Epcot resort area Friendship Boats return to service

Sep 14, 2017 in "Friendship Cruisers"

Posted: Thursday September 14, 2017 2:01pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Friendship Boat service on Crescent Lake has been resumed.

Operating between Epcot, the Epcot area resort hotels, and Disney's Hollywood Studios - the Friendship Boats are a popular choice for guests staying at Epcot area hotels.

The service was closed yesterday due to what is believed to be high water levels associated with Hurricane Irma.

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The Empress LillySep 17, 2017

The closure is all water under the bridge... :cool:

lazyboy97oSep 15, 2017

The Boardwalk turning station will not support loading and unloading.

RansomSep 14, 2017

Well, shoot. There goes my chance to spend a day or two complaining about Disney declining. :depressed:

Horizons '83Sep 14, 2017

I kinda would though because the status quo didn't/won't change. My sense is the gondolas are mean't a "plus" to the Epcot/DHS area but not to replace any of the current transportation methods. There really would be no reason to exclude any of the current stops from these boats.

jt04Sep 14, 2017

Hope so. But wouldn't blame them if they got rid of the boardwalk stops.

Horizons '83Sep 14, 2017

They will still be there. Most of the traffic from those boats come from The Dolphin/Swan guests and there won't be gondola station near there. The remainder come from Boardwalk, which won't have a station either.

jt04Sep 14, 2017

Good to hear the sky still hasn't fallen. That said, I am not sure the FBs will survive once the gondolas arrive. At least as currently deployed. IMO

SpectroSep 14, 2017

Service resumed around 6pm today we took the boat from Hollywood studios for our dinner ressie at cape may

WDWFanDaveSep 14, 2017

Blog Mickey is reporting that service has resumed: https://twitter.com/Blog_Mickey/status/908109026600345600

jmuboySep 13, 2017

Same with me

freediverdudeSep 13, 2017

It won't let me see that image for some reason, did Disney tell you to take it down? Lol. I'm signed in, but it still says I'm not allowed to see pictures in that album.

AndrewsJSep 13, 2017

I don't think we have to wait and find out. Logic would tell most that high water levels and a damaged bridge are to blame. I'm sure it's just stingy Disney bean counters though.

Monorail_OrangeSep 13, 2017

This makes perfect sense. These things just take a bit time to correct, service should be restored in a day or two, depending on their ability and speed to impact the water levels.

dolphinforcesSep 13, 2017

Due to tree blocking marina and high water levels, not allowing enough safe clearance under bridges