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Apr 22, 2003 in "Mission: SPACE"

READY FOR THE MISSION — Four guests become a team of astronauts working together to fulfill a mission when they step into a capsule and prepare for takeoff at Mission: SPACE. During the thrilling ride, which gives guests the sensation of blasting off into space, everyone in the capsule participates in completing the mission by using joysticks and buttons - all while viewing outer space through their own video screen. Copyright 2003, THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY.

The Post Show

RACING THROUGH SPACE — Guests become members of the Mission Control team when they engage in Space Race, a high-energy interactive game that explores the teamwork needed between Mission Control and astronauts in space missions. Two teams work against one another to fix problems on their ship and be the first to arrive at the race destination. The Mission: SPACE post show, powered by HP, extends the adventure of Mission: SPACE, a Walt Disney World attraction set for liftoff at Epcot in 2003. Copyright 2003, THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY.

SPACE ADVENTURE — Space Base, one of four activities in the Mission: SPACE post show, gives budding astronauts an opportunity to climb, jump and explore in a space-themed area. The Mission: SPACE post show, powered by HP, extends the excitement of Mission: SPACE, set to launch at Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort in 2003. Guests who accept the mission in this unique attraction will experience the scintillating sensation of launching into space. Copyright 2003, THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY.)

OUT OF THIS WORLD — Walt Disney Imagineers Sue Bryan and Bob Zalk are the co-producers of Epcot's latest thrill attraction, Mission: SPACE. Set in the future, Mission: SPACE gives guests the exhilarating experience of a simulated space adventure from pulse-racing lift-off to the sensations of traveling through space. Copyright 2003, THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY.

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