Orlando International Airport embarks on major expansion with Terminal and Airfield enhancements

Oct 19, 2023 in "Air Travel"

Posted: Thursday October 19, 2023 12:16pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Board has unveiled a series of developments to enhance the passenger experience at Orlando International Airport (MCO) as the passenger traffic is expected to reach 58 million by year's end.

Key highlights announced today include:

Terminal C Expansion: A Phase 2 development program will see Terminal C grow to accommodate an additional 16 to 24 aircraft gates. This expansion project will be managed by Ricondo & Associates, who are tasked with drafting a Program Definition Document (PDD) detailing requirements, cost estimates, operational concepts, and facility layouts. This document will guide further decision-making and budgetary considerations.

Automated People Mover (APM) Upgrade: Funding has been approved to overhaul the APM systems connecting the North Terminal to Airsides 2 & 4. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc. was awarded the contract to replace and maintain vehicles, surfaces, and control equipment. The upgrades are expected to be completed by Spring 2027, ensuring passenger traffic flow and enhancing airport connectivity.

Airfield Improvements: Both Orlando International and Orlando Executive Airports (ORL) are set for major airfield upgrades. At MCO, the Hubbard Construction Company is set to refurbish Taxiways G, H, and related connectors, with work scheduled from November 2023 to August 2024. Meanwhile, the Middlesex Corporation will manage renovations at ORL, which includes the rehabilitation and construction of several taxiways, set to commence in November 2023 and conclude in April 2024.

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Goofnut1980Oct 23, 2023

A and B need gutted and redone badly. Why keep expanding C. Take care of what you have first. Heck they cant even get water fountains by the car rental to work consistently lol

ryguyOct 21, 2023

The parking situation is a complete cluster, and truthfully makes MCO an airport I don't want to ever fly out of. It only really works if you are getting dropped off. Even that stinks with how crowded the airport constantly is. The economy lots need trains, the whole shuttle situation is stressful and not efficient. The fact they didn't adequately address this issue during the expansion is disappointing and shocking. Parking garages need space indicator lights like Disney Springs, even if there is parking in A/B/C lots its like where's Waldo trying to find a spot. Oh and the parking garage apps that let you know if garages/lots are full are never accurate. The place is garbage.

SoFloMagicOct 20, 2023

It was finished and opened during covid. It was cost-cut like crazy due to the airport commission not knowing when demand would rebound

Travelman5Oct 20, 2023

It’s interesting that the brand new terminal is getting the attention. While it truly is a design fiasco, really poorly laid out, I’m more concerned with the old, dated 30-40 year old terminals A&B! They really need help! So many people flying through, but it’s embarrassing to see how we welcome our guests. I really believe we’d gain new, and see the return of the incredible list of international services we’ve lost since Covid. Europe and South America are especially lacking.

Dr.GrantSeekerOct 20, 2023

I don’t personally like surface lots because of the need to shuttle to and from the terminals, but hopefully it helps ease parking congestion. Especially with Bright line now open

JaxFLBearOct 20, 2023

Three new surface lots that will add around 700 spaces are already under construction.

JaxFLBearOct 20, 2023

Work on a connecting bridge has begun and is targeted to be completed in late 2024. The bridge was part of the original plan, but cut for budget reasons.

OvertheHorizonOct 20, 2023

Amen to the comments about parking. On my last trip to pickup a friend arriving at Terminal A I was forced to park in Terminal C. I can't walk without the assistance of a walker and the distance to the shuttle train was ridiculous. My friend had to find me.

zappomaticOct 19, 2023

It's hard to believe terminal C is a modern, purpose built facility. It's just so badly designed and full of obvious cost cutting. The walk from arriving international flights down featureless corridors without moving walkways is ridiculous as is the distance between the terminal and the transit to A and B, and the only lounge is way too small to cope with demand. Meanwhile landslide is full of bizarre empty expanses and security search feels outdated and inefficient by international standards (but then I guess that's the fault of TSA rather than the airport). Instead of having people barking orders, why not have some clear signage or animations on TVs showing exactly what documents are required and what needs to be removed from luggage?

Dr.GrantSeekerOct 19, 2023

They also really need to address the parking issues. All 3 garages (A/B/C) and usually one or two of the economy lots are full. For example as of this post all 3 garages are full. MCO has already outgrown the parking added with garage C and more parking needs to be added.

denn009Oct 19, 2023

Any info about reducing the physical walking distance to get from terminal C to the APM to terminal A & B? We painfully navigated this in May and had to go outdoors in the heat. IMO, poorly designed.