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"Flowers,bushes, and trees"
Reviewed on Dec 18, 2005 by akiraraptor
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If you like gardening, take this tour. If you like nature and the outdors, take this tour. If you like the World Showcase, take this tour.

This tour is a detailed trip around World Showcase, pinpointing all the small, detailed items about the inner workings of Disney's honocultural efforts at WDW and WS specificaly.

This is, in our opinion, one of the best tours Disney offers. It's not about rides, or shows, or some gadget or another. It's about trees, and flowers, and plants, and nature, and how Disney has incorporated all of that into a theme park. ANd how they keep it going on a daily basis.

We've done this tour many times now. And along with the Segways tour, is by far our favorite. We've had a different guide on each tour, and have learned new things each time because the guide have specialties that they talk about during the tour.

On our first year we had a turf man. He loved grasses. And by the end of the tour, we all loved greasses too. Did you know all grass at WDW is green. Even the brown dead stuff. It's painted with a food color to make it green if it's not.

On our last tour we had a tree specialist. And she explained how Disney moves around huge trees, and i'm talkining about really huge trees over 40 feet or more.

The guides have all been trained specialists. These are not people from off the streat and put through 2 days of training staff. These are doctorate level specialists that could be working anywhere, but have chosen Disney because of there commitment to there field of study.

It's a pleasure to have a tour led by these same people, and a breath of freash air compaired to most of the other tours that are sometimes Disney "sugar coated" a bit too much.

Take the tour, you'll love it too.
Gardens of the World Tour
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