Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse-inspired airplanes meet for the first time during an announcement of a fifth Disney-character plane coming to the Azul fleet

Feb 24, 2023 in "Air Travel"

Azul Airlines - The World's Most Magical Fleet
Posted: Friday February 24, 2023 2:43pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Azul Airlines of Brazil has announced that a fifth Disney-inspired airplane featuring Goofy is joining its fleet.

Azul celebrated the news by reuniting the four existing character-inspired planes for the first time. The aircraft inspired by Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck stood side by side, at the Azul maintenance hangar in Brazil.

With the addition of the fifth plane, Azul will have the largest Disney Character-inspired fleet flying anywhere in the world today. Watch he video below to see more of the Disney character fleet.

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mktFeb 24, 2023

Very cool, but they'll never see MCO, since Azul doesn't fly their 320/321 fleet there 😞