Disney Springs Water Taxi hours to be reduced from this weekend

Feb 26, 2016 in "Disney Springs Water Taxi"

Posted: Friday February 26, 2016 8:51am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Starting Sunday February 28 2016, the water taxi service at Disney Springs will be operating on a reduced schedule.

The new hours will be from 10am to 11:30pm, which is a reduction of 2 hours, with the service currently operating until 1:30am.

The Disney Springs Water Taxi service transports guests between the Marketplace, The Landing and West Side, and is the only means of transport available other than walking.

The resort boats serving Disney Springs are currently not affected by the cuts.

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BernardandBiancaMar 07, 2016

Unfortunately, that is not the water taxi being discussed.

riorizMar 07, 2016

Well now some may feel what it's like having to walk from POTC to Space Mountain on a busy day. This is a cut that makes sense. It's Disney fault but the word cut is not always a bad thing. I could walk from DHS to Epcot quicker than the water taxi gets me there.... I've even done that pushing Mom in a Wheelchair!

MonkeyHeadMar 07, 2016

And look at all of the apologists come out of the woodwork. Sad.

Gabe1Mar 07, 2016

I fail to follow the business plan. Disney is trying to launch their re-branded downtown Disney into Disney Springs. They have new vendors trying to make this work. So the new business model is make it difficult for WDW guests to navigate to Disney Springs? Seems very short sighted.

RiderFeb 27, 2016

You realize that Disney got ride of special access passes for wheelchair guests a few years ago? And even if they didn't, so what? If grandma doesn't want to try to navigate the Illuminations crowds just to go to the bathroom? And other members of the family can't take a break while the chair isn't being used? Good for you for being 55 and being able to walk around the park all day. Other people are not in the same situation as you.

MissingDisneyFeb 27, 2016

Doesn't work that way anymore. And just because she could walk to the restroom doesn't mean she can walk the loop at Epcot. You can't see cancer. Invisible, but painful as a b$&@? Just sayin'.

MissingDisneyFeb 27, 2016

So keep cutting to keep it fair/equal? What?!? How about, oh, I don't know, say......NO CUTS! when they're pulling in tons-o-cash.

beachlover4444Feb 27, 2016

I hate the cuts for the CM sake but am happy it is all across the board

beachlover4444Feb 27, 2016

I was there 2 weeks ago. I couldnt believe how many people in motor wheelchairs who got up and walked around like nothing and I know I'm 55 and I get tired and my back hurt after a long day at MK but really these things are a bit overused to try to get through lines faster. Maybe if SOME people got up and walked around a little more they wouldnt need a ride to get them from one side to the other. Dont get me wrong yes some people truly need assistance but there were alot of obvious people I saw that week I was shocked. One grandma got up walked from epcot FP illuminations viewing and walked way over to the bathroom, then the grown daughter got in the thing to rest herself, then she got up and the grandkids got in and basically the whole family took turns taking a break. And all I thought was they got on rides fast because grandma was supposed to be needing that thing. Made me laugh and shrug. I'm 55 I have a bad knee but I walk, slower than I used to but I trudge through as long for as long as I can.

Worldlover71Feb 26, 2016

Yes, a business that made record profits last year in the theme park division and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars off Star Wars. Despite that, WDW gets cut after cut because Shanghai is over budget. I think they can still afford to pay a couple extra boat drivers without going into the red!

Pumbas NakasakFeb 26, 2016

As long as its something I dont care about why worry. Disney is a business you know.

SirLinkFeb 26, 2016

:cautious: EMH

BoarderPhreakFeb 26, 2016

Of course they are. Along with a whole lot of other things lately... *sigh*

wdwmagicFeb 26, 2016

It is quite a big issue for the DS operations folks. They will have guests on the West Side who need to get to the bus stops etc. and will have to be told to walk. DS is still extremely busy at 11:30pm, particularly on weekends.