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"How Did I Miss This Sleeper??"
Reviewed on May 27, 2013 by Bowler Hat Girl
Rating: 9  
Wow. Okay, this place is going to make it into rotation for my vacations now. I have tried almost all the signature restaurants now, and this may be in my top two (along with Narcoossee's). For years, I read reviews, read the menus, and thought the idea of Pacific Northwest just didn't do it for me. How wrong I was. The restaurant itself is beautiful. It really feels hidden away from the noise of the lobby and of Whispering Canyon. It doesn't feel cramped in there the way California Grill can, and it really seemed shockingly quiet. I have to say the service was EXCELLENT. Our server gave all kinds of recommendations, was attentive, and offered alternatives when one slightly more picky person in our group wanted to go a little off-menu. So now for the food. I don't usually go with appetizers (other than cheese plates) because I like to save room for the entree. However, I had heard so much about the smoky portobello soup that I had to try it. I stopped myself before I finished, but only because I really did want to be able to eat my entree. The soup was delicious and very filling. I would absolutely order this again. Another person in my group had the salad with the icewine dressing, and it was also amazing. For an entree, I had the buffalo strip. It was amazing. I really am not the most adventurous person when it comes to trying new food, but our server said it was just like steak--only better. Honestly, it was so much more tender than steak. It was seasoned really well and just delicious. The truffle mac and cheese that came with it was also good. One of my fellow diners had the cedar plank salmon. I'm not a huge salmon fan, but I tried it and it had to be the best salmon I'd ever eaten. Desserts were great too. Two in my party had the famous berry cobbler, while I had something called OXO, which was three kinds of chocolate desserts. Needless to say, after all the other food, I couldn't actually finish this, but it wasn't because it wasn't good. Overall, I loved this place and look forward to going back.
"Hidden Jewel"
Reviewed on Jan 18, 2013 by Maddie
Rating: 10  
I strongly recommend this restaurantfor dinner, particulary for adults without children. The wine list was various and lengthy, and the cocktails were great! Request to sit by a window, if possible, for a great view of the beautiful Wilderness Lodge property. We tried the Slow-Roasted Buffalo Strip Steak. I was a little thrown off by the name - I enjoy rare/medium rare steak, and the "slow-roasted" part had me confused. However, it was deliciously tender, and rare, on the inside with a nice, crisp, grilled outside - better than filet mignon, and healthier! The appetizers and cobbler were also delicious. If you are looking for great food and a beautiful atmosphere for dinner, particularly with less kids and thus quieter, look no further. If you like Craftsman and Frank Lloyd Wright types of decorating and decor, this place will please your eyes also. Finally, check out the cozy, comfy bar next door for an after-dinner drink!
"Occasiona bits of brillance, some not so bright"
Reviewed on Dec 14, 2012 by Networkpro
Rating: 3  
My wife and I dined on the night of the great monorail power outage on the 11th of December 2012. We began with the Portabello bisque which tasted wonderful but was strangely grainy. For entre's my wife had the scallops over risotto (only browned on one side and 4 in quantity) and I had the Beef Tenderloin. The Tenderloin was delicious, but the accompanying tart was a disaster with slices of uncooked potato. The scallops were very disappointing in size, preparation and quantity. There are much better presentations across the world for considerably less. The Rose and Crown appetizer (~$10) has more, is prepared and presented better, and the spinach is actually stemmed. The seasonal wild berry cobbler was delicious and I'm glad I had the rasberry "ice cream" (more of a sorbet) served on the side as it would have drowned out the seperate berry flavors. I accompanied it with a pot of Early Grey tea (delicious and excellent presentation) while my wife suffered through the non-descript Mouse bar menu.
"A favorite for us"
Reviewed on Sep 10, 2012 by Megan
Rating: 9  
This was our second favorite signature restaurant on our last trip in March. I had the salmon, which was cooked perfectly, and my husband had the buffalo which was so tender he didn't even need to use a knife to cut it. For dessert I had the cobbler that was to die for, and he had chocolate molten cake that was amazing. Because we were celebrating my birthday and also we were on our honeymoon, our waiter brought us an extra dessert with a candle and also two glasses of champagne to celebrate. Can't wait to go back in October.
Reviewed on Jul 27, 2010 by tampabrad
Rating: 10  
Had a fantastic dinner at Artist Point on Wed, July 21. Service was great and the food was amazing.

My partner and I started with Crab Cakes and Portabella Soup. Both were excellent. The Crab Cakes were some of the best I have ever had. Full of sweet Crab and very little "filler."

For entrees we had the Fisherman's stew and the Buffalo Striploin. Again, both were amazing. The prawns in the stew were huge (with the heads still on.) Our server did warn us. The Buffalo was one of the best pieces of meat I have ever eaten. I could cut it with a butter knife. We also shared a side of Mac and Cheese which was just completely over the top.

Dessert was the cobbler with homemade Creme Brulee Ice Cream. I am out of words to describe how good it was.

Between us, with a cocktail, our bill came out to @$130, plus a $40 tip. Worth every penny.

"What happened to the Artist Point I loved?"
Reviewed on Jun 24, 2010 by mmouse05
Rating: 3  
Not only is the buffalo now a strip lion but the sweet potato hazelnut gratin resembles sliced carrots. The famous berry cobbler has now become a blueberry pot pie. The only saving grace on the menu is the smokey portabello soup.

Service and atmosphere are still great but the menu has certainly gone downhill.
"MINOR Improvement - 1 Year"
Reviewed on Nov 21, 2009 by Trotsky
Rating: 5  
Well, at least there is a dcent steak on the menu after 1 year....


The fresh fruit Cobbler that many of us knew and loved is gone - replaced by a poor, traditional (probably frozen & microwaved) joke.

Take transportation to Citrico's - nearly the same price, and VASTLY superior.
"Degraded Menu as of mid 2008"
Reviewed on Jan 22, 2009 by Trotsky
Rating: 2  
Still has the "Signature" title, but filets are off the menue, replaced by poor NY strips. Very sad, as this was one of my favorites... can no longer recommend it.
"A great restaurant"
Reviewed on Apr 22, 2008 by vilegirl
Rating: 10  
I really love this restaurant. I've been many times. The food is always delicious and the staff is great.
"Buffalo meat and wine flights"
Reviewed on Mar 06, 2008 by snowdog63
Rating: 9  

The meat was fantastic,we loved it. The sweet potatoes complimented the meat. It's a bit pricey(everything is in the World) but worth it if one has never tried it. No gamey taste,no need for steak sauce. It had a onion jelly? on it. We will go there again this year. As for the wine,I don't drink enough to know what's good and what's not,but I will say this,it all tasted sour to me. Pehaps my taste buds are shot,I don't know. I tried the red with the meat and it still tasted sour,all of it did. I switched to iced tea and everything was fine. A flight of wine cost about 30 or 40 dollars. Beware. My wife does drink wine and she didn't think much of it. Staff was busy but attentive.
"Disappointing this time."
Reviewed on Dec 13, 2007 by jws25
Rating: 5  
We had dinner here for the second time on December 4, 2007. The first time was several years ago, and was beyond outstanding. This time, my filet was flavorless and needed sawing (cooked medium rare), my favorite portobello soup was served cold (still good), and the service was inattentive at best. Our server was friendly enough, but after serving us a complementary toast of champagne for our anniversary, she apparently thought that was all that was necessary to provide us with a good dining experience. Bread and steak knives were forgotten. (On our last visit, the knives were not necessary.) We let her know that we wanted to have plenty of time for the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, but she seemed to have forgotten that too. When she finally came to see us after the entree was served (and long after we had done with it), we let her know that we wished to skip dessert to have more time at the party. She disappeared for another 10 minutes, seemingly to retrieve our bill, then came back with a "complementary" berry dessert for us to share. We weren't impressed, since we were using the dining plan, and were entitled to desserts anyway. Still no bill, another 10 minutes later. Last trip, we added an additional $10 to the included gratuity of the dining plan, our service was so stellar. This time, she got only what she expected.
"Good menu, excellent service"
Reviewed on Nov 26, 2007 by BONDQ
Rating: 9  
Artist Point is a great restaurant with excellent service.
I had the buffalo steak this time and was very happy with the customer service. The staff is very attentive and informative. The restaurant is more formal than most of the restaurants at WDW, and so it is a nice change of pace. The interior of the restaurant is nice, but since it has several hard surfaces, it can be loud. With that said, if you bring your children, please make sure they are quiet, because everyone in the restaurant will hear them, and not just a little bit.
The meal choices here are the heart of Northwest cuisine with excellent salmon, buffalo, venison, duck and other fine meat choices with excellent vegetable compliments and great wine pairings. This is a great location to get away from the typical fair at WDW and enjoy yourself. In my opinion, it is the only dining location at the Wilderness Lodge worth bothering with; but making a trip from another resort just to visit Artist Point is a excellent decision.
Pricing is consistant with fine dining as is the attire and general vibe of the restaurant. I would have like to see an even broader selections on the menu, but I suppose it comes down to how many items they can prepare properly in an evening. If you haven't tried it yet, give Artist Point a try.
"Great Experience"
Reviewed on Mar 15, 2007 by WEDisney
Rating: 8  
Artist’s Point is more then just a restaurant it is more of an experience. The décor is quiet and classy and the food is spectacular. The Portobello Soup was amazing and the wait staff was top notch. Although the venison wasn’t the best I had it was still very good. The beef tenderloin and the buffalo were cooked to perfection. The restaurant has some spectacular views and should definitely be on everyone’s “must eat” list. I didn’t eat there with children so I am not sure it would be a place for them but I wouldn’t see why not.
"One of the best places"
Reviewed on Jan 27, 2007 by Computer Magic
Rating: 10  
The Cedar Salmon was the best. We would go there again
"Excellent Food & Service"
Reviewed on Dec 18, 2005 by bondq
Rating: Not rated  
Artist Point is the high-end Dinner Only restaurant at the Wilderness Lodge.

The food is fresh and inventive and the quality is superb!
Some of the offerings include Duck Confit with Pear Salad, Crispy Venison Spring Rolls, Beef tenderloin, and Buffalo steak. The desserts are also excellent.

The servers are knowledgeable about the food and wines that they offer and are friendly.

The restaurant theming is average but nice, but really the best part about it all is that it is quiet and has great quality food and service.
"Sorry - not worth the $$$"
Reviewed on Nov 04, 2005 by CATH
Rating: Not rated  
The Buffalo was overcooked and almost too tough to eat. The Salmon was average, at best. We spent over $200 for family of four, two children ages 8 and 10. We wanted this to be special and the room was nice and view equally nice. But this was a dissappointment.
"Better than CA Grill"
Reviewed on Oct 07, 2005 by jws25
Rating: Not rated  
We visited Artist Point Sept. 28, 2005. We had a 6pm res on a Wednesday night, and the restaurant was half full. Very quiet, very few children, exceptionally romantic and upscale. I ordered a beef filet med rare that I could cut with my fork and brought tears to my eyes. It was the best meal we had all week. Our server was friendly, unobtrusive, and knowledgeable about the menu and wine list. We had dined at the California Grill two nights before, and I enjoyed Artist Point much more. A hidden gem!
"Artist Point Review"
Reviewed on May 02, 2005 by speck76
Rating: Not rated  
The restaurant is fantastic. Most dinner entrees were priced between $25-$35, and they had a nice selection of 8-10 entrees. The wine list is extensive, and the desert selection was very nice.

My only complaint is that the lighting in the restaurant was quite bright. If the lighting was a little dimmer, it would make for a more relaxing, and potentially romantic environment.

It was nice not being surrounded by a ton of kids. Most families seem to eat at Whispering Canyon, which is for the better.
"Love this place!"
Reviewed on Jan 11, 2004 by mickey merrills
Rating: Not rated  
I have read several mixed reviews of this restaurant and I'm always a bit surprised - perhaps we've just lucked out the four time we've been there. We have gone for a romantic evening for two (the subtle but pervasive theming of the Wilderness Lodge is just wonderful!) and for a family dinner for four. My brother-in-law has cheesburger-only-type kids and they were disappointed in the restaurant. Our children have a palate that's a bit more adventurous and they both enjoyed their meals. The staff was friendly and welcoming to the children and had an extensive knowledge of the menu & wine list, as well as an eagerness to please. We've never been disappointed in our meals (or cocktails), but I must confess we LOVE the desserts. DH raves about the Capuccino Creme Brulee and DS (7) loves the Mickey dessert puzzle. DS (9) and I always split the berry cobbler (fight over it is a more apt description).
Reviewed on Nov 13, 2003 by lukacseven
Rating: Not rated  
Great place for adults to enjoy an upscale, , quiet, ad relaxing meal. The entire resort transforms you into the Pacific Northwest. The menu and food preparation are above average, and the service is the typical friendly Disney service. Simply not the type of place most children would find enjoyable.
"Not too impressed"
Reviewed on Mar 12, 2003 by stephsim
Rating: Not rated  
This resturant was very expensive for average food. I had the Salmon and my husband the Buffalo steak. My Salmon was average and plain to me and my husband enjoyed his steak. The food was just average, not outstanding.....and for the price it should be! Our total ticket with one kid was 140$. We had wine and dessert. My husband didn't like his dessert but mine was good. He had a chocolate cheesecake thing and I had Cappichino Creme Brule.
"NW Culinary delight!"
Reviewed on Jan 09, 2003 by diegorivera2
Rating: Not rated  
We last ate at Artist's Point in the summer of 1999 but it remains one of our favorite restaurants at WDW. I recommend the asparagus soup, the grilled venison appetizer, the shellfish hotpot (excellent with Hogue Fume Blanc), and the piece de resistance is their cedar plank salmon. This menu, with wine (2 glasses) and dessert was $83. The view is wonderful. . .
"Northewest at its best"
Reviewed on Oct 25, 2002 by bsikor
Rating: Not rated  
I really enjoy this restaurant. My wife is from Montana, so it is like a trip home for her. She gets to have the food that we normally don't find in Georgia where we live. The food is different. But definetly worth the try. The Mixed Grill is very good as is the Berry Cobbler. Had a few times where the service was not as great as I expected and a few bad tables. I just chaulk that up to being young at the time.
Reviewed on Sep 02, 2002 by Maria
Rating: Not rated  
I liked it, but don´t recommend it if you are very traditional to eat or a burger and fries lover. ;-) The menu is more interesting as the place is. It was very quiet, so I wouldn´t dare to bring a kid to it. It´s a good place to have a relaxed romantic dinner. ;-)
"Be daring!"
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2002 by Atlaslaw
Rating: Not rated  
Artist Point is at Wilderness Lodge and it is moderately themed accordingly. The high ceiling, the paintings and the decor fit in nicely with Wilderness Lodge and provide a nice dining atmosphere. This restaurant is not going to be for everyone however. The menu is incredibly diverse, but the selections are all themed toward the American Northwest. Where else can you get Buffalo, Venison, Rabbit and Elk on a regular basis? Diners must be willing to be somewhat adventuresome, or the experience is truly lost at Artist Point. The service, much like California Grill, sets the standard in my mind. I have never had bad service there. In fact, the staff goes out of their way to answer any questions and make suggestions on the menu. They even offered me the option that they would bring me something different, at no charge, if I did not like the Buffalo I wanted to try, but was apprehensive about. They didn't have to make good on their offer! Artist Point is very quiet and offers a rather tranquil dining experience. I haven't experienced it with a child yet, but I will in November and I'll update this review then. This is probably the top choice on my personal list of favorite restaurants anywhere. I traditionally like to go to Artist Point on the last night of a stay at "the World". It's a good place to "say goodbye" from.
Artist Point
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