Downtown Disney Pleasure Island bus stop permanently closing

May 30, 2014 in "Bus Transportation"

Posted: Friday May 30, 2014 4:27pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Downtown Disney Pleasure Island bus stop will soon be closing to make way for the all new bus transportation construction as part of the Disney Springs expansion.

Starting around June 11 2014, only the Marketplace bus stop will be available, and there will be revised traffic patterns for the Walt Disney World busses around that area.

When Disney Springs is completed in 2016, there will be a brand new, single location for the bus transportation service.

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NiarrNDisneyJul 28, 2014

^ Wow none of us saw that coming! :rolleyes: ^

GullywhumperJul 28, 2014

Going to be even more crowded at the bus stops now!

Cmdr_CrimsonJul 28, 2014

So it's been over 2 months now when this news was announced...Has anyone seen if the Marketplace station gets really packed in since the PI Bus lot closed?

UnpluggedJun 12, 2014

The new bus terminal was drawn up to be between the new parking garages, essentially not far from where the PI terminal is now, albeit slightly West. So the walk from there to DisneyQuest should be no different then walking from the Market Place bus stop to Ghirardeli or slightly further to the Lego store. Unless you were refering to walking to Disney Quest from your resort since we can't seem to get to Downtown reliably until 2015! :D

Cmdr_CrimsonJun 12, 2014

While it's not big big news it appears that They will be using the West End Bus Area after midnight until 1:45am to shuttle people to the Marketplace side so they don't miss their busses to their resort according to Orlando Theme Park News.. From Orlando Theme Park News.. As part of the Pleasure Island bus loop closure that took place earlier today (Wednesday, June 11), shuttle vans will be available on the West Side for an evening test to help clear the property each night. From midnight until 1:45 a.m., the shuttle vans will transport Walt Disney World Resort Guests from the O,P,Q lot at the end of the West Side promenade (behind Cirque du Soleil) to the Marketplace bus loop, which services Walt Disney World Resort Guests until 2 a.m.

note2001Jun 04, 2014

Those poor bus drivers. As if all the normal pedestrian traffic at the Marketplace bus stop wasn't bad enough, now I'm sure it will be > 3x worse. I have never experienced any bus stop in all of WDW where there were so many clueless people walking in front of the bus traffic as at the Marketplace bus stop, and there's not even a reason why they should be crossing the road. There's a tall fence on the other side! It makes me want to yell at them "Hello, you with the , you have a death wish?" It's not hard, Disney tries so hard to idiot-proof everything. Just follow the sidewalk folks.

flFigmentJun 02, 2014

OK then. I will not count the years that PI sat there empty for no reason. I just cant imagine a company that is supposed to have as many creative people in their brain bank that would make the decision to close PI with absolutely nothing on the table to replace it. I am hoping that you are correct and that the new location will make the old clubs look like dumps but I dont see anything more than a center for one of the villages and an outdoor mall in all the pictures. I guess I am not as Rosy eyed about this project because of all the thins that were supposed to be built and then got cut or just the things that got cut and the price of admission keeps going up. Doubliung the restaraunts and stores? I still dotn see anything that is truly geared towards adults but only more for Disney to bring in more stores to charge rent to. I honestly cant believe that Disney is building parking structures. I was always under the impression that Walt did not like them. I guess I dont count the fact of making more lanes and bus lanes as really part of a bold new vision but more of just proper infrasructure development. It to me would be considering Disney building the water lines to the hotels a bold new vision. That is something that just needs to be done. It is why I stated I will hold my thoughts and hopefully be pleasantly surprised about what they have done with Pleasure island. I am hoping that they actually bring back a place that adults can go and have fun and still be at Disney as they could at one time at PI. I really do hope that this project turns out great and that my fears of what they are turning it into are completely wrong but only time will tell.

jt04Jun 01, 2014

Great news. One of the best aspects of the new configuration is how the outside world of traffic and noise are being seperated from the Disney Springs area. Should be much more immersive and enjoyable. A little zen with your morning coffee. And waffles. :hungry:

jt04Jun 01, 2014

The marketplace bus stop will be very close to the water taxi so no need to worry yourself.

michael.fumcMay 31, 2014

The cost is the only reason there are monorails all over WDW, it is iconic to the resort, I don't believe they will ever expand it unless it becomes cheaper!

Kman101May 31, 2014

You can still avoid the parking fees, you just have to hop on said bus to a resort and take the bus from there. It's a lot of steps but it's doable. But that would be a big reason to not see a Monorail line there. Apart from Disney just not being interested in the cost of it.

MinnieM123May 31, 2014

The longer walk would be fine on a cooler day (winter months in FL) or in the evenings, when the sun goes down. However, during the hotter months, the sun and humidity would make it unpleasant (for me, anyway) to walk that distance without any shade along the way.

Spike-in-BerlinMay 31, 2014

They will never ever expand the monorail to DD. Not only because it would be really a long track and a very expensive project. It would make it far to convenient for day guests to park for free at DD and then take the monorail to the parks. That's the reason why there is no bus service between DD and the parks.

Spike-in-BerlinMay 31, 2014

Well that's definitely a really long walk in the future if you want to get to Disneyquest by bus.