Illuminarium Las Vegas will feature NASA's groundbreaking James Webb Telescope imagery at a scale never seen before

Jun 01, 2023 in "Illuminarium"

Posted: Thursday June 1, 2023 3:27pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Illuminarium, the technology-driven immersive experience at AREA15 has debuted a new addition to its SPACE: A Journey to the Moon & Beyond.


The exhibition will include interactive and visually-stunning imagery from the James Webb Telescope through the lens of Illuminarium’s high-tech animation systems and 360-degree fully immersive screens. 

Beyond being immersed in the extraordinary images that the JWST sent back to earth, Illuminarium guests will also see first-hand the dramatic unfurling and deployment of the JWST in deep space — how a telescope the size of a football field that was crammed into a rocket less than 30 feet in diameter came to life. Some have described the unfolding of the JWST to that of an origami creation or like a remote-controlled opening of a gigantic Swiss army knife. Illuminarium guests will see an extraordinary 3-D recreation of this amazing technological feat.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share imagery from the James Webb telescope through our immersive-360 experiences at Illuminarium,” said General Manager at Illuminarium Las Vegas, Calum Pearson. “These jaw-dropping images are a feast for the eyes, giving a unique view of our galaxies, taking us to places we could never imagine. And when it is seen at this over-the-top scale that Illuminarium provides, it will take your breath away.”

The Illuminarium SPACE experience is driven by a blend of technology, including 4K laser projection, 3-D audio, LIDAR based interactivity, in-floor sensation-creating haptics, and even scent, bringing unique authenticity to the immersive experience.

A Special “After Dark” James Webb Experience (21+)

On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, Illuminarium Las Vegas will be bringing a special interactive James Webb Space Telescope addition to its 21+ SPACE After Dark experience. SPACE After Dark guests will have the opportunity to interact with Cosmic Cliffs, Tarantula Nebulas, The Southern Ring, Pillars of Creation, and more. Using a wave of the hand, viewers can literally affect what they see on the Illuminarium walls. Simply walk by the star filled Pillars of Creation, and new colors and sights will be revealed - creating an immersive experience like no other.

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