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Disney's Contemporary Resort
Reader rating Reader rating 8.5 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 8.5  
"Ok, but defintitely overrated"
Reviewed on Oct 20, 2013 by UPbeekeeper
Rating: 7  
We enjoyed the character interaction, but waiting for the individual characters to come around made our dinner awkward. We wanted to go back to the buffet but we were afraid we would miss a character and there was no way we were going to wait until they circulated again. So it was that torn feeling of "should we go now & possibly miss the photo op?" or "let's just wait a few minutes more & hope they get here". So, our whole dinner was a bit awkward and timed badly. The food was ok, but nothing I am dying to try again. Our server was nice, but at the end when we wanted to pay our bill, she completely disappeared for over 20 minutes. I understand that with a buffet a server isn't going to give you as much attention as they would if they are bringing meals out to you, but it seemed like after she brought our drinks, we never saw her again. The experience was ok but absolutely over rated.
"What can I saw"
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2013 by Jayne0902
Rating: 9  
Excellent service, food and interaction with the characters. Would highly recommend
Reviewed on Jan 15, 2013 by MandyC
Rating: 7  
The location is very convenient to hop on the monorail and get to if you're not staying at the Contemporary. I used to love it when it was at Downtown Disney. All around, its a fun experience.
"Parmesan Mashed Potatoes! Yummm"
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2012 by DisneyDebNJ
Rating: 8  
Chef Mickey's is a must do for us every vacation. If not for dinner, for breakfast. The food is plentiful and the parmesan mashed potatoes offered during dinner, are in a word, outstanding! The atmosphere here, is definately family friendly, but can be a bit loud for families with older members. During dinner, the dessert bar alone, can fill you up! Character interaction is probably one of the best on Disney property. This is a perfect place for breakfast before a day at the parks or even a ride on the searaycers. Go hungry... lots to chose from.
"Lots of Fun!"
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2012 by ThinkTink721
Rating: 10  
We love this restaurant!
It is definitely one of our favorites!
The characters are very interactice & lots of fun!
The atmosphere & service are very good.
The food quality & selection are also very good.
I would definitely recommend this one!
"Fun place to go"
Reviewed on Mar 24, 2012 by luvmydisneyrt
Rating: 8  
The food is decent. I found the breakfast food is better than dinner. We have eaten here since my kids were little and this is one of the paces they want to go back to every year even at 14 and 11. Make reservations as soon as you can as it books up quick. The later time for breakfast is nice because it's an in between time and less crazy. Earlier times have really young kids. This place is a must Disney do!!!
"Well you don't go here for the food, but still great for the kids!"
Reviewed on Jun 14, 2011 by IRTSTARS
Rating: 7  
Bottomline is, the food is far less than fabulous. But the truth is, you don't go to Chef Mickey for the food, you go b/c your kids WILL LOVE the Character experience with Mickey and all of his Chef Friends!

Especially great with little ones.
"All you can eat."
Reviewed on Apr 04, 2011 by WDW FTW
Rating: 10  
We went for Christmas morning breakfast and we found the restaurant to be quite enjoyable. The location is fantastic right next to the monorail station in the Contemporary and next to the hotel shops of course. The food is the typical buffet food, however some of the recipes and dishes were so good we looked them up after getting back home. There were breakfast items typically found as side dishes later in the day (tater tots etc) so you get a good variety. The characters add that extra element to the atmosphere, love it, if you can reserve and get there early its fantastic.
"Very disappointed"
Reviewed on Apr 04, 2011 by gandalfmjb
Rating: 2  
We ate breakfast here on a sunday morning. The food was ok, nothing special. We were here for over an hour and in the last ten minutes two characters finally stopped by our table (we had finished eating about ten minutes before that). To be fair the rest weren't to far behind them, but by then the kids were so bored after being there that long that they just wanted to go and get to the park. This isn't the first timewe have been here and this happened.
"Surprised by all the rave reviews - definitely overrated"
Reviewed on Mar 20, 2011 by 3IAlienKid
Rating: 5  
The best part of the experience is that you get the fab five. I don't think you actually get all five at any other character dining (you might get 1 or 2 of them at the most). This definitely saved us the time of waiting in line at the parks. Other than that, I've feel like breakfast buffets at other WDW as well as DL locations have much better quality and greater selection. To our party, Chef Mickey's seemed to be riding on the popularity of the characters rather than the food. If the kids are still young enough the next time we return to WDW then we will come here for the characters, if the kids are beyond Mickey Mouse then we will absolutely pass.
"It is a favorite of ours but is on a down slide"
Reviewed on Jan 11, 2011 by elw316
Rating: 8  
We have had dinner at Chef Mickey's 10 times over the past dozen years. The characters are fun and the show is great for pics or viedo's. The food on the other hand has been getting worse over the past couple of years. The choices have also gotten smaller and the food is left out a little too long. In the past the food was switched out often so it always was fresh and looked good but you can tell that to save on food cost it is left out longer. The wait staff is usually good. The wait to eat isn't bad because you can take the pager and wonder around or watch what is going on. We have not tried the breakfast but have been told it is good. If you have never been it is worth going to the dinner.
"Great Birthday Celebration."
Reviewed on Jan 01, 2011 by ladycameron
Rating: 8  
I can't really rate th efood beacuase i wasn't feeling well and couldn't eat but the atmosphere was wonderful. We had dinner here and got to see the fab five. We were also celebrating my sons 3rd birthday and Minnie brought him out a cupcake with a candle in it and he was so happy. Had a great time here.
"Always a "must do" for our WDW vacays"
Reviewed on Aug 15, 2010 by Party of 5
Rating: 10  
We always make a point to dine at Chef Mickey's. My DH especially loves it, and the kids always have a blast. They have an overall great selection for dinner, and it's hard to go wrong on any breakfast buffet. We've had a lot of time to interact with the characters as well. It's a great atmosphere with the monorail coursing overhead and the character party every 20 minutes or so.
Reviewed on Sep 11, 2009 by bia5ngo
Rating: 10  
This restaurant offers all sorts of food! It is kid-friendly and fun for adults as well. The characters also walk around and approach you to make sure you are having a good time and to make the environment that much better. I can't wait to go back.
"Chef Mickey"
Reviewed on Aug 27, 2009 by anmnixo
Rating: 3  
I had heard all of the rave reviews before we went. I was rather disappointed. This was supposed to be the good character meal- I thought the dinner choices were subpar and the place was to busy. It took forever for my son's birthday cake to be delivered.
"Never disappointed"
Reviewed on Mar 16, 2009 by look1angel
Rating: 10  
We have eaten here quite often and have never been disappointed. Our kids when they were younger loved it and and still do as young adults. The characters make it a point to visit every table and take time to get photos taken too. The food is always good and the variety is to die for. They went out of their way for my daughter's 12th birthday one year much to my surprise since it was all very last min. Minnie sat down at our table and wrote a very nice message in our daughters book for her birthday as well. It was a night we have never forgotten and that was over 11 years ago. We plan to go back once again for our June visit.
"Can't beat it"
Reviewed on Mar 15, 2009 by alanbrai
Rating: 10  
This coming June will be my 6th trip to the World and my 4th time at Chef Mickey's. Awsome place for kids of all ages to meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Chip and Dale. Oh we can not forget a meal to boot. Just love the place
"Chef Mickey's"
Reviewed on Mar 04, 2009 by nesgarcia
Rating: 10  
late post but was there in Dec.. already made reservations for the next trip in June. WOuld go sooner but wifey is pregnant.. got to plan ahead for the next vacation with first BABY.....any trip longer than 3 days will definitely need to go back.....
"Our absolute favorite character experience"
Reviewed on Dec 21, 2008 by Tiggerfanatic
Rating: 10  
We did dinner for the first time - much better than the breakfast I had 2 years ago. The turkey was moist, the beef tender, and we certainly made a dent in the bowl of peel-n-eat shrimp. Good kid's choices, and very nice dessert section. Excellent character interaction - we actually got to see everyone twice, and they did a good job of getting everyone involved in the dancing and napkin twirling. A really fun time.
"Chef Mickey :)"
Reviewed on Oct 20, 2008 by BrownDerby07
Rating: 10  
The Character Breakfast is AMAZING! The food is great and the characters are great for kids. I definitely would eat here again :)
"Mickey and his friends know how to cook!"
Reviewed on Jul 15, 2008 by Disneydudett
Rating: 10  
This recent year 2008, was the year I visited Chef Mickey's. While driving to get there the whole family was excited. When at the Magic Kingdom bus stop you will board a manirail. The ride is awesome with lots of places to sit and stand. Once on the monirail we took a short ride in the monirail into the Contemerary! After looking around, we went to Chef Mickey's. Here we got a beeper and took a seat in a lounge room and looked at a pretty view for a super duper short wait. We took our seats inside Chef Mickey's and looked at the buffet food. The breakfast food was out and boy was it rare. Not only was it yummy but they had food out like a sundae bar and pancake topping center! But what our family didn't know was that we sat at the middle of the restraunt and we missed a whole other wing! The characters that come out are so friendly and kind and loving and they are happy to take pictures and sign autographs. Two things are for sure, 1. It is a friendly atmosphere that every kid and grown-up will love, and 2. Mickey and his friends sure know how to cook.

Disney Dudett
Reviewed on Jun 22, 2008 by tazbear
Rating: 10  
Nice food selection. Nice atmosphere and the characters were great.
Reviewed on Jun 19, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
great way to dine with classic disney characters. great food and atmosphere
"A great Party atmosphere!"
Reviewed on Feb 19, 2008 by mousebymarriage
Rating: 10  
We ate here February 2nd for dinner, we were a Grand Gathering of 15 plus 1 in a high-chair and we were seated at a few different tables but all right next to each other so we were able to talk. Our ressie was at 5pm and we were seated almost immediately. This is by far my kids favorite restaurant! We had 8 kids in our party (ages: 15, 12, 12, 10, 9, 8, 6, 2), they all had a great time meeting the characters, having them sign autographs and pose for pictures. The characters, Mickey, Minnie, Plute, Donald, Goofy. were very attentive and patient. The food was better this time than the last and the buffet had good selections, of pastas veggies, potatoes, carved meats, salad,etc. . The kids buffet consisted of chicken tenders, hot dogs, pizza, mac & cheese etc. but, the kids can eat anything off the regualr buffet that they want. The kids especially like the dessert buffet and all the toppings available for the make your own sundaes.
Chef Mickey's is a MUST do for our family on every vacation. It can be a bit loud but, no one seems to mind because everyone is having a great time!
"not such good food"
Reviewed on Feb 01, 2008 by mickeyismyhero
Rating: 5  
I loved how mickey and all the others was with my children its was great.Didnt care so much for the food.I have a 2 year old who eats almost anything and would not eat that food.The guy who served us was great he was the best out of every where we had been.I was there for 7 days 6 nights so i had a lot of food there. Great place to meet mickey and all the others my children loved it i loved meeting mickey for the first time just only if the food was better. Sorry didnt mean to go on and on
Reviewed on Nov 26, 2007 by tiggerzgirl83
Rating: 10  
This place was a lot of fun. The food was great and there was a lot 2 choose from. I would def. go back in a heart beat. We met every character and took pictures. The swinging of the napkins was fun. Loved it...It is a must
"Great family experiance"
Reviewed on Oct 05, 2007 by mbly
Rating: 9  
Food was good for a buffet. But you go there for the charactors and it was perfect Mickey Donald Goofy and minnie were all wonderful. My kids loved it.
" The best Restaurant at WDW. "
Reviewed on Sep 18, 2007 by magickingdom55
Rating: 10  
the food is great and it's famly friendly.
"Wonderful place!"
Reviewed on May 28, 2007 by kadesha
Rating: 10  
This was our last character meal last week, and definetly had the best buffet. My little girl got sick and threw up, the staff was so helpful! The characters came around and spent an ample amount of time at each table. They did the little napkin swinging dance thing. The buffet food was incredible, but the dessert bar was to die for! They had so many ice cream toppings, my girls went nuts! It was a great experience and I will definetly go there again!
"Excellent food!!!"
Reviewed on May 10, 2007 by KevGuy
Rating: 10  
One of the best meal we had and the characters were awesome!!! Don't miss this!!
"Great Food - Don't Miss!"
Reviewed on Apr 11, 2007 by Belle of WDW
Rating: 9  
The food at breakfast is the best on property, in my opinion. It's a bit pricey, but if you want one meal with characters and fantastic food, then this is it. If you have a picky eater in the family, even they should be able to find something here. There are usually many familes, so if that's not your thing, I'd find another restaurant. Also, definitely make reservations before you go. We waited one year to make reservations until we got down there, and we had to call several times a day for a week until we got in.
Reviewed on May 04, 2006 by tracyandalex
Rating: Not rated  
we ate here for dinner and had a great time. the food was great, i especially love the chicken fingers (i know it\'s for the kids, but i just love them). the characters were great. we always eat here and will continue to.
"Maybe it was too early?"
Reviewed on Sep 20, 2005 by kellydisney
Rating: Not rated  
Our reservation was at 7:50 am and it was our very last day. I was a combination of sad and tired. And the restaurant was mostly empty when we got there. So I think it would have been more fun at a different time in the day and I don’t think I appreciated it enough. The service was great, the characters were fun, and the food was standard breakfast buffet. Our seat overlooked the MK but it was covered in dead bugs and you couldn’t see out it because the condensation was so bad at that hour in the day. Yuck on many levels there. Our photo came out bad because we were so tired hehe. I did like Goofy’s Vegetable Breakfast Lasagna, the mini croissants and the cheesy potatoes. My fiance ate the standard waffles and liked them. Mickey waffles are the best of course! So I have to say for a breakfast buffet it was ok. Probably good for kids. But for the money, the Polynesian’s breakfast buffet is 100 times better in my opinion.
Overall score – B, go to the Poly for better food and a more fun atmosphere.
"very kid friendly"
Reviewed on Jan 14, 2004 by fanofdinsey1981
Rating: Not rated  
I like taking my little cousins here, but for a romantic evening out, it is not the place to go. it is noisy, big, and full of kids, but for the chucky-cheese kid inside, it is perfect. the food is ok, nothing outstanding,but just what kids love. the ice cream bar is great, with desserts that are pretty average, but who doesn't love brownies!? and cheesecake? priority seating recommended
"That Mouse can COOK!"
Reviewed on Jun 30, 2003 by GFdiva
Rating: Not rated  
You know this place has to be good when your 15 year old chooses it as her place to go for a good report card. The ambiance is great.. the non stop characters is awesome and the food... the brown gravy is out of this world, the prime rib is always my favorite shade of red and the bleu cheese dressing is to die for. The desserts are downright delicious and it even has stuff for my diabetic husband... and its just as scrumptious as the fresh fruit topped cheesecake. Definatly one of the ultimate best.. and for the amount and quality of the food along with the character interaction the price is really reasonable.
"A Must Eat Place"
Reviewed on Jun 22, 2003 by trendymagic
Rating: Not rated  
The best character breakfast yet. More on the buffet than any other breakfast. Many characters to mingle with. Will try this place for dinner on the next visit.
"Gotta go"
Reviewed on Jan 20, 2003 by crazy_for_wdw
Rating: Not rated  
Bar far the best character dinner we have been too in WDW! The location is incredible with the monorail passing overhead - fab. There's a character overload - Minnie, Goofy, Donald Chip & Dale and of course the big cheese himself. The kids loved every second of it! Plenty of photo ops and shot more film than Spielberg! Food is fab too. If you only do one character meal during your stay, make sure it's Chef Mickey's
"A Great character meal"
Reviewed on Oct 30, 2002 by my2sweetums
Rating: Not rated  
An excellent place to get plenty of one on one character interaction. I can't say too much about the food though because I was too busy taking pictures to eat!
"Best Breakfast"
Reviewed on Oct 02, 2002 by wdwfanatic17
Rating: Not rated  
I live in florida and whenever i go to disney for the weekend i always make it a point to stay and eat at at chef mickey's . A very mice way to start my day
"The Best Character meal"
Reviewed on Sep 30, 2002 by Kingdom Konsultant
Rating: Not rated  
This is by far the best place to enjoy a character buffet meal.
"One of the best!"
Reviewed on Sep 10, 2002 by orangefan15
Rating: Not rated  
I think this is one of the best character dining experiences at WDW (that's probably why you can make PS's 120 days out instead of the normal 60). Lots of fun for the kids...napkin dances, mickey, goofy, etc. Its a little loud at times (what character meal isn't?), but that just adds to the whole festive atmosphere. I like to make this dinner on the night I arrive to help unwind from the stresses of the outside world and enter the world of Disney.
"Chef Mickey's"
Reviewed on Sep 06, 2002 by the_ceo_at_wdw
Rating: Not rated  
Chef Mickey's is a nice kid's buffet. I belive it is over priced and not worth the hype. Although its an easy dinner if you are staying in the resort Monorail loop; isnt worth the travel by car. Food is ok. Servie also. But its way over priced. Always was. Ofcourse if i had a chance i would eat there but i would want a discount. 1 -10 7 1/2
"Good but Not the Best"
Reviewed on Sep 06, 2002 by SJTSmith
Rating: Not rated  
This is a good restaurant, but I have had better. You can not bet the location. It is great to watch the Monorail go through the resort. It was nice to eat there once but it is not my favorite.
"Chef Mickey is the BEST"
Reviewed on Sep 05, 2002 by disneyanna0521
Rating: Not rated  
The first and only time i ate here was May 21, 2002 for my VERY Sweet 16, for breakfast. The food was SOOOOO good, i even wanted to keep eating after i was full!!! They gave me a very delectable cupcake, chococolate, with 2 things of whip cream to make ears, it had mickey sprinkles and a candle, which i still have, including a choclate tasted so good, it tasted to professional. I even had a view of Cinderella Castle. I can't put into words how much i loved this resturant. My server was great, she even let me keep my placemate, reminding me forever how special it was.
"A Disney Character Fest"
Reviewed on Aug 31, 2002 by GenerationX
Rating: Not rated  
Mickey, Minnie, Chip, Dale, and Goofy were ALL on hand when we visited, and we must have shot two rolls of film. From what I can recall the breakfast was good, but who has time to eat when there are so many characters around? Lots of fun for all.
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
"#1 Character Buffet"
Reviewed on Aug 26, 2002 by Tramp
Rating: Not rated  
Located in the Contemporary Hotel, we consider this the #1 restaurant for buffet character dining...Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Chip & Dale are all here and every half hour or so, they have the guests participate in a napkin twirling, howling good time...ya just won't find this at home. The menu is terrific...great selection from the Main course to the very sinful deserts...and there are the usual kids menu of hot dogs and pizzas if so desired...if you walk out without feeling full, it's your own fault. Plenty of time for picture taking...the characters usually make at least two passes by your table before you finish your meal...the setting is very Disney...with the monorail swishing by every few minutes or so ... just a delightful place. Highly recommend it for either breakfast or dinner...we never had problems getting same day seating but you need to be flexible with your time, otherwise, make Priority Seating reservations a day or two in advance.
Chef Mickey's Restaurant
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