Jungle Cruise

Adventureland, Magic Kingdom
Reader rating Reader rating 8.1 / 10

Main Details

  • Park
    Magic Kingdom
  • Land
  • Ride Type
    Boat Ride
  • Restraint
  • Thrill Level
  • Ride Duration
  • Pre-Show
  • Post-Show
  • Gift Shop

Queue Details

  • FastPass+
  • FastPass+ Demand
  • Standby Line
  • Standby Wait
  • Single Rider Line
  • Interactive
  • Indoor Queue
  • Outdoor Queue
  • Comfort Level

Ride System

  • Type
    Boat Ride
  • On-Board Audio


  • Height Req.
  • Age
    Children under age 7 must be accompanied by person age 14+
  • Frightening Kids
  • Accessibility
    May remain in Wheelchair/ECV
  • Captioning
    Assistive Listening System and Sign Language

Extra Magic Hours

  • Morning EMH
  • Evening EMH


  • On Ride Photo

Important Dates

  • Grand Opening
    Oct 1 1971

The Jungle Cruise takes guests through a river cruise along the tropical rivers of the world. A friendly skipper delivers a live narration at rapid fire pace, and it's non-stop humour the whole way.


Facts and Figures

  • Opening date: October 1 1971
  • Ride time: 9 minutes approx
  • Water volume:  1 750 000 gallons
  • Plant life: More than 500 different varities of plants
  • Boat power: The boats are powered by 4 cylinder Chevy engines
  • Number of animated figures: 130+


The Jungle Cruise was based on Walt Disney's True Life Adventure seeries. The original idea for the Jungle cruise at Disneyland was for it be much more serious, and to include real living animals. Once this turned out to be impractical, the show was designed to use Animated Figures instead. The original version in Disneyland originally opened without the much loved humor that we enjoy today. The light hearted version was introduced in the early 1960s, a few years after opening. When it came for the Jungle Cruise to be built at Walt Disney World, the same jungle humor as created by legen Marc Davis was once again the basis of the attraction.

Boat Names

  • Amazon Annie
  • Bomokandi Bertha
  • Congo Connie
  • Ganges Gertie
  • Irrawaddy Irma
  • Kwango Kate
  • Mongala Millie
  • Nile Nelly
  • Orinoco Ida
  • Rutshuru Ruby
  • Sankuru Sadie
  • Senegal Sal
  • Ucyali Lolly
  • Volta Val
  • Wamba Wanda
  • Zambesi Zelda


The Jungle takes guest through:

  • Amazon River
  • Congo
  • River Nile
  • Mekong River
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