ESPN, Fox, and Warner Bros. Discovery to launch joint sports streaming platform

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Posted: Tuesday February 6, 2024 5:30pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

ESPN, FOX, and Warner Bros. Discovery are forming a joint venture to create a new streaming sports service for a US launch in fall 2024.

This platform will combine their sports networks, direct-to-consumer sports services, and rights, featuring content from major professional and college sports leagues.

The service is still under negotiation and will be accessible via a new app, and can be bundled with Disney+, Hulu, and Max. It aims to offer a comprehensive range of sports content, targeting fans outside the traditional pay TV bundle. The service will include channels like ESPN, FOX Sports, and Warner Bros. Discovery's sports networks.

Each company will own an equal third of the venture, contributing sports content on a non-exclusive basis. The service will have a distinct brand and be overseen by an independent management team.

Bob Iger, Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company said, "The launch of this new streaming sports service is a significant moment for Disney and ESPN, a major win for sports fans, and an important step forward for the media business. This means the full suite of ESPN channels will be available to consumers alongside the sports programming of other industry leaders as part of a differentiated sports-centric service. I'm grateful to Jimmy Pitaro and the team at ESPN, who are at the forefront of innovating on behalf of consumers to create new offerings with more choice and greater value."

Lachlan Murdoch, Executive Chair and Chief Executive Officer of FOX said, "We're pumped to bring the FOX Sports portfolio to this new and exciting platform. We believe the service will provide passionate fans outside of the traditional bundle an array of amazing sports content all in one place."

David Zaslav, Chief Executive Officer of Warner Bros. Discovery, said, "At WBD, our ambition is always to connect our leading content and brands with as many viewers as possible, and this exciting joint venture and the unparalleled combination of marquee sports rights and access to the greatest sporting events in the world allows us to do just that. This new sports service exemplifies our ability as an industry to drive innovation and provide consumers with more choice, enjoyment, and value, and we're thrilled to deliver it to sports fans."

Further details, including pricing, are yet to be announced.

The new service will stream thousands of high-profile sporting events including:

Pro Football

  • NFL | UFL


  • NBA | WNBA


  • MLB
  • Hockey
  • NHL

College sports

Thousands of games and events, multiple sports, across nearly two dozen conferences, including:

  • ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East, SEC | 40 NCAA Championship Events | NCAA Men’s & Women’s Basketball Tournaments | The College Football Playoff


  • PGA Tour | PGA Championship | The Masters | TGL

Grand Slam Tennis

  • Wimbledon | US Open | Australian Open


  • Giro d'Italia | UCI Mountain Bike World Cup | Giro Donne


  • FIFA World Cup | U.S. Soccer
  • NWSL | MLS | LA LIGA | Bundesliga | UEFA | CONCACAF

Combat sports

  • UFC | Top Rank


  • Formula 1 | NASCAR | 24 Hours of Le Mans
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MisterPenguin23 days ago

Basil of Baker Street23 days ago

Someone should figure out a way to bundle all channels in one platform and beam it to me from outer space.

doctornick25 days ago

One question I have is whether the games on broadcast TV (eg stuff carried on ABC or FOX proper) will be able to carried on this service. I know in theory one can use an antenna but for some more rural folks that is not an option.

doctornick25 days ago

you have to think of it more like a sports focused Sling or YouTubeTV (which cost more than that) for comparison than a streaming service like Netflix or D+

DKampy25 days ago

What is it about Hollywood that affects you personally…If there is something coming out of Hollywood that offends me… I won’t watch… but you apparently enjoy enough coming out of Hollywood that you pirate

Drdcm25 days ago

I’m sure it will cost double what it costs me now. I care about the NHL that’s it. Why not pay for everything else at the same time just to only watch NHL games? Bundling doesn’t save most people money, it forces people to pay more for things they don’t want or need.

MrPromey25 days ago

As someone who can think of fewer things that interest me less than professional/college sports, this makes me happy. Love to see these things bundling into something that makes it all easier to access for people who are interested while not getting bundled into and raising the prices of things I subscribe to. Feels very win-win.

FutureCEO25 days ago

No Comcast = no premier league 😔 But we all know what happened last time when Disney was a third in a streaming service. If local sports are included, this would be great to watch the Bruins without Direct TV or anything.

Disney Irish25 days ago

You assume those movies that you don't personally own will just suddenly become available for free if Hollywood collapses? Think again. Also even in this fantasy world Hollywood isn't going to collapse anyways, at least not fully. Something will rise out of the ashes, and may just be 10x worse than what you hate about the current Hollywood system. So careful what you wish for....

LSLS25 days ago

Good lord, $50? That's an insane asking price when the bally streaming service failed spectacularly asking for $20. Most sports people only want to see their team anyways. The one that is not the case for is the NFL, and you only need an antenna for those on this service.

SplashLanta25 days ago

I currently pay $75 a month for YouTube TV. Sports is the ONLY reason. An introductory price of less than $75 means I'm all in, and that's surely what's coming. Sports are the only reason to keep current cable/live TV alternatives and this seems to actually hit the nail on the head. It runs the risk of the major sports leagues attempting more direct-to-consumer and cutting out the middle-man, but we'll see.

Consumer25 days ago

Yeah if Hollywood collapses all those movies from the 1950s will suddenly cease to exist.

CaptainMickey25 days ago

I saw that Amazon Prime recently purchased a minority stake in Bally's/Diamond Sports Group. Prime is probably going to get access to all the Regional Sports networks games (Like Devils and Mets games) in the near future that will carry all the local market NHL/MLB/NBA games. Looks like you will probably need the new Amazon Prime PLUS Regional Sports to supplement this new sports service.

Dead200925 days ago

If Hollywood collapses, you no longer have any content to pirate.