Brightline Orlando tickets now on sale for travel beginning late summer 2023

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Brightline Orlando Station
Posted: Wednesday May 17, 2023 10:36am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Tickets for Brightline rail travel between South Florida (Miami, Aventura, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach) and Orlando are on sale now for late summer through early 2024.

Guests can purchase tickets at An official opening date and inaugural rides will be announced after Brightline has completed required testing.

"Brightline guests and the travel market have spoken loudly, and we want to respond by opening ticket sales from late summer through the beginning of next year," said Patrick Goddard, president of Brightline. "While we are finalizing an official launch date, guests can now book travel for Labor Day, Halloween and holidays through the new year."

Brightline will offer one-way SMART fares starting at $79 for adults and $39 for kids. Groups of 4+ automatically save an additional 25 percent on SMART fares. SMART service offers a business-class option onboard in leather seats, complimentary Starlink WiFi, multiple power and USB outlets, and an array of food and beverages available for purchase.

One-way PREMIUM fares start at $149, a first class experience with added amenities including a dedicated PREMIUM lounge, priority boarding, checked luggage, and complimentary snacks and beverages throughout the journey.

Transportation and mobility options at Brightline Orlando Station will feature new Brightline+ products including shuttles, Uber rideshare and car rental options, which will cater to the unique needs of the Orlando visitor. When booked, guests receive confirmation email and instructions on how to add on extras such as parking, checked baggage, and Brightline+ mobility options available closer to their trip date.

In South Florida, Brightline offers a wide variety of options to get guests to and from the stations using Brightline+ with Uber, fixed route shuttles to the airports, neighborhood electric vehicles and event shuttles. PREMIUM booked guests can use Brightline's first and last-mile service to get to and from the station with complimentary Uber rides anywhere within a five mile radius in South Florida.

Service will include 16 daily round trips with hourly departures between Miami and Orlando. Regular service from Orlando to Miami will stop at all Brightline stations including West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Aventura.

Additional dedicated trains will continue to serve commuters and the South Florida region between Miami and West Palm Beach with early morning departures at 5:00 a.m. from West Palm Beach and late night departures until 12:45 a.m. out of Miami.

The complete new train schedule between Miami and Orlando can be viewed by visiting

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SaucyBoy13 days ago

Enjoy being stuck in traffic on 95 or on a section of the turnpike without an exit for hours while I cruise on by you on the train. Then why are you here spouting anti-public transport nonsense?

Rich Brownn14 days ago

If you need to go anywhere downtown/Brickell, add an extra 30-60 minutes to driving. at least BL drops you right by the MetroMover. Plus don't forget parking which is a nightmare in most locations.

Ayla14 days ago

Oh, no worries. FL isn't getting a penny of my money.

TrainsOfDisney14 days ago

You’re welcome to continue driving and others will continue to fly or take Amtrak, or one of the 3+ bus lines that travel the same route (greyhound, Flix bus, red coach…). And now many people will take Brightline as well! It’s great to have choices in life.

Ayla14 days ago

Brightline takes 3 and a half hours from Miami to Orlando, same as driving. ETA: Driving is going directly from starting point to destination. Train means an extra transportation option on either end, which adds more time.

Rich Brownn14 days ago

People are weird when it comes to mass transit. Me and a friend were neighbors and both worked at the same place in Miami. I took the metro rail to the metro mover to work and it took 35-40 minutes. She drove and it took 90 due to traffic. When I asked why she didn't take the train, she replied "driving was more convenient". I'm not sure how an extra hour or more a day was convenient but thats the mindset

MisterPenguin14 days ago

$54 ticket. Comes with courtesy beef jerky and Bud Light.

TrainsOfDisney14 days ago

Is there a riding lawnmower public transit option available?

MisterPenguin14 days ago

Don't forget riding lawnmowers!

TrainsOfDisney14 days ago

There are multiple bus routes that travel from Orlando to Miami. There are multiple flights from Orlando to Miami. There will now be multiple trains from Orlando to Miami (Amtrak already operates 2 trains per day but they take a bit longer because it’s not a direct route and of course they don’t run faster than 79mph). Multiple options is always a good thing!

mkt14 days ago

Not just an American hub, but a major international airport. Skyteam airlines and Delta's partners will connect through MIA with continuing service on Delta. Meanwhile OneWorld Airlines and AA's partners will connect through MIA for continuing service on American. Yes. This is a big one. When I worked in Brickell, we'd have people fly down from Orlando on day trips to attend meetings in Miami and fly right back, and vice-versa. Lots of Miami investors are investing in Orlando.

afterabme14 days ago

Need to connect to Miami for onwards travel, Miami is an American hub. Also, if you need to be there for business in the morning and fly back in the evening.

Ayla14 days ago


MagicHappens197114 days ago

He was probably implying that with stops you'd need to make for either gas/food/restroom, it may take longer to drive.