Disney celebrates National Streaming Day with $2 Hulu offer

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Posted: Thursday May 18, 2023 9:07am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

From now until Saturday, May 27, new and eligible returning Hulu subscribers (who are not Disney+, ESPN+, or Disney Bundle subscribers) can subscribe to Hulu (With Ads) for just $2/month for three months – and add Disney+ (With Ads) for $2/month more.

Head to hulu.com/earlyaccess to learn more about this special offer.

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MisterPenguin15 hours ago

We don't know for sure. Management at WBD said that Batgirl was, to paraphrase, awful. They didn't dis the other removals in the same way. And there's talk of some of their removals finding new homes. Disney simply removed what they removed with little to no comment.

tcool12315 hours ago

EPCOT-O.G.20 hours ago

Do we know if these removals are more strategic and temporal, or permanent (like what WBD did with Batgirl)?

CaptainAmerica1 day ago


MisterPenguin1 day ago


CaptainAmerica4 days ago

I don't have the time or energy to explain production accounting but suffice it to say that those Touchtone Pictures films have been fully amortized and are no longer a drag on the P&L.

MarvelCharacterNerd4 days ago

Sad about Prop Culture and Runaways. Runaways, along with Cloak & Dagger and Shadowhunters (both somehow got stuck on Hulu) all belong on Disney+. Permanently.

MisterPenguin4 days ago


Slpy32704 days ago

I wouldn't say Prop Culture was "trash" even if only diehards watched it. And you know what's also trash? 60% of Touchstone Pictures films. Disney still has them widely available in some form.

CaptainAmerica4 days ago

It's not a vault situation. The vault took premium content and removed it to create scarcity and, thereby, demand. This is trash content that nobody watches. It's not coming back. Ever. Nobody is going to resubscribe to Disney+ because Willow comes back "for a limited time." Cc @Disney Irish

Disney Irish4 days ago

Correct, hence the "Disney Vault" reference that we've both made. Its the made up scarcity that gets the consumer to act, "better buy or sub now or it'll be gone forever". And guess who created that..... Chapek. So for all the negative things he's done around the company, he at least did do that right from a business perspective.

Slpy32704 days ago

One thing that boils my mind is people saying that shows and movies exclusive to streaming services that get pulled are "gone forever" like the hard drives, film prints and/or master tapes of said movies/shows have been destroyed/erased. What year is this? 1970? If the studios were found to still be doing that in this day and age, it would be a huge scandal. Literally no one would want to work in Hollywood ever again. There are still tons of old movies and shows, especially shows that have never reaired since their original broadcasts, that have not gotten any home video or streaming releases. Are they "gone forever"? No. They're just sitting in a studio vault waiting for whenever the time comes to be pulled out. That's what's going to happen to these shows and movies. They'll come back, somehow, someday. They likely still exist in hard drives or master tapes deep in the Disney archives somewhere.

Slpy32704 days ago

Good news: two of those shows are still there. Bad news: the average D+ subscriber doesn't care for those shows, unfortunately. The biggest mistake people made was thinking streaming services would replace home video. Guess what? They're just television networks no different from HBO. The idea that content would stay there forever was always a fantasy given the economics involved. As I've said before, Netflix will absolutely start taking their own shows and movies down at some point. It's only a matter of time..... Both shows are available to purchase digitally so thankfully they're not gone.

Vegas Disney Fan4 days ago

Thats disappointing, as a Disney fan it’s exactly what I want to see on D+. The behind the scenes shows like the imagineering story, Prop Culture, Behind the Attraction, etc are a big part of why I pay for D+. Also disappointed to see Game Changers, Big Shot, and Benedict society cancelled… they weren’t great but they were all guilty pleasures of mine, aside from Loki and the Mandalorian there’s not many series left that I watch.