minutes of us ordering which made me question the authenticity of it and offered a more cookie cutter approach. More or less the Lasagna I got was very good but the portions were very skewed. What I don't understand is how they can charge $13 for a small wedge of lettuce and some dressing drizzled on top.
Either way it wasn't a pleasant experience and I would not recommend it to anyone for their trip.
"Very good!"
Reviewed on Sep 29, 2008 by Spyne
Rating: 8  
I was going into Tutto Italia with mixed opinions because I didn't know what to expect. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised.

The atmosphere is purely of Italian flare, and the wait staff are all from Italy which makes it authentic. Our waiter was very nice, but didn't seem as attentive. But I can't really count it against him, as they were VERY busy that night. So the slow service in this case was understandable.

I ordered the Pollo al Mattone (roast chicken) and it was very delicious. Meat was very tender and hot, I really enjoyed it a lot. I then had the cannoli for dessert, and it was so rich and sweet. I also was surprised at how huge it was!

Overall, this is a very good place for Italian food if you're not in Italy itself. Check it out if you can!
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2008 by lavazza
Rating: 1  
We found Tutto to be the worst dining experience of our trip. Our server was directly from Italy and a sweet young man but it was clear he was not properly trained resulting in horrible service. We had high hopes that when our food arrived, the poor service we had been given would be forgiven. We were wrong, as the meal was barely edible. If you are looking for true Italian food, I suggest you look elsewhere.
"soooooo good"
Reviewed on Jun 28, 2008 by sarahjeanine
Rating: 10  
they have the best pasta i ever ate in my life it was so good. i love it very much my favorite place to eat at on my vacation
Reviewed on Jun 21, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
really good. i miss the old rest. that use to be there(alfredos) but this was just as good.
there is so much to choose from. everything we had was good
"Not what I expected...but okay..."
Reviewed on Jan 28, 2008 by VT GAL
Rating: 7  
The food at Tutto is very good, however it is VERY pricey and I would have not eaten here had it not been included in the DDP!

The steak and lamb dishes are very tasty! Plus the variety of breads, veggies, and butters/oils are a great way to start the meal. However, the menu is a little vague in the descriptions so it took a lot of questions to figure out what everything was.

The children's menu is pretty standard, but it was almost $10! It was pretty shocking.

Overall it was pretty good, but it lacked a friendly and fun atsmosphere.
Tutto Italia Ristorante
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